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Best 60 Personalized Cutting Boards for Home Chefs | Custom Cutting Boards

Best 60 Personalized Cutting Boards for Home Chefs

A cutting board need not be just another useful cooking toolwith a boring layout. Craftspeople can turn a board into a masterpiece that stands out, not only providing functionality but also a pleasing decorative piece for the kitchen! Offered as a gift, it speaks for itself:

“I put a lot of thought and care into the process so I can offer you something really special”.

Made of natural wood, each board has unique grain and tone giving it a unique character. They can be customized to fit any occasion, from wedding gifts and bridal showers to housewarmings, holidays and birthdays. One side of the board serves as a decorative display, while the other you can use as a traditional cutting board.

1. Personalized cutting boards with recipes

A treasured recipe passed through generations can be carefully stored on a piece of wood. Your grandmother’s handwritten favorite recipe can be laser engraved on a cutting board making it a lasting memory and a thoughtful gift for your mother.

Or your mother’s handwritten gingerbread recipe for your siblings or your spouse’s mother’s pumpkin pie. You got the picture. The cutting board is made from quality, sturdy bamboo. All you have to do is to provide a photo of the recipe you want engraved.

Wouldn’t be helpful to have a variety of recipes laying around for quick inspiration? I don’t know about you but I had no idea what chaffle is. If your foodie friends don’t either, it would be a great cooking dare for them to try new ideas. A waffle lover and cheese addict would be happy to find that chaffle is the combination of the two that can be used as a pizza base, for savory garlic bread chaffle or to satisfy that sweet tooth with cinnamon roll chaffle, brownie chaffle, and peanut butter chaffle. Word of the day?

An apple pie recipe is another valuable “cheat sheet” to have around. It can rescue you when guests arrive unannounced and will please everyone from children to grownups. This “save the day” dessert will make an inspired gift for any occasion: teacher’s gift, retirement, baby shower, housewarming, and many more.

2. For grandma with love

Nana’s kitchen is where baking overflows with love and where grandchildren are the best tasters. It is always a blessing to have your kids spend quality time with their grandparents. So why not send them over with a beautifully engraved cutting board and a loving message that will be forever cherished.

We are always grateful for the tasty meals Nana serves when everything is seasoned with extra love. So it’s a pleasure to follow Nana’s kitchen rules. Kids always know when to say please and thank you for the treats they receive and are happy to swap them for warm hugs and kisses. But they may need a little reminder from time to time to wash those little hands. With this in mind, this cutting board stands for gratitude for Nana’s kindness.

We all know what grandmothers mean to us but maybe we don’t always express our feelings in the way we want or as often as we would like to. As psychologists say, we should express our feelings and emotions more. With the help of this unique gift, we can let grandma know every day how much we appreciate her with the engraved grandma definition.

3. Grandpa Engraved Cutting Board

Grandparents are the stars of our childhood always brightening our gloomy faces with kindness. Let’s get grandpa a well-deserved, one of a kind cutting board he’ll be so pleased to receive. With the help of math and science, Branch & Root engraves personalized constellations matching the date and location of your little one’s date of birth. Alongside a message that he’s loved more that all the stars in the sky, this will certainly make a gift to talk about and never forget.

Kids are a true and inexhaustible source of memorable words and nicknames. When they are too little to pronounce words properly, they come up with sweet names that are a joy to remember. When grandpa, or grandma, are rewarded with such a special name, why not have it engraved as a keepsake that will always make them smile and fill their hearts with joy.

4. Personalized cutting boards for mom

A special mom deserves a special present and because all mothers are special no exceptions should be made. A lovely mother’s day gift is this cutting board delicately engraved with the ingredients for one of the world’s best recipes: 4 cups of unconditional love, 1 teaspoon of patience, one bunch of laughter and tears, 3 cups of hugs, 2 tablespoons of understanding, and 2 teaspoons of kindness. And I’ll let you to discover how to mix the ingredients. If I was to order this, I would make it a ladle of patience because it’s a precious ingredient that sometimes runs out of stock.

Our kids’ drawings are true masterpieces, regardless age or skill, and not a few are displayed on refrigerators and special boards. Alongside them are their hand prints, the precious and cute reminders of their baby days. A special occasion drawing and message on a piece of paper can be turned into a long-lasting memory when it’s engraved on wood. Their little hand prints can be added for extra cuteness.

What makes a mother great is that she nourishes the roots for her children to grow physically and emotionally, nurturing them with good food and care. And later, as they grow, so does her love and she enables them to spread their wings and fly. What better way to express gratitude than this cutting board:

We already know that everything a mother does, she does with love and there’s no better place to taste the truth of this than in the kitchen:

5. Father’s Day and birthday

Most of the time dads like to keep it simple when it comes to ornamental stuff but underneath that casual attitude stands a complicated man. A safe bet to please pop is a beautiful cutting board engraved with a powerful statement. And the fact that is fully functional not just a kitchen décor will make it even more appreciated.

