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Cockapoo Rescue: What You Need To Know

cockapoo rescue

Cockapoo rescue is the first choice for many people. Although the majority of people want the joy of a puppy, and while Cockapoo puppies are adorable, a rescue option is a wonderful idea too.

If you’re certain you want to rescue a Cockapoo then you have a number of options to try. If you are not quite sure yet you definitely want a Cockapoo then read this article first. I also recommend reading reading up the hypoallergenic qualities of the Cockapoo. I should warn you option 5 (below) is quite risky (in terms of being certain you will end up with a happy and healthy dog). Many people do go this route which is why I have included it but you really need to know the difference between a responsible breeder and a irresponsible breeder. Check out the this page if you want to know more about that. Anyway, here is the list:

  1. Use the list of dog shelters below that accept small and mixed breed dogs (UK only)
  2. Approach the National Cockapoo Breed Clubs
  3. Cockapoo rescues
  4. Dedicated Cockapoo forums
  5. Search classified advertisements

Let’s look at these options in a bit more detail.

List of Cockapoo rescue centres and dog shelters most likely to adopt and re-home a cockapoo dog

Tobias & Trudy

You need to be aware that there are no specific Cockapoo shelters in the UK or the USA. There are dog shelters however that accept small, mix-breed dogs (which a Cockapoo is). I have compiled a list of over 100 shelters and grouped them into regions- just click on the region to find a shelter near you and ask if they have a Cockapoo.

  • Scotland
  • Ireland
  • North east England
  • North west England
  • Midlands & East Anglia
  • London
  • South East England
  • South West England

What you can expect from a shelter

cockapoo rescue shelters
Ollie (cockapoo / chorkie mix)

All shelters want to ensure their dogs are going to a good home. They won’t mind you phoning up and asking if they have cockapoo dog as they want to place every dog in the right home. If you know that a cockapoo is going to suit your lifestyle it shows you have considered your circumstances and the type of dog you can manage. Most rescue dogs are at least 6 months old and you should be prepared to:

  • Exercise your dog at least once a day
  • Keep your dog well groomed
  • Spend money for pet insurance, quality dog food and general set up costs of keeping a dog (basket, crate, collar and leash, toys). It adds up!

There is usually an administration fee to pay if you are going to adopt which is around £100 ($150) – a small contribution to the shelters’ costs. This will often include providing an ID chip, inoculations and neutering. Most shelters insist on doing a home visit and will ask you to fill in some forms about your family composition. Children and other pets are always a consideration as to whether adopting a dog is going to be a success.

The dog should never be a gift for a child. Cockapoo’s live 15-18 years on average and will be around long after a child’s interest in having a puppy has passed. The last thing the shelter wants is for the dog to come back to them so they make every effort to find a permanent loving home. The best shelters offer ongoing support and advice after you adopt a dog as they see sustaining the dog in a new home as part of their service. That said, they won’t let you take the dog unless they feel certain you are ready to make a life long commitment.

Cockapoo Rescue


You should also be aware of the difference between a shelter and a rescue. Rescue groups are individuals usually connected to the national breed group or it can be a group of individuals who take in unwanted Cockapoos, and provide them with veterinary care, and seek to re-home them permanently. Shelters can have a level of government funding where as rescues are solely volunteer led and won’t have kennels to house their dogs. Temporary care is given from people’s homes.

The CCGB would be a good starting point of contact in the UK. Here is a page where you can register your interest.

In the USA the breed club has a different purpose as explained by Dave Zaro of the American Cockapoo Club in a recent email to me –

We don’t maintain a list of rescue sites. Rescue groups typically are not just for one particular breed, and they are usually fairly easy to locate in your area if you ask vets or local breeders. The purpose of the American Cockapoo Club is to maintain registry of members’ parents and puppies, and to set standards for the Cockapoo breed as well as hold our member breeders to ethical standards.

It’s not unusual for breed clubs like CCGB or Cockapoo Owners Club (in the UK) to find a foster home if they are notified that a Cockapoo is going to be homeless. If possible the original owner will hang on to their Cockapoo until a new owner is identified through the breed club. Again you can visit the CCGB to register your interest.

Dedicated Cockapoo forums

The forums below are run in association with the national Cockapoo breed clubs. People that are active on the forums are Cockapoo owners and genuinely care and are concerned to hear about Cockapoos who may need re-homing. It’s worthwhile joining the forums, going to the relevant thread and asking for advice about how to rescue a Cockapoo.

Because the UK is much smaller than the USA this option works as you should be able to drive to collect a dog no matter where you live. Forums are not an option in the USA because of the vast geography. As mentioned above only localised searching around registered veterinary practices and reputable cockapoo breeders is realistic.

The two most reliable UK forums are:

  • Cockapoo Owners Club
  • Cockapoo Club of GB

Classified Ads (risky)

I’m including this option as so many people choice this method. This is where the hobby breeders and puppy mill agents hang out trying to get rid of left over dogs. There are number of better known websites that are prominent when searching for rescue dogs. Remember to try and speak to the seller over the phone and ask as many questions as you can to find out the history of the dog. Trust your gut feeling about the person you are speaking to and don’t feel obligated to take on a project when you are just looking for a suitable family pet.

Here are the websites that seem to be have better administration around listings:

  • Preloved
  • Pets4homes

There may be genuine and honest people trying to re-home their Cockapoo but don’t let your heart rule your head.

Go To Cockapoo Rescue Puppies

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