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The 22 Best Gifts for Beer Lovers of 2020

Looking for some cool and unique gifts for beer lovers? Or maybe you want to treat yourself to a new drinking accessory? Whatever the case may be, our picks for the best beer accessories in 2020 are sure to please anyone who’s enthusiastic about their bubbles, from casual ale drinkers to brewing experts.

Smart Mini Keg

Best gift idea for beer lovers

Designed to keep beer cold, fresh, and perfectly carbonated for up to two weeks, GrowlerWerks’ sleek uKeg will impress even the most discerning craft beer devotees. Clad in bright, vintage style copper, the handsome pressurized growler comes with a built-in tap for easy pouring and looks like it’s straight out of a charming ancient brewery.

Best Smartphone Breathalyzer

Mobile breathalyzer

Police-grade technology, Bluetooth connectivity, and a feature-packed companion app make this alcohol testing device the best and most precise smartphone breathalyzer on the market!

As well as offering the highest level of accuracy, the BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer wirelessly connects to your iPhone or Android device, allowing you to track/share your results and letting you know when your BAC will return to 0.00%.

Shower Beer Holder

Shower beer holder

If you love your beer as much as Joey Tribbiani loves his sandwich, you’ll want to keep it close at hand at all times, even in the shower. Well, with Shakoolie, a clever device that attaches to your shower wall and keeps your brew ice-cold while you clean yourself, you can do just that.

The product is made of velcro and comes in a handful of cool designs like “It’s My Shower, I’ll Booze If I Want To” or “Make Showers Great Again”, which also make it a fun, original gift for your booze-loving friends.

Budweiser Beer Soap

Budweiser Beer Soap

Here’s a cool gift for those who love their beer not only to quench their thirst, but also infused in their grooming essentials. Duke Cannon’s Great American Beer Soap is made with Budweiser and has a masculine cedarwood scent sure to please any urban lumberjack out there.

Inspired by the soaps used by soldiers in the Korean War and manufactured in the same family-owned American factory, a brick is 2 to 3 times larger than standard bars. And best of all, Duke Cannon donates a portion of their proceeds to U.S. veterans, which makes it a gift that keeps on giving.

Clever Magnetic Bottle Hanger

Magnetic bottle hanger

One of the coolest beer accessories out there, this pair of magnetic storage trips allows you to save space in your fridge by hanging your drinks from the ceiling. Billing itself as the world’s first magnetic bottle hanger, BottleLoft is fitted with super strong magnets and comes in packs of two, holding up to 6 beers.

Beer Foamer

Beer Foamer

For an authentic pub experience at home, look no further than the Sonic Foamer. This ingenious device uses an invisible, ultrasonic sound wave to create the softest, densest draft-quality foam and boost the aroma of your beverage in a matter of seconds. Just add two teaspoons of water in the activation tray, place your glass on top, and let the bubble-inducing beer gadget work its magic!

Hip Beer Game


For your next party, try Beeropoly, a beautifully crafted drinking board game in which players roll the dice and move their bottle cap pieces clockwise to complete a series of booze-related challenges along the way. Hint: Prepare to show off your best dance moves!

The Bev Tie

Necktie drink holder

Another quirky beer accessory, the Bev Tie keeps your hands free at parties, tailgates, and outdoor festivals by securely holding your beer in a specially designed pouch. Made from waterproof neoprene, it helps your drink stay cooler longer and prevents beverage condensation from dripping on your shirt.

This hands-free beverage holder fits bottles and cans from 12 to 24 oz. and comes in a variety of colors to match any outfit.

The Beer Bible

The Beer Bible

Entertaining and educational, The Beer Bible will impress any beer lover on your list. This is an easy to digest encyclopedia of everything beer, full of useful knowledge, hip infographics, and fascinating insights into the culture and history of the world’s most popular alcoholic beverage.

Beer Bottle Mustaches

Bottle Mustache

If there’s something cooler than a bottle of ice-cold beer, that’s a bottle of ice-cold beer with a mustache on it. These fun drinking accessories from StachesUP will make your bottle stand up from the crowd, while also adding a witty Dali twit to your hipster look.

Available in multiple colors, the Beer Bottle Mustaches are sure to bring a bit of quirk and originality to any occasion, from office parties to friends’ nights out. Love them or hate them, beards and mustaches are certainly back in fashion!

Patriotic Beer Belt

Fun beer accessory

A fun and colorful beer accessory, the aptly named Make America Drunk Again survival belt makes sure you’re never too far from your brews.

Appointed with an adjustable strap and 6 handy pouches designed to fit all standard size beer cans and bottles, this is the ultimate festival gadget, as well as a great way to cheer up your next camping/fishing trip.

