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VTS to MP4 Converter: How to Convert VTS Files to MP4 on Windows PC


The VTS format is specifically used for playing back DVDs and comes in very many variations. For every variation you come across, it will have its own use which is important to understand beforehand. Only choose a variation that suits your use. Without this format, your DVDs will never play on a DVD player. You will want to convert VTS files to MP4 for playback easily on multiple platforms.

  • Part 1. Best Way to Convert VTS Files to MP4 (Must Know!)
  • Part 2. How to Free Convert VTS to MP4 in VLC
  • Part 3. Free VTS Files to MP4 Converter

Part 1. Best Way to Convert VTS Files to MP4 (Must Know!)

This is the ultimate solution for converting, burning, playing, and editing videos. With UniConverter, it will be very easy to convert VTS to MP4. The super-fast conversion speed offered by the program will make sure you get to save on your precious time. With the high speeds comes a guarantee for high quality to the converted video. One thing UniConverter will accomplish is to convert media files to the DVD as well as convert DVD to very many formats. It’s the best solution for converting VTS to MP4.

The following is about how to quickly convert VTS to MP4 with UniConverter. The whole process contains 3 steps, and you can get the MP4 file! Now let’s start!

Step 1. Import VTS Files

When you have the VTS files on your computer, it will be very easy to add them to the program timeline. One option to consider is dragging and dropping the files to the timeline. With this, you will have to add one at a time so it might take time. The second option is clicking “Add Files” or “Load DVD” on the menu bar to browse through the computer and add multiple files at the same time.

convert vts to mp4

Step 2. Choose MP4 as Output Format

Don’t ignore the fact that you will come across limitless output formats for your file conversion. If not careful enough, they might confuse you to choose the wrong one. Ensure you have spotted MP4 and clicked on that to add to the right output format. For the rest, you can ignore them after choosing MP4.

vts to mp4

Step 3. Start Converting VTS to MP4

The last step will be converting your VTS files to MP4. To convert, you will be required to click on the “Convert” button and the process will begin right away. If the file is long, expect the process to take some time to complete.

Great! Now you have successfully converted VTS to MP4 video. Try more on your own computer. You can download this smart converter from the Free Download buttons below.

vts to mp4 converter

Part 2. How to Free Convert VTS to MP4 in VLC

You can easily convert VTS files to MP4 through your VLC Media Player. Just follow the simple steps below to use your VLC as a video converter and start converting files.

Step 1. Open VLC and from the Media menu, click on the “Convert/Save”. It’s labeled as “Convert/Stream” on Mac.

Step 2. Through the “Add” button, select as many video files as you want to convert. Once done, click the “Convert/Save” button at the bottom.

how to convert vts file to mp4

Step 3. From the Profile section, choose the desired output format like MP4 from the available formats.

vts files to mp4

Step 4. Then select the Destination folder and give a filename to the new video.

convert vts to mp4 free

Step 5. In the Profile section, you can click on the Tools icon if you want to explore advanced features. There are several customization features including audio/video codecs.

Step 6. After choosing all the settings and customizing features, click the “Start” button at the bottom. VLC will start converting your VTS file into MP4, which will be stored in the selected folder. The conversion time depends on two factors: the size of the video and the speed of the internet connection.

vts video converter to mp4

Part 3. Free VTS Files to MP4 Converter

If you don’t have a VLC player, you can convert VTS files to MP4 file online without requiring any registration or downloading any app or software. Online Audio Converter & Video Converter is a good online VTS to MP4 converter that is both quick and easy to use. Follow the steps below to convert VTS to MP4 online at 1. Choose the file you want to 2. Secondly choose the file type, Video, Audio, HD Video, or a device-compatible file 3. In the next step, choose the output format. Step 4. Click “Convert” and the video will start converting. Step 5. This online converter gives several options to save the converted video. You can choose to receive the output video in your email, download it directly, scan the QR code to download, or save it to your Dropbox.

Free Online VTS to MP4 Converter

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