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Though not the most common of pairings, the dachshund husky mix is most certainly a visual show stopper! A relatively recent choice of dog pairings, the dachshund husky mix combines two of the most stunning looking dog types to create a mix with a difference.

This article looks in more depth at the overall appearance of such a mix, alongside its possible temperament and personality. It also considers the activity and exercise requirements of this dog combination. Additionally, it looks at any potential health problems caused by mixing these two dogs.

Finally, the article concludes with a discussion as to whether the dachshund husky mix, often referred to now as the dusky, could be the best choice of dog for you and your current circumstances.

What is a Dachshund Husky Mix?

Adachshund husky mix is simply the result of breeding a dachshund with a husky. The type of dachshunds can be any varied, but the subsequent mix of husky remains just that – one of a husky. Not a Malamute, or Akita, nor a Siberian husky.

The concept behind such a mix is said to delight both fans and lovers of the dachshund breed and husky breed alike. It combines their visual, physical and mental attributes into one dog.

However, because this is a relatively new combination in the dog world, its appearance has received much publicity. Sadly, not all of it is good.

Because of the obvious size difference between both dog types, many breeders remain critical of this mix. This criticism also extends to the often problematic structure of such a mix once they are born. Especially as for some, it remains an odd-looking combination indeed.

Furthermore, some of the negativity revolves around the concept that because this pairing is such a newish idea, the potential health and indeed temperament risks may not be fully realizable, as yet. Consequently, a lot of literature currently available to read will tend to focus their attention on the side of caution.

Dachshund Husky Mix Physical Appearance

dachshund husky mix

Undoubtedly, when you mix these two dog types the potential for variety is vast here! Added to that, because there are several dachshund breeds, the outcome will depend greatly on which dachshund type the husky has been crossed with.

However, one thing is for sure; the husky element is hugely distinguishable!

Dusky general characteristics

The dachshund husky mix can take one of many physical appearances with unpredictably looking puppies in each litter of these two breeding dogs. Therefore you should be prepared for pups with variable characteristics, including:

  • A height of anything from 8 to 20 inches
  • A weight of anything from 16 to 60 pounds
  • Potential colours ranging including red, black, white, cream, chocolate, tan, fawn or grey
  • Possible patterning including brindle, merle and even piebald

Understandably, this may not seem to narrow down and suggest any specifics regarding the dachshund husky mix. Sometimes, the only real way you’ll be able to get some idea of this breeding combination is via their parents.

Therefore, when it comes to weight and height, if you know these characteristics of the parent dogs, you can then expect your mix to fall somewhat in the same range.

The same can be said for particular aspects such as eyes and ears. They often make both huskies and dachshunds stand out from the rest of the dog world!

Thus, your mix may develop those gorgeous blue eyes demonstrated by many husky dogs – or they may not. If the parent husky has blue eyes, then it’s possible for some puppies in the litter to have blue eyes as well.

However, just as with the coat of your dusky, colour of the eyes will depend on which parent your mix takes after. Likewise, if the dachshund dog of this mix has particularity long floppy ears favored by many dachshund breeders, your mix might develop the same ears – or not.

There is one feature though that many expert breeders believe the dusky will always almost form. Notably, that is the short and stumpy legs of the dachshund!

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Dachshund Husky Mix Personality and Temperament

Let’s talk a bit about the personality of adachshund husky mix. It is perhaps one of the most loyal of canine companions and a great dog to have around the home.

However, both a dachshund dog and a husky dog have an intricate nature. This is why this is the breed that we recommend you do no enter lightly into acquiring; rather do your homework on both types beforehand.

From the dachshund side

For the dachshund, the personality is often clear cut. A constant companion, they love their owners and will do almost anything to please them.

Small goofballs at times, they can though be rather mischievous. This is something which often stems from their feistiness and genetic make-up of a hunting dog.

Therefore, they do need the training to ensure their liveliness doesn’t escalate out of hand.

From the husky side

However, when it comes to the husky element here – these dog types are strong, both physically and mentally. They are quite stubborn and will not submit quickly to your will.

Therefore, a husky temperament can be quite challenging if you’re not used to the breed. Though they are indeed lovable and dopey dogs at the best of times, consequently fitting in well to active family life, they are equally aloof and at times downright stubborn.

