China sanctions 11 Americans, arrests Beijing critic Jimmy Lai and his sons in Hong Kong


CNBC’s Eunice Yoon reports on rising U.S.-China tensions as sanctions are imposed on 11 Americans and two critics of the Chinese government are arrested. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

Hong Kong authorities broadened their enforcement of a new national security law on Monday, arresting media tycoon Jimmy Lai, searching the headquarters of his Next Digital group and carting away boxes of what they said was evidence.

In the evening, police also arrested prominent pro-democracy activist Agnes Chow Ting at her home, according to a tweet by fellow activist Nathan Law, who is currently in Britain. A post on Chow’s official Facebook page said police had arrived at her home and that her lawyers were rushing to the scene.

Two days after Chinese and Hong Kong officials shrugged off sanctions imposed on them by the U.S., the moves showed China’s determination to enforce the new law and curb dissent in the semi-autonomous city after months of massive pro-democracy demonstrations last year.

Lai’s arrest and the search of his Next Digital group marked the first time the law was used against news media, stoking fears that authorities are suppressing press freedom. Next Digital operates Apple Daily, a feisty pro-democracy tabloid that often condemns China’s Communist Party-led government.

Apple Daily’s popularity stems from its celebrity news and flamboyant stories, but it is also known for investigative reporting and breaking news coverage. It has frequently urged readers to take part in pro-democracy protests,

On July 1 it condemned the new national security law on its front page, calling it “the final nail in the coffin” for the “one country, two systems” framework under which the former British colony has been able to enjoy civil liberties not seen in mainland China after it reverted to Chinese rule in 1997.

The arrests of Lai and Chow came as Beijing announced sanctions on 11 Americans, including six members of Congress, in an escalating battle between the two nations over technology, security, trade and human rights. And in Chinese-claimed Taiwan, U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar became the highest-ranking American official to visit since 1979, further straining U.S.-China relations.

Hong Kong police arrested Lai on Monday morning, an aide to the businessman said, in the highest-profile detention under the new law since it took effect on June 30. Lai, 71, is an outspoken pro-democracy figure who regularly criticizes China’s authoritarian rule and Hong Kong’s government.

Mark Simon, a Next Digital executive and Lai’s aide, said Lai was charged with collusion with foreign powers. He said police searched the homes of Lai and his son and detained several other members of the media company.

Hong Kong police said they arrested at least nine people between the ages of 23 and 72 on suspicion of violating the new security law, with offenses including collusion with a foreign country and conspiracy to defraud. They did not release the names of those arrested or provide further details of the charges.

Following Lai’s arrest, about 200 police raided Next Digital’s headquarters, cordoning off the area, searching desks and at times getting into heated exchanges with staff. What police were looking for in the building wasn’t clear, although they later said they took away 25 boxes of evidence for processing.

Lai, who was arrested at his mansion in Kowloon in the morning, was also brought to the headquarters of Next Digital, where he remained for about two and a half hours before police took him away in a car.

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  1. zszs100 says

    Jimmy Lai was cooperating with a former US military officer to inject fake news and attempt regime change in Hong Kong. After all, regime change and illgal wers for self political gains is what the US likes the most. His supporters can CRI ME A RIVER. xD

  2. zszs100 says

    In this Hong Kong situation, it is the US that provoked first. keep in mind Hong Kong is a part of China, not the US. Just imagine China sanctioning US officials over domestic issues (like border wall/arrests, protest policing etc) and just imagine if China supports and funds the Hawaii independence movement. And btw its sad none of USA's "freedom" allies DARE to protect Julian Assange for telling the truth about the CIA, which is just SAD. xD

  3. Aviroop Das says

    Communism is rigged to fail from the start, there are people who understand this and use it gain control and there are others who get used.

  4. Niranjan Debbarma says

    Mongolian Race Long live and be same everywhere chin =Hong Kong

  5. On my way says

    Chinese Communists afraid to sanction to anyone from Mr. Trump`s government. and these sanctions just symbolic,no power at all,,but it,s too bad for chinese officials, worst is not coming yet

