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How to edit the date and time for photos on iPhone, iPad, and Mac


Exif Metadata for Photo on iPhone

Do you have a photo on your device that has the wrong date and time or is missing this metadata altogether? Whether you use it for reference, sorting, or searching, the date and time for your photos comes in quite handy. So if you need to edit the date and time for photos on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, we’ll show you how.

Change the date and time for Photos

Edit photos date and time on iPhone and iPad

To change the date and time (metadata) for a photo on iPhone or iPad, you’ll need an app. There currently isn’t a feature in Photos for adjusting these types of details.

You can find plenty of metadata editing apps on the App Store, but for a free app that’s easy to use, check out Exif Metadata. The app was developed by iDB.

Download the app and get ready to edit

Once you download the app and give it permission to access your Photos, you can open your photo with it a couple of different ways.

The first way is pretty obvious, just open the app. Tap the plus button on the main screen to locate and select your photo.

Exif Metadata Main Screen on iPhone

The second way is directly from the image in Photos. Open the photo, tap the Share button, and select Exif. (If you don’t see the app in your list, tap Edit Actions and turn on the toggle for Exif.)

You can view all metadata available and just tap Open in Exif Metadata to make your changes.

Select Exif Metadata on iPhone

Change the date and time

1) With your photo open in the app, tap Edit on the top right.

2) Tap the Date or Time field at the top of the following screen.

3) Select the new date or time using the wheel at the bottom and tap Done.

4) When you finish editing the date and/or time, tap Save.

Exif Metadata Change Photo Date on iPhone

You’ll be asked if you want to delete your original photo. The edited one is automatically saved as a copy unless you disable this option in the app’s settings (top left button). If you choose Yes, you’ll need to confirm by tapping Delete.

Tip: You can use Exif Metadata to add a location or adjust other details for your photos too!

Change photos date and time on Mac

You can change the date and time in Photos on Mac directly in the app itself. There’s no need for an additional tool.

1) Access the metadata by right-clicking the photo and selecting Get Info or if the photo is open, click the Info button in the toolbar.

2) In the small window that appears, double-click the date and time near the top.

3) A larger window displays. At the top next to Adjusted, select the exact spot you’d like to change. You can select the month, date, or year to change the date or hour, minutes, and seconds to change the time.

4) Enter the new information using the arrows to the right or type it in with your keyboard.

5) Click Adjust at the bottom to save your edits.

Change Photo Date and Time on Mac

Wrapping it up

Maybe you had a problem with date or time settings on your device or maybe you didn’t capture the photo yourself and the date and time are missing. Either way, it’s easy to edit this type of metadata for Photos on your devices.

What type of metadata do you find that you need to add, change, or correct for your photos?

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