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DarkScape is out and that only means one thing: Prepare to die a whole lot, and lose your items. Since DarkScape isn’t just RuneScape with open world PvP, MMO Fallout has put together some opening tips for players looking to make a start in this new world.

5. Get A Head Start


If you’re anything like me, it’s been so long since you’ve been a low level in RuneScape that you are unaware of what conveniences are available for new players. Go to Burthorpe and talk to Mary Rancour in the building above the Heroes guild and ask her for free stuff. She’ll give you a dwarven army axe, a multi-tool that will come in handy with the toolbelt disabled. The dwarven army axe acts as a steel-tier hatchet, pickaxe, as well as a needle, tinderbox, chisel, knife, and a low level weapon. She’ll also give you a steel full helmet, combat potions, and teleport tablets.

You can pick up various free items at vendors all over RuneScape. Right off the bat, you can complete activities like the god statues which give a massive head start in slayer/prayer experience as well as construction. Beginner quests Shadow Over Ashdale, Demon Slayer, and Blood Pact can be completed for good starter equipment, not to mention combat experience. If you lose any of these items, you can always go back and pick them up again for free.

4. Know Your Bank Restrictions


Banking in DarkScape is miles away from that in RuneScape and even Old School. Unlike its standard counterparts, your bank in DarkScape is split up into three areas: low threat, medium threat, and high threat. Adding onto that, you’re going to find bank space very limited: 100 spaces per zone, less if you’re a free player. Not only are the banks separated, but so are the Grand Exchanges. You cannot home teleport between areas with any items on your person, and you can’t use rune-based teleports between threat zones.

What does this mean? Effectively, it means your goods can only be transported in the area they were found. To bring your gear to higher/lower threat zones, you’re going to need to walk it over the border and hope that nobody kills you in the process. Banks within those zones are shared, meaning you can gather resources in Varrok, home teleport to Taverly, retrieve the items from your bank, walk them over White Wolf Mountain, and store them in Catherby to retrieve in Ardougne. You can’t, however, bank something in Lumbridge and then retrieve it in Seer’s Village.

Part of the goal is to create three separate economies and create a new form of income, by allowing players to move items from zones where they are cheaper to zones where they are more valuable. It also means spending a fair amount of time hauling goods between zones. That being said, players should still go through the new-character process of unlocking lodestones as quickly as possible. Energy is back to how it was a few years ago, meaning it recovers very slowly. You’ll need the lodestones for easy travel.

3. Resources Have Been Moved


If you haven’t started DarkScape yet and are already planning your leveling route, don’t bother. In creating three distinct threat zones, Jagex also took the time to relocate resources around with the higher tier goods resting comfortably (or not so comfortably) in high threat areas. For example, you won’t find lobster or harpoon spots in Catherby anymore, those are gone. Where did they go? You’ll need to find them, or wait until guides start popping up.

For people looking to quickly level up, the shuffling of resources is sure to put a wrench in your operations.

2. Be Wary of Griefers


DarkScape’s respawn mechanic currently makes the game very open for griefing. In some cases, players will sit in banks that have easily accessed second floors (stairs/ladders) and come down to the main bank area to attack someone before quickly moving upstairs. Since the game allows you to change your respawn point, many players have taken to repeatedly assaulting banks, either in the hopes of killing players or with the goal of simply disrupting your banking.

One popular method of griefing at the moment is to run into a bank with an active skull and retribution, a prayer spell which causes the player to explode upon death. The player is immediately killed by guards and explodes, damaging the players around him. Said player then respawns nearby and starts the process over again.

1. Be Very Mindful Of Where You Click


The presence of PvP everywhere (and I do mean everywhere) has made the game very dangerous, even for those who don’t necessarily want to go around killing everyone they see. In DarkScape, banks and most towns are patrolled by very powerful guards, level 138, certainly high level enough to take on most of the playerbase at this time. Guards will immediately attack, stun, and instantly kill players who are skulled (those who attacked other players).

What this usually leads to is an incident where a player will enter the bank, misclick and accidentally attack another player, and then immediately die. If you accidentally attack another player, your odds of getting out of the bank without dying are quite slim, meaning you lose everything you were carrying on you and respawn somewhere else. When getting back into town with a big haul, always be mindful that you are essentially one click away from losing it all.

To mitigate this, you can do two things: Turn on one-button mouse or always right click to bring up the context menu before you bank. Left clicking to bank in a crowded (or even not so crowded) area is playing with fire, and you’re liable to get burned.

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