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Welcome to Bare Paws Rescue!

Welcome to our new website! We hope you will take a look around and sign our guestbook while you’re here. Enjoy your visit!

Fall is here, and our fleece pajamas will be restocked regularly from now until Spring. Everybody loves our jammies! VISIT OUR STORE

We are a completely foster home-based rescue, covering the eastern half of the US. As such, we do not have a shelter to visit. We adopt only to the eastern US. Please visit our Adoption pages for all the information on our adoption process.

Need to rehome your dog? Please contact us.

We are always looking for great dedicated volunteers! Even if you are unable to foster, there are still lots of ways you can make a difference. Please visit our Volunteer page for more information.

Our volunteers make fabulous pajamas and other clothes just perfect for your Crested or other small dog. 100% of proceeds benefit Bare Paws!

Please visit our Shopping Page for all of these wonderful items:

Calendars are now half price!





Meet Amy, our Bare Paws Rescue mascot. She is the reason we started the group. This beautiful girl spent many years in a puppy mill, producing repeated litters of puppies. She lived in a little cage in a barn with no sunlight, no exercise, and, saddest of all, no affection or love. Fortunately, she was one of the lucky ones who was rescued from her situation. But there are still millions of dogs living hopeless lives in puppy mills. Since the majority of mills sell their puppies to pet stores or online, the best way to put an end to puppy mills is to stop buying puppies at pet stores and research breeders carefully. You are not “rescuing” that pet store puppy, you are creating a larger market for the puppy millers. Please consider rescue. Amy was one of the lucky ones-she got out. Her days were finally filled with sunshine. Please help others who haven’t been so lucky-yet. Amy sadly went to the Rainbow Bridge on 1/19/16. She enjoyed over 9 years in her loving forever home and treasured every moment of her new life. Click hear to read Amy’s full story, which won a worldwide rescue story contest! She was amazing.

Mission Statement

We are a group of individuals who are dedicated to the rescue, care and re-homing of Chinese Cresteds and other hairless breeds in need. We provide compassionate aid, veterinary care and loving temporary homes while working on finding the ideal permanent situation for each dog. We also work to educate the public about the breed so that there maybe fewer Chinese Cresteds needing to come into rescue.

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