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Types Of Air Coolers You Need To Know About – Crompton

Air conditioners might be your first choice for cooling but many choose air coolers over air conditioners due to various reasons. Air coolers may not provide the same surround cooling as an air conditioner but it will save you from the summer heat and sweat. Besides, air coolers have advantages such as, they are easy to maintain, budget friendly, and portable, compared to air conditioners. Crompton has a wide range of air coolers, to select the one suitable for your home. The features such as speed condition, area to be cooled, air cooler’s portability, water level controller and indicator etc must be considered before selecting an air cooler. There are four types of air coolers as mentioned below.

Personal Coolers

This type of air cooler is made for smaller spaces and they provide good portability. These are often called ‘mini air coolers’ too. These coolers are well known for energy saving and also cleans the airin your surroundings to provide fresh, cool air that gives you comfort against sweat and heat. Unlike other types of coolers, personal coolers are light in weight which makes them portable and easy to use anytime, anywhere. Crompton offers a variety of these personal air coolers that consists of features such as water drain plug, inverter compatibility and honeycomb cooling pads. Ginie, Ginie Neo, and Marvel are some of the personal air coolers offered by Crompton.

Tower Coolers

Tower Air Coolers are capable of cooling a bigger area or space and thus they are also very powerful. Tower coolers can provide cooling in bigger spaces, and in lesser time as they distribute air vertically. They may need better maintenance as these are larger units. Tower coolers use a combination of fan and water cooling means, to take in the hot air and evaporate the heat to give out cool air. The air coolers are designed to be as quiet as possible and create less noise. Crompton air coolers offer modern tower coolers within your budget and also consist of features such as 4-way air deflection, mosquito free and dust filter net, ever last pump etc.

Window Coolers

As the name suggests, window air coolers are best to be installed on the window frame. The unit contains a tank that is outside the house when installed and it takes up no space inside the house.

Though it takes up minimal space on the wall it provides good cooling to the room. Window air coolers are long lasting as they are designed with superior plastic bodies and include honeycomb pads. These coolers cost slightly higher than personal and tower air coolers, and need higher maintenance. Window air coolers consume less energy and provide efficient cooling. Crompton has a range of window air coolers such as Optimus Prime 70, Optimus Classic 70, Ozone Chill, and Ozone Classic 54.

Desert Coolers

Desert air coolers are suitable for places where humidity is low and the temperature is high. These coolers also work on the principle of evaporating heat from water and pushing cool air. As such conditions are mainly found in desert areas, thus it gets the name ‘desert cooler’. Desert air coolers help in reducing ambient temperature in enclosed spaces. Crompton offers a range of desert coolers such as the Optimus 65i, Optimus 65, Optimus 100, Ozone 55, Ozone 75, and Ozone 88.

Air coolers take up less space, are budget-friendly and also the maintenance is not complex as an air conditioner requires. Thus, for many people, air coolers are the best option. Air conditioners may have some advantages but the features provided by an air cooler is better at times for someone who wants an appliance that is easy in maintenance. Crompton’s range of air coolers come with latest features and technology to save you from the heat.

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