Harder to train, they also have an innate compulsion just to go and not look back and are also otherwise known as escape artists. Any respectable husky owner will be able to tell you how their sled dog history is never far from the surface!

Therefore, when combining the two, dependent on what elements are going to be at the forefront of this mix, you will most certainly be looking at a lively and utterly charismatic dog which will undoubtedly need constant training.

If you are willing to devote much time to their ongoing development, you will though inevitably get the best of both breed worlds with this combination pairing.

Dusky Health and Lifespan

husky cross

When it comes to the potential lifespan of a dachshund husky mix, the breeders still don’t have a definitive answer because this is a more recent crossbreed. It’s suggested by experts that a possible 12 to 16 years is a realistic expectation. This is, however, dependent on the overall health of your mix.

There aren’t any specific health problems that affect this dog pairing. However, you will need to keep in mind the various spinal and overall structural issues some dachshunds face when it comes to their smaller size. The elongated body structure of a dachshund husky mix makes it prone to an intervertebral disc disease.

With this mix, the short dumpiness of the legs could become problematic over time. So, it’s worth keeping an eye on their overall health and registering with a reputable veterinarian. The experienced vet could spot any potential problems immediately, should they arise.

Dusky Exercise and Activity Requirements

Undeniably, huskies are well known for their demanding exercise requirements. Though dachshunds don’t require as much walking, their activity levels and enthusiasm is well on a par with that of a husky. But, because of the probable smaller stature of the dachshund husky mix, you’ll need to balance their activity and exercise time.

It’s best practice to go by their size and commit to a couple of walks per day, but in shorter spurts. But, one thing that can’t be stressed enough is offering this mix plenty of engagement throughout the day. Both breeds of this mix are curious and intelligent by nature. Thereby, you’ll need to offer them plenty of mental stimulation as a result.

Make sure your dusky has something to do, without getting himself into trouble, at any given time during the day, thereby holding his attention span. Thereby, your dachshund husky mix won’t be tempted to look elsewhere for something to do or destroy!

Is Dachshund Husky Mix a Right Dog For You?

dachshund husky mix puppy

Currently, the problem is that Dusky is a relevantly new dog mix. As a consequence, the results of pairing both a dachshund and husky together have not yet been fully explored.

This is why, when it comes to suggesting this pairing to proprioceptive owners, it can be hard to determine whether the mix will live up to expectations.

The same issue lies in defining the personality and indeed temperament of the new mix. However, what doesn’t change is the need for responsible ownership when choosing any dog, regardless of breed or mix type.

Therefore, if you are considering the dachshund husky mix here are a few of our suggestions to help aid your decision.

Need for interaction and companoinship

The dachshund element of this mix thrives on interaction and companionship. The husky element of this mix meanwhile thrives on being a working dog with a purpose.

Though such traits are mixed, inevitably it’s suggested you have the time and indeed energy to entertain them.

Not happy to be left alone

Huskies do not like being left alone for almost any time. Dachshunds too are not keen on being left for many hours on their own.

When combining these two dog types, you have a dog which simply does not like solitude! Consider this concept beforehand and decide whether your dog will always have someone around them during the day.


A husky dog can be downright stubborn, and a dachshund can often display several signs of an attitude! When combined, this can make for one headstrong mix.

Therefore if you live with children, especially those younger members, this mix is not an ideal choice. Make sure that you have the right environment where you’re all going to be able to live together in harmony.

Need some basic training

This mix certainly combines two lovely dogs which as standard breeds, require training from the very beginning of their life and indeed consistency through to adulthood and beyond.

Therefore, ensure that you have their training methods in place before you take on this dog and commit to them from the second you bring your dog into your home.

Many husky dogs are unfortunately handed over to rescue centers. It is due to potential owners refusing to train them from the very beginning. As a result, these dogs fall into bad habits later on that cause huge problems for all around them.

A husky dog is typically harder to train once it is older, due to its ingrained stubborn nature. Therefore, if you can’t commit to the time and effort required to keep this mix on track, it may not be the one for you.

However, if you’re willing to commit to being a responsible owner and have the time and dedication to offer, then the dachshund husky mix will more than likely be one of the most rewarding of companions and keep you smiling for many wonderful years to come!

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