  6. Danny chong says


  7. Linda zi says

    Beijing gov asked civillians to donate money and on line within 2 hrs the gov gained 70thousand curse posts from Beijing Netizens. The price of pork in Beijing is tripled comparing to other locations. A lot of cimes now in China coz the short of the food.Xi Jinping asks people to eat less to save food and the pork price increased 80 percent. Xi wanna turn China as North Korea and Xi dares not to fight with US and other countries More and more Chinese people can't survive relationship between China gov and Chinese people. More information in my channelSome videos showed Chinese traffic policemen were attacked by electronic bike owners . Coz of the flood in China less cars work now and traffic policemen could not earn enough money by fining the drivers of cars so they turned to ebike riders. Governments have less money to support the traffic police. The economy in China is very bad but China hide up the truth. Famine actually happened coz many refugees ran to Vietnam for food. CCP is sacrificing the insurance of staff of public institutes for military and police support but apparently it is still not enough so CCP is encouraging government to loot civilians. China 's vaccines and economy are not reliable . let alone the political system of CCP. No real economy exists in China. CCP call economy as political economy, .. More old episodes in my channel coz of hacking

  8. Gracchus Babeuf says

    Welp. That's a wrap. No more of little Jimmy Lai's little Jimmie Lies.LOLNo regime change you can believe in either, guise.

  9. Tri Tong says

    Crackhead trump and his tools are in for a good fight now!

  10. tangtang wang says

    11 sanctioned Americans are all Republicans. Conservatives….definitely leftism is with China not America!

  11. Lee Kh says

    The sanction shot include trump and pompeo too.

  12. English Trash英語廢人 says

    time will tell, history will prove you wrong. when you have been brain washed to the point that you are anti being brain washed from whatever it is against your brain washed mind, your brain is already dead. like many people say they will not receive any news, opinion, view from the western media because they don't want to be brainwashed by them . that is brainwashing to the next whole level. 我想被西方洗腦,其實你已經被洗了腦。if you open your mind and heart, you will have a bigger picture of what is actually happening in the world. it's so complicated to explain myself. the path China is heading is like a highway to hell. a way to destruction. the whole world is United against China. Chinese people think China is the center of the world. that is only an ancient idea. it is 2020, things are very different. old civilization doesn't mean it is the best. after the reform and opening up policy in China for 40 years , China is rising, only because it has been learning from western civilization. now China thinks it is strong enough that they don't need foreign forces. they are too proud, here comes Chinese nationalism. the Chinese government uses it to control the people, like we are the decedents of dragon. it is like neo German nazism, and Japanese militarism combined during the second world war. you may not agree and it's okay. time will tell, history will tell. if China only pursued this path it is doing like 50 years later, it would have been successful. one emperor, one country treating all other countries like slave states, tributes, subordinate countries. Chinese people care only their interests and those of their immediate circles. they will support their government to bully and suppress Chinese people as long as they themselves are not the victims. to collaborate and cooperate with the leaders, 配合領導,狐假虎威,助紂為虐,就你懂?

  13. Flade AnN says

    A independent newspaper boss said, “ we need help from CIA!” What an ironic independent democracy !

  14. Danny Hang says

    The most important don't sanction the wife another wide u don't got boom!! tonight.

  15. John Jauregui says

    Sputnik Moment: Russia just registered a COVID-19 vaccine without Gate's DNA risks for deployment nationwide!!

  16. Charon says

    Who here likes china….*crickets*

  17. Duc Duong says

    Bom viet nam

  18. Lisa Kirkham says

    For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men, teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly in the present age, looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ, who gave Himself for us, that He might redeem us from every lawless deed and purify for Himself His own special people, zealous for good works. Speak these things, exhort, and rebuke with all authority. Let no one despise you

  19. Richard says

    The more the US imposes sanctions, the more China will impose sanctions back the same. No one can win, no one will lose. doesn't work with sanctions.

  20. John Zhang, CFA says


  21. Jason Ray says

    2020: next Nuclear bombings on China

  22. Danny chong says

    China create law to subdue protest even how communist begin from protest?THE CURSE OF GOLDEN CITY

  23. Louise Thon Vison says

    Good job China!

  24. Chính Nghĩa Trump2020 says

    Sanction? From what? They can not eat chinese food?

  25. Insta Kee says

    Let us not forget that the CCP banned internal travel, but allowed international travel! Or that the CCP knew the CCP Virus was transmittable human-to-human, yet claimed otherwise!

  26. sneksnekitsasnek says

    china: "no, u"

  27. derrick1751 says

    its impossible to sanction USA or its citizens in any way shape or form.

  28. Phil M. says

    Everyone Relax!!! The NBA is devoted to shed a light on the real China. The NBA may make billions of dollars along the way and publicly apologize if a player supports the protesters in Hong Kong. That doesn't mean the NBA sucks!! It just looks that way from every angle.

  29. slpip says

    World Bank has to sanction China and Hong Kong with US and UK agreements.

  30. 하울에무빙 오지고 지리게 치는성 says

    Your country is destroying the Earth. Please don't throw away trash and save energy

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