CR-10S PRO Review vs. CR-10 3D Printer


Is the CR-10S PRO the greatest Creality 3D printer yet, or should you stick with an older version? In this review I’ll cover some of the great new features on the CR-10S PRO, and why you might still prefer the CR-10.

Free STL Downloads ⤵
CR-10 Legs by Flowalistik :
CR-10 Manual Filament Feeder Knob :
CR-10 Manual Z-Axis Knob :
Top Loading Spool Holder :
Flint Vase :

Shopping List ⤵
CR-10S PRO :
(Gearbest) $559
(eBay) $599
(Amazon) $649

CR-10 :
(eBay) $349
(Gearbest) $359
(Amazon) $359

CR-10S :
(Gearbest) $439
(Amazon) $499
(eBay) Out of Stock

That mesmerizing shiny filament is Polyalchemy Elixir :

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Music by Make Anything and Chef Goyar-D :

*DISCLOSURE* This video is not a paid sponsorship, but I have been provided the printers for free in exchange for my unbiased review


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  1. Playground dolls says

    I heard that iff you have touchscreen vs lcd you can not use prusa slicer g code function for infillament colour change. Is that so?

  2. Dutch-Hulk says

    problem with the sticking prints on the S Pro can be solved by setting the bed heat to 70 'c and then you flip it off with ease

  3. William Huang says

    Stock CR10 minis have power outage recovery.

  4. Ryan says

    this printer is a POS get a Prusa

  5. Simon Harte says

    Nice but how do you 3d model the components up what cad software do you use?

  6. Amar Fawwas says

    4:01 I actually notice the difference here, tbh the layers of CR10S and the Pro looks better than the original CR10 layers. However this review is on another level, you're doing a really good job and I need such information, so thanks a lot dude!

  7. IraQNid says

    Can the aluminum platen be replaced with the glass platen used on the cheaper one? Or any compatible glass platen? Why do you need to level the build platen at all? I mean how does it shift out of factory specs if it is built properly?

  8. Kira Yamato says

    great review.. ! how about cr10 v2? is it worth the upgrade?

  9. YesUCan says

    Hey man, Creality might not like you too much after this, but I'm sending you some love. Nice review and very up front.

  10. MaxtheCatWizard says

    Anyone know how to install Devin’s filament spool(on the cr10)? I want to install one on my printer

  11. Stoney Brown says

    I would love your opinion on the CR-10S Pro Version 2. Has it made enough improvement to warrant the jump from the 10 or 10s? Or you would still go with a modded 10?Thank you

  12. Doug Devine says

    Can't you have a piece of glass cut at a window shop and put it over the s pro aluminum plate

  13. audible67 says

    can't you just put a glass plate on the pro?

  14. Adam Vaughn says

    do you think the auto leveling would work better if you used a glass bed on the pro?

  15. Vlad From The Abyss says

    I completely disagree with you that there is no reliability differences between the two. The dual steppers, two threaded rods and dual rails that the bed rides on make a world of difference in both reliability and durability. It's worth it to upgrade to this system with those features alone. The single rail, single rod system was one of the big reasons why Creality printers would be great when you first got them and over time would turn into barely usable pieces of crap. Glad they fixed this.

  16. Borislav Shats says

    Hi. I'm new in 3D printing and I wondered about compatibility of CR-10S with certain filaments. For example, I've found some ABS type filaments, like PRO Series ABS 3D Printer Filament, that requires EXTRUDER TEMP
    235±10 °C and BED TEMP 70±10 °C, while CR-10S specified to provide Extruder Temperature PLA 210℃ and Hot Bed Temperature PLA 50℃. Can CR-10S still work with PRO Series ABS 3D Printer Filament?

  17. DGB says

    Great video and your style

  18. Arsen Karapetyan says

    10s pro is a way more better choice!

  19. war pillow says

    Cr10s I find is the best of both worlds

  20. The crappy Lockpicker says

    Hi a bit of advice please I know nothing about 3D printing but what to try to print some locksport bits I like the look of the cr 10 but which one will work the easiest for a total novice ? Thanks in advance for any help you maybe able to offer

  21. Ozzie Alarcon says

    What kind of software would I need to use this printer on my Mac?

  22. Epic Moments says

    Good info must say gone with the pro price £269 ebay got to love that

  23. Onrein Kalfje says

    How was the design with the voronoi pattern made?

  24. Chaz Mills says

    is it possible to add a glass bed to the PRO or to disable the auto level? thanks

  25. Aj Pereira says

    they have since changed the auto-leveling sensor which has fixed the leveling issue on the pro it has the blue sensor and the pro v2 has a Bltouch both of which have much better accuracy and do very well in abl

  26. Geek4Life says

    some of the cons you mentioned with the cr10s pro v2, are very opinion based, and they have easier remedies, then you might think, i owned a monoprice printer with the same buildtak/aluminum combo, and i did run into the same problem with the buildtak ripping upon removal of prints. i found it extremely easier to simply replace the buildtak on the bare aluminum with blue painters, tape, it makes removal of the print, far easier to remove aswell and not only that, it makes the surface cleaner, on the bottom of the print, as you can replace it after each print. as for the autoleveling, i believe you can set the printer to auto level before each print, via gcode. so you would simply just start your print, let it level the bed, then run youre good to let it continue printing. no intervention required. atleast thats how i did it with my monoprice mini delta. i realise no 2 printers are the same, but generally, alot of printers, have features similar to other printers.

  27. Polonium210 says

    Why not run the CR10 through a computer UPS. Then power failures won't interrupt the print at all.

  28. Xtreme Stuntz says

    Why would I want a begginer printer? Its a printer, not a pair of skis or a snowboard. I only want one for now and won't want another for a very long time. I want a printer that will last. Not a "beginner" printer.

  29. Doom State says

    So which one is the best?

  30. Doom State says

    Your supposed to put stuff on the platform so it doesn’t stick

  31. Ben MacKay says

    Damn I wanna cop a printer now

  32. Matthew S says

    HELP , what are the dimensions of the Cr10 S Pro Printer? All I can ever find is the print size dimensions….what about the printer?! Lol

  33. Brian Way says

    Hi, I am about to purchase my first printer. Been watching you videos. Thanks for all the work you put into them. If I am not looking to spend extra time on upgrading a printer, and I’m willing to spend around $700, what do you recommend? Mostly to be used for prototype prints and injection mold inserts. Ease of use for a newbie and quality prints are important

  34. Josh Gilmer says

    Do you have a link to the stl for that large print shown?

  35. Standard User says

    Which of the 3 are great with PETG?

  36. Aramil Galendel says

    Thank you Devin. I was looking at a new fdm printer to replace a super cheap, and low quality off brand from a prusa. I was either going with the ender 5 plus or this since I wanted something I can print large things with ( for cosplay and such so didnt need to split most things) Ill be getting the CR-10 asap and get to printing.

  37. Uncle Ryan YouTube says

    Just got the cr-10 for my nephews xmas gift from ebay used (like new in box) for $244. Purchased before I watched this video, and this verified my choice was correct. Also, I'm so glad the glass is ok with hairspray, I was almost sold on the $55 buildtak, and $130 buildtak flex plate and I really couldn't afford that too. I just wanted him to be able to get good prints right away and have the space to go big if he wants without too much complication on the setup. Cr-10 ssems to be perfect. However, I also bought him flexible filament without knowing the cr-10 needs a modded piece for it to work. But it shouldn't be too difficult for him to figure out with youtube tutorials and he's 16 years old. Thanks for the video, it was well done.

  38. Travis Nguyen says

    Thank your review, I will by CR-10 for my first 3d printer.

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