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One of the most beautiful crossbreeds, the Dachshund Min Pin Mix, is a fantastic take on two most beloved dogs.

By combining wonderful canines similar in size and features, the result is undoubtedly a most pleasant-looking dog.

In this article, we take a closer look at the Dachshund Min Pin Mix, discussing it in more detail.

Assessing areas such as personality, temperament, lifespan, and physical appearance, we also look to the dog’s health and physical requirements.

In concluding, we discuss whether the Dachshund Min Pin Mix could be the right dog choice for you.

What is a Dachshund Min Pin Mix?

A Dachshund Min Pin Mix is a combination of a Dachshund with a Miniature Pinscher. People commonly and affectionally refer to it as a Doxie-Pin or Pinshund.

The Dachshund Min Pin Mix is a recent hybrid dog; therefore, there isn’t much in the way of history for this mix. Some suggestions point to it being exported from the United States within the last two decades. However, there is very little to back up such claims.

As mentioned earlier, it is a modern pairing, and that is why we must fall back on the parent’s history to get a clear idea of this combination.

Both parental breeds originate from Germany, with a long history of working dogs that earned their keep as hunters of small animals.

Unfortunately, the recognition by the AKC of hybrid dogs is not so common. The Dachshund Min Pin Mix is not an exception. However, it is recognized by many smaller canine and kennel clubs.

Some of them include American Canine Hybrid Club, Designer Dogs Kennel Club, Dog Registry of America, and Designer Breed Registry.

When the traits of a Dachshund are brought together with a Miniature Pinscher’s, the outcome is pleasantly surprising.

An affectionate and loving dog, this mix certainly livens up homes, adding a massive zest for life into it meanwhile!

Dachshund Min Pin Mix Physical Appearance

Yoshi, @stargazerhtx

This mix is a small to medium-sized one which stands just a little taller than that of a dachshund.

The Doxie-Pin mix height is reported at 6 to 13 inches. Weight for this crossbreed can vary from 10 to 25 Ibs.

Many Dachshund Min Pin Mixes resemble both parent breeds combined. Often most owners are surprised at how close this mix is to both Dachshund and Miniature Pinscher in equal measures!

Coat wise, the Pinshund tends to take on black and tan coat. It is undoubtedly the most common in those we’ve seen already. However, as with their parenting coats, potential coat colours can also be anything from red to chocolate.

With the coat lengths usually medium, dense, and straight, the maintenance required here suggests very little. Thus, a weekly brush will work to keep them in tip-top shape.

The Dachshund Min Pin Mix has very noticeable features. These include the larger ears which are set lower on the head.

With a black nose little more prominent than that of the Miniature Pinscher, the Pinshund’s legs are typically sturdy, and they showcase a slightly longer body structure.

Best of all, many of these dogs have a cord-like tail that stands fantastically on end when excited. It predominately takes on the appearance of a Miniature Pinscher.

Doxie-Pin Personality and Temperament

Bred for the sole purpose of companionship by most breeders, the Dachshund Min Pin Mix has an amazing personality.

The most placid of natures, loyalty, and dedication of both dogs is combined in this mix to a great effect.

The result is the most affectionate and devoted four-legged companion.

With that friendly disposition, though, Dachshund Min Pin Mix can, however, at times demonstrate a little shyness and be timid around strangers.

It is perhaps due to the more sedate element of each parental dog in this mix. Yet, with the correct amount and type of training and socialisation, the Doxie-Pin mix makes one of the most loyal of canines.

Some owners suggest that the Pinshund is more than likely to be found on your lap, enjoying the human company a lot. However, others will also note the increased energy that their Dachshund Min Pin Mix so often displays at various intervals throughout the day!

Dachshund Min Pin Mix Lifespan

When considering the lifespan of both Dachshunds and Miniature Pinschers, the outlook is positive.

A Dachshund potential lifespan is around the 12 to 16-year mark.

The Miniature Pinscher has a life expectancy figure of 15 years.

Thus, the potential lifespan of a Dachshund Min Pin Mix is suggested to be around 12 to 15 years.