And for those who can feel the appreciation in the form of poetry, we have just the perfect lyrics. The “World’s best dad” engraving is timeless and expresses feelings that only grow stronger in time. Parents are always happy to receive any gesture of love and attention from their children, big and small.

In his kids eyes a dad is always a superhero. Most of the time, he’s the one that gets them out of trouble, teaches them to ride bikes, builds forts, plays the guest at tea parties, and throws them into the air for their excitement and their mother’s shock. This superhero gets his powers from his love for his children and a wood plaque that states it will just make him indestructible.

We always like funny stuff so let’s make some room for one more dedicated to dads that like to keep rolling:

If dad is a BBQ fanatic, check out our grilling gift ideas.

6. Engagement party, wedding day, bridal shower, anniversary events

“And they lived happily ever after” is what we read at the end of romantic movies, but thiscan unwrap a new adventure in life, bonding two destinies. A picture of the happy couple is a meaningful gesture but what would make it an exceptional gift is to receive it engraved on wood at a bridal shower or on the wedding day. This will certainly make the centerpiece of the newly-weds’ kitchen. It is also perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Ingredients for a happy marriage aren’t hard to find but maybe sometimes the recipe requires easy to follow instructions for perfect seasoning or when things are beginning to get over-boiled. Ok, I know you are your own chef of your love kitchen, but this is an amusing chopping board where you can douse those blue moods with a quick glance. And on top of that, it can be passed through generations without the risk of fading ink.

The tree symbolizes growth and development. Just as the branches of a tree strengthen and grow up to the sky so does the new couple. Wish them strong growth together, to strive for great achievements, wisdom, and new experiences as they move through their new life with this beautiful cutting board. Customize it with their names and date for a memorable gift.

For those times when calling for a simpler but elegant customized present, we found this perfect one. This cutting board is made from acacia hardwood and has a black slate inlay, giving it a touch of style. It can be customized with any chosen name and it’s perfectly functional, not just a pretty face.

Elegant monogrammed

7. Housewarming cutting board

What a great feeling moving into your very first home! New beginnings and experiences are waiting just around the corner – of the house. New owner(s) are getting cozy and ready to share the joy with close friends and family. Home sweet home sounds exactly like as feels and looks great on a cutting board to display in the kitchen. I can’t decide between the two so here are both choices:

The saying that a house isn’t be a home without people is very true. Well the saying is a little bit different but it makes the same point: fill it with love and laughter to be warm and inviting. It doesn’t matter the size or if it’s your first or not, it’s all those feelings that make you happy to return home. So, here’s a cutting board just for this:

Leaving behind houses, lodges are worth celebrating too! They give us time to clear our minds, breath and recharge surrounded by the most spectacular landscape. Guidance for good times cheerfully displayed on a cutting board makes a great cabin décor, hostess gift, realtor gift, or even a surprise for an anniversary trip.

Cheese boards and resin cutting boards are also great for any events. Check below.

8. Personalized cutting boards for him

Need something for musician who likes to cook or someone who just likes to sing while they’re cooking? We’ve got you covered with a gift that combines the two passions. A cutting board in the shape of a guitar is quite unique and will make a great impression. You can add a name if you want. Look how cool it is:

It’s time to get the party started with this little fellow that can’t wait to get busy. Just introduce it to his new owner and let the dance of the flavors begin because “it’s thyme to turnip the beet”.

funny cutting board
Thyme To Turnip The Beet Bamboo Cutting Board

And for the tired ones, after all that standing up and supervising the grilling to feed his friends, here’s a good idea for returning the investment, with interest. Beers are coming his way from the beer bank to keep him going, and this cutting board that’s large enough to be used as a beer box seat as well. Two in one! And it can be personalized with any desired name. This would come in handy while camping and telling stories around the fire at night, wouldn’t you say?

No matter how often you cook is how delicious the food is. And when you have a great company everything tastes better and the mood is jolly. The periodic panel engraved on the “I cook periodically” chopping board can be used as a drinking game or as a “wash the dishes” punishment. The more one cooks, the better he’ll get used to the chemical elements and the less chance to lose, ergo, do the dishes. I should get one of these for myself as well.

For every grill master there is a steak keeper. Working in teams gets good and quick results since one does the best seasoning and the other grills the food to perfection. This cutting board can be offered to your partner or spouse as a sign of how well you work together, in the most amusing way. It is also suitable for couples.

If your loved one is also a Chef, check out our list of unique gifts for chefs, as well as the best engraved gifts for chefs and cooks.

