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Looking to crop a video in Premiere Pro?

In this article, we’ll show you how to crop a video using Adobe Premiere Pro with step-by-step instructions and pictures.

As a bonus, we’ll also show you how you can use Animaker’s video editor to crop a video online using Safari or Chrome on your computer.

Part 1: How to Crop a Video in Adobe Premiere Pro

Using Adobe Premiere Pro to crop a video is not for the faint of heart. It takes several steps just to find the tool in its hard-to-navigate interface. If you’d rather explore a simpler way to crop your video, jump to this section ↓ where we show you how to crop a video using a simple video cropping tool.

Here are the steps to crop a video using Adobe Premiere Pro:

  1. Create a New Project First, start a new project. Go to File > New.
  2. Import the Video Now import the video you want to crop. Go to File > Import, then select the video and click Open. click file and import
  3. Add the Video to the Timeline The imported video should now appear in the Project panel. To add the video to the timeline, simply drag and drop it onto the timeline. find the imported video to crop in the project panel
  4. Select the Video from the Timeline You’ll need to select the video before you can add the crop effect to it. From the timeline, click on the video to select it. click on the video in the timeline
  5. Add the Crop Effect Navigate to the Effects tab in the Project panel. Then go to Video Effects > Transform > Crop. Now double-click on the Crop option to add the crop effect to the video. click video effects and transform and crop
  6. Adjust the Crop Settings Once you add the crop effect to the video, controls to adjust this effect appear under the Effect Controls tab. click crop and left or right or top or bottom There are three ways to crop a video: you can use percentages, sliders, or the cropping box to adjust how much you want to crop from each side of the video (left, right, top, and bottom).Use the Cropping Box to Crop Your Video Using the cropping box is the easiest way to crop your video. Simply click and drag the handles around the corners or sides of the box to crop your video. click and drag the crop handles Use Percentages to Crop Your Video To use percentages to crop your video, simply click on the percentage value (0% initially) in blue text beside the side you want to crop and enter your own value. click and enter how much you want to crop from each side Use the Slider to Crop Your Video To use the slider, click on the dropdown arrow to reveal the slider and drag the slider to adjust the area you want to crop. click and drag the slider to crop
  7. Zoom or Reposition the Video If you want to zoom or reposition your video, under the Effects Control tab, go to Video Effects > Motion > Position or Scale. Drag the values beside Position or Scale to adjust them. click motion and position or scale

Part 2: A Much Easier Way to Crop Your Video

If you’re a web content creator or you’re merely looking to crop your video, it would be counterproductive to use a professional video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro as it has a super steep learning curve.

Instead, you’d want to give Animaker’s Crop Video Tool a shot. It’s a simple tool that allows you to crop your videos in 3 easy steps directly from your browser.

Animaker is a simple online tool that allows anyone to create and edit videos. It offers all the video editing tools you’d need to edit and create videos for your social media channels and website. Absolutely no video-editing experience is required to use our tool.

Here are the steps to crop a video using Animaker’s video cropper:

Step 1: Login or signup for a free account. Now pick the dimensions or choose a platform you want to crop your video for. Pick the Horizontal (16:9), Square (1:1), or Vertical (9:16) preset from the Create a video section in your dashboard. Or you can use the Custom Size button to crop your video to custom dimensions of your choice.

pick the dimensions or social platform

click on the custom size button

enter the custom width and height

Step 2: Then upload the video you want to crop. Go to the Upload tab in the main menu bar and click on the Upload button at the bottom of the tab window.

go to uploads tab and click upload button

Once the video’s been uploaded, click on it to set it onto the canvas.

video filled to full square

Now select the part you want to keep. Click on the Crop button in the top right corner of the canvas. Then click and drag one of the handles around the corners to scale or shrink the video.

click on the crop button

Also, you can reposition the video so it fits the dimensions properly. Once you’re done selecting the part you want to use, click on the Apply button to save the changes.

drag one of the corners and click apply

Step 3: To download the cropped video, click on the Publish button, then select Download Video from the dropdown menu. Or you can directly share it to various social media platforms from inside the app.

go to publish and download the cropped video

Apart from letting you crop videos, Animaker’s video editor gives you the ability to:

  • Trim videos
  • Rotate videos
  • Flip videos
  • Mute videos
  • Adjust videos
  • Filter videos
  • Merge videos

And more! With Animaker’s online video editing tool, you get all the editing tools you need to edit your videos for your social media channels and marketing site. No video editing experience is required to use our simple tools.

animaker online video editor

Got any questions about cropping a video? Any tips or tools to crop a video that you find interesting? Please let us know about them in the comment section below.

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