Beer Themed Flip Flops

Follow Me Bring Beer Flip Flops

Whether you’re looking to send a message to your fellow beachgoers or just want to put a smile on your friends’ faces, the “Follow Me Bring Beer” flip flops from FlipSidez could do the trick.

Featuring soft microfiber straps and 4 layers of comfortable high-quality EVA foam, these custom imprint sandals are the perfect beach accessory for lager enthusiasts.

Revolutionary Draft Beer System

Home beer dispenser

Combining stylish, compact design with patented Fizzics® Micro-Foam™ Technology, Waytap makes any beer taste like it’s on draft. The portable, home beer dispenser uses sound waves to enhance the aroma and texture of your favorite brew and give it that coveted fresh-from-the-tap taste anytime, anywhere.

Personal Beer Brewing Machine

Homebrewing machine

Have you always dreamed of brewing your own beer? With Pico Pro, an automated craft brewery from PicoBrew, it’s easier than you might think.

Similar to a capsule-style coffee maker, the countertop appliance uses PicoPacks (pre-made ingredients licensed from over 160 leading craft breweries around the world) and can brew 5 liters of high-quality beer in about 2 hours. No doubt about it, when it comes to cool beer gifts, it’s hard to top a home microbrewery!

Mini Beer Pong

Mini Beer Pong

A shrunk-down version of the beloved party game, the Mini Beer Pong ensures hours of fun anytime, anywhere. Handcrafted in Minnesota, the set includes two built-in launchers, two tethered balls, and 50 tiny reusable cups – all neatly stored in a folding plastic board small enough to fit in your backpack. Plus, with its ingenious, mobile design, you don’t have to worry about spills or losing the ball, anymore.

Fancy Magnetic Bottle Opener

Magnetic bottle opener

Simple, elegant, and fun, the Decapitator bottle opener by Corkcicle will soon become, if not already, a must-have gadget for any self-respecting beer lover. Made of durable stainless steel, the sleek magnetic device removes any bottle cap with a single push. In fact, this is so awesome, you’ll never want to open a bottle another way again.

Underground Beer Storing & Cooling Device

Underground beer cooler

Let’s face it, you can never have too many cool beer accessories in your arsenal! This German gimmick called Biersafe, for example, will not only make you look like a pro in front of your friends, but it will keep your brews cold and safe without requiring power of any kind.

Resembling a time capsule, the tube-shaped underground beer cooler and storing device has a mounting depth of 90 cm, and can hold up to 16 bottles.

Chill Beer Glass

Chill Beer Glass

Show the beer aficionado in your life your love and appreciation with a gift that will elevate their imbibing experience. Tasteful and practical, the Chill Beer Glasses keep drinks icy cold from the first sip to the last drop thanks to their inventive double-walled construction infused with a re-freezable chilling fluid. Each glass holds a pint (16 oz) and comes with a chic cork sleeve designed to absorb condensation and protect your hand from the cold.

Asobu Beer Chiller

Asobu Beer Chiller

Stylish, clever, and portable, Frosty Beer can easily be one of the best (under $20) beer gifts out there. Constructed of 100% BPA free materials, this stainless steel bottle-shaped gadget will keep your favorite beer frosty cold for up to 6 hours. It also converts into the perfect size cooler for a standard beer can by removing the top part. On top of that, the lid comes with a built-in beer opener.

As beer accessories go, this one is especially handy on camping trips, boat outings, parties, picnics, and generally wherever you’re craving a cold one but don’t have a fridge available.

The Ultimate Beer Holder

Couch beer holder

With its ergonomic, intuitive design, CouchCoaster is indeed the ultimate beer holder for TV fanatics who like to sip on a cold beer while watching their favorite show or sporting event.

Made of flexible BPA-free silicone, this nifty gizmo wraps over the arm of your sofa, keeping any beverage secure and within reach thanks to its adjustable cup holder. Perfect for both cold and hot drinks, it fits most armrests with a minimum width of 14 cm, as well as a variety of containers, including mugs, cans, glasses, and bottles.

Decorative Beer Bottle Lights

Beer Bottle Lights

Add a boozy touch to your man cave with these ingenious Corona beer bottle lights. Each officially licensed decorative strand comes with 10 mini-plastic bottles of the famous Mexican pale lager, which makes it ideal for bar areas, beach parties, and outdoor summer BBQs.

Festive Beer Sweater

Beer Sweater

This year, be the one to give that fun, unique gift that brings smiles and joy to the Christmas party! Available in colorful, festive patterns, the Fairisle Beer Sweater is sure to be a holiday hit. A miniature take on classic Christmas sweaters, these knitted beer jumpers have an insulated interior designed to keep your canned beer crisp and cool, while your hands stay warm and dry.

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