9. Personalized cutting boards for her

Hey girl, I’m sure you or your girlfriends are not tired of hearing from Goslings’ memes. I know I’m not because I always appreciate a good line. Now maybe you’re thinking about keeping him for yourself but you won’t because that’s what a good friend you are. So, go and order a cutting board with Ryan Gosling’s face on it before I snatch them all for me and my gals and keep him to ourselves locked up in our kitchens.

When you have a friend that loves to cook and she’s delighted you several times with food or treats, you really should offer something nice for her birthday or just for being a good friend. A personalized gift is a thoughtful one that she will love.

Girls just want to have fun from time to time, like the song says. It’s always fun to have a partner in the kitchen even just for support or great chats. While the food cooks, you can follow the directions etched on the chopping board for a great night that involves spicing it up with tequila. Suits well for a party girl:

Personalized Chopping Board for the Tequila lover
Personalized Chopping Board for the Tequila lover

A great gift for your loved one when you want to surprise her in the morning with the most delicious breakfast seasoned with the perfect declaration. Maybe a hidden ring underneath somewhere, just saying… You can skip this part but you must admit that this serving board is something else and a great start in the mornings.

10. Famous movie quotes

Foodie movie lovers will absolutely flip when they unwrap a cutting board engraved with their favorite character’s quotes. Game of Throneshas a huge number of fans and the options of engravings are plenty and tasty:

Game of Thrones Inspired Cutting Board

Star Wars is an all-time popular show and quotes are religiously recited by the fans.

Star Wars Inspired Cutting Boards

May the forks be with you

Wood Burning Cutting Board "May the Forks Be With You"
Wood Burning Cutting Board “May the Forks Be With You”

The Godfatheris another all time classic, well known and loved. This cutting board with Marlon Brandon’s movie line makes it a star gift that that will have many fans:

Godfather Cutting Board
Godfather Cutting Board

Who hasn’t seen or heard about the iconic show Sex and the City and the strong but funny female characters? Samantha Jones is impossible to forget and so are her meaningful lines. Check this one:

11. Dieting and lifestyle (keto and vegan)

After all that meat chopping boards get to see for the grill parties, let’s mix it up a little bit with two variations for those who are interested in diet and nutrition. We found a keto information board that will come in handy for those interested in vegan food or to brighten up a vegan’s day.


Vegan Cutting Board:

Mermaids eat their greens:

Food is fuel:

Food is Fuel Laser Engraved Cutting Board
Food is Fuel Laser Engraved Cutting Board

12. Cutting Boards for Doctors, Teachers

Sometimes the quest for the perfect gift seems like neuroscience but not necessarily if you know what the man does for a living and most importantly his passions and hobbies. A teacher or a doctor may be double the trouble, but like food is the key to someone’s heart, it could work with a cutting board that unlocks inspiration in the kitchen. It can be engraved from a detailed picture of special anatomic sections to Vitruvian Man and landmarks of US counties. They will make a great centerpiece.
Cutting board for doctors

US counties

Personalized USA States Cutting Board

Sunny California

14. Cheese cutting boards and resin for any occasion

Cheese serving boards are very versatile and complement any taste. They can be personalized as the occasion requires like “best dad”, “cool mom”, “grandpa’s cheese tray”, “The Smith’s” or come already engraved with amusing messages. Pick the right one for you.

A cheese junkie will very much appreciate this amusing serving board set. You will recognize the lyrics of Eurythmics given a cheesier fit “Sweet dreams (Are made of this)”, and who are we to “dis a Brie”?

Fine wine and cheese are responsible for perfect evenings with good friends. Quality time spent together around good food and savory conversations already feels like the perfect gift. This set of serving trays with tools brings just a little touch of style to it. Don’t forget to personalize it as it fits.

We know that good wine is an old wine and that same idea applies to cheese. But what about friends? Old friends are priceless so let’s show them how much they mean to us:

Laser Engraved Custom Serving Board

15. Resin

A wood and resin combination is the recipe for elegance and character. The two combined creates a beautiful balance between the warmth and mildness of the wood and uniqueness of the resin, just like the heart and soul of one body. FifthDesign has a variety of colors and shapes of cutting board to create a combination that pleases you the most. They fit any occasion

16. Christmas and winter holidays

Winter season is full of joy and magic and so must every object we use to decorate or cook with. The flavors of Christmas are unique and bring back memories of a happy childhood or creating new memories. We can use greetings cards in the form of unique and useful cutting boards to wish people happy holidays or kids can leave treats for Santa and his reindeers on customized boards. Check the list below and pick the one that jingles for you.

Joy to the world:

Holyday wishes:

Santa’s treat board:

Christmas tree:

Resin tree

Christmas car

Where can you buy custom cutting boards?

There are many local shops and websites that sell engraved cutting boards, so there are plenty of options to choose from. Please see below a few marketplace where you can find tens, if not hundreds of custom cutting boards models:

  • Etsy
  • Amazon
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • Lazer Designs
  • Wayfair

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