It is a great figure and can be even higher if the mix is in good health and brought up in a stress-free home environment.

Dachshund Min Pin Mix Health

dachshund min pin mix
Pixie, @miss.emm.g

Many experts in the canine field claim that the Dachshund Min Pin Mix is generally a healthy dog.

Both the Dachshund and Miniature Pinscher are similar in size and body structure, which results in more balanced combination. Besides, the blend of resoluteness and resilience of these dogs is of high level in this mix.

Thus, potential health problems when creating such a mix tend to resonate more with the concerns of the individual breed – rather than the outcome of mixing the two dogs.

So, the concerns are primarily the low-lying level and structure of their spine. It means looking out for potential issues such as intervertebral disc disease and hip dysplasia.

While researching this mix, we did discover a niggle that some owners have mentioned more than once. It is centered around the odd ear infection their Doxie-Pin mixes seem to encounter.

Referring to veterinarians, it did become clear that Doxie-Pins may be prone to the common health complaint of ear infections. But this isn’t something to worry about.

Most owners find they can identify, treat, and eliminate it by keeping in regular contact with their local veterinarian.

However, as far as the crossbreeding practice goes, this is one that doesn’t offer up much cause for concern.

All in all, the best advice is to register your dog with a reputable veterinarian and ensure they get their regular checks. Thus, there shouldn’t be anything untoward as a result of creating the Dachshund Min Pin Mix.

Dachshund Min Pin Mix Exercise and Activity Requirements

When it comes to physical exercise and activity, the Dachshund Min Pin Mix is undoubtedly an active dog. Yet this doesn’t mean that it needs a lot of high-intensity exercises!

The Doxie-Pin is a smaller stature dog and likely possesses that lower-lying body structure of the dachshund. So, two 30-minute walks twice a day are sufficient in this case.

But this should also be worked alongside, allowing this dog access to the right amount of yard space. It will help to run off the pent-up energy of this mix.

By merely chasing after a ball, playing fetch, or exploring the yard further, your Doxie-Pin will remain physically healthy. It will also ensure the right level of mental stimulation for your dog.

Some owners of this mix suggest this is a dog that loves digging and exploring for entertainment! Thus, many of these dogs will dig to hide their bones and chews, returning to them later. Such traits are what keeps many Doxie-Pin owners amused during this activity time, as well as the dogs themselves!

The more you can do to keep the Dachshund Min Pin mix occupied, the more content it will be. More so, because this is a breed that does well in all climates – access to proper levels of physical and mental activities should be all year round.

Is a Dachshund Min Pin Mix the Right Dog for You?

dachshund min pin mix
Yoshi, @stargazerhtx

You may now be wondering whether the Dachshund Min Pin Mix is a suitable choice of dog for you?

When it comes to selecting a designer dog, or actively seeking them out, we usually advise it with caution. It is especially so when the dog used to breed with the dachshund is a complete opposite in size and body structure.

However, in the case of the dachshund and miniature pincher, we feel they are a fantastic combination for crossbreeding. We believe that the Dachshund Min Pin Mix would make a wonderful canine companion for so many types of homes.

The Dachshund Min Pin mixes are:

  • Suitable for families with children
  • Great with adults
  • Ideal for apartment living and for those homes whereby there may not be instant access to a yard or exercise area
  • Highly affectionate and loving dogs
  • A most sociable of dogs
  • Highly curious canines
  • Good with other dogs
  • Easily trained as they’re quick to learn
  • Have an incredible enthusiasm for life
  • Huge fans of snuggling up on the laps of their human families
  • On alert and make good watchdogs for their humans
  • Small-sized and requires a basic amount of walks
  • A mix needing little in the way of grooming and maintenance – a low-shedding breed
  • A combination that doesn’t pose too many health concerns – with no problematic conditions being specifically created as an outcome of this mix

Overall, if you’re like the fantastic nature of both Dachshund and Miniature Pinscher, you may well want a mix next that combines all their wonderful features. So, if you have a lot of love to devote and can give the Doxie-Pin pup a lot of your time, then the Dachshund Min Pin Mix really could be the one for you.

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Written by: Clair Chaytors

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