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Many men experience premature ejaculation in their lifetime and some studies show at least 30% of males would like to delay their climax.

For some men, premature ejaculation is caused by a combination of factors:

  • Serotonin imbalances, in general, can cause PE, and you might needmedication to help with that (especially if there are other symptoms like depression or anxiety)
  • A man’s early sexual experiences may set a pattern for future sexual experience
  • Shyness, nervousness, or anxiety
  • Higher than normal penis sensitivity
  • Some diseases like diabetes and prostate issues

Products similar to Roman Swipes (formally PreBoost Wipes) exist to improve your performance.

Pro Tip: If you’ve tried using Roman Swipes before and weren’t happy with the results, you should check out Promescent Delay Wipes to last longer in bed.

Let’s take a look at what Roman Swipes are, what they do, and how they can help your sex life.

What are Roman Swipes?

Roman Swipes are a treatment option for premature ejaculation that uses benzocaine to numb the nerves on the most sensitive parts of the penis.

This numbing sensation makes it so that you have to work harder and longer to have an orgasm.

For some men with PE, the problem comes down to not lasting as long as they or their partner would like.

While there’s no real medical consensus on what constitutes premature ejaculation, some basic guidance is any orgasm that:

  • Occurs before penetrative sex or during foreplay
  • Occurs under 1 minute of penetrative sex
  • Feels “too soon” to you or your partner

Roman Swipes work in an extremely straightforward manner.

Promescent Delay Spray for premature ejaculation

The wipes contain a 4% benzocaine solution, similar to what you’d find in a topical pain reliever for scratches, burns, or bug bites.

This desensitizing agent reduces the sensation in the nerves of the head and shaft of the penis, making you last longer in bed.

What can you expect?

When you use a product like Roman Swipes, you can expect a numbing sensation that some men compare to putting on an extra-thick condom.

In a small study, men who typically reached orgasm in less than 1 minute, saw an increase to around 3 minutes after using the wipes for a month.

What are roman swipes

It seems the longer you use the wipes, the better you get at understanding how they work, when to apply, and correct dosing.

How Do Roman Swipes work?

Roman Swipes contain the active ingredient benzocaine, which temporarily helps reduce sensation on the most sensitive parts of the penis.

You may be familiar with this drug as it is used in most burn, bite, and scratch ointments and has been used for decades to help block nerve signaling to relieve pain.

Will roman swipes work for me

The wipes work quickly, usually within 5-15 minutes, so you can keep them conveniently on you for when the moment arises.

The effect lasts about 30 minutes, so you won’t be dealing with reduced sensation for hours.

Roman Swipe Reviews Online

It’s nearly impossible to find any verified, 3rd party Roman swipes review from real users that do not seem cherry picked, which ended up leading to more questions than answers.

Additionally, articles that showed in the top of search either had affiliate disclosures or “sponsored by Roman” tags.

The only place online that seemed to have unbiased reviews was Reddit.

Positive Reviews

Review #1

One Reddit user asked:

Anonymous posed the question, “Anyone ever buy those Roman swipes they talk about?

A user by the name of ‘for-those-who-beg’ responded by saying, “I’ve tried them, they work great. if anything sometimes they work too well. lol

Review #2

Another Reddit responder shared the following positive experience:

I actually bought my boyfriend them as a joke to actually see what the deal was and he seems to like them and says they work but I personally don’t notice a difference between when he does use them and when he doesn’t. My friend and her boyfriend used one once and she had a crazy allergic reaction and a whole horror story about them so it definitely varies haha…

Negative Reviews

Funny enough it seems like others are having the same issue trying to identify real reviews for Roman Swipes online.

Review #1

A Reddit user by the name of ‘ttwoody’ posed the question, “Has anyone had success with Roman Swipes? Can’t find a review anywhere…

It received a response from ‘ibleedbigred’ that stated, “Dude, they definitely don’t work. It’s such a gimmick, like those pills to make your dick grow 10 inches over night. Save your money.”

Review #2

Another Reddit user had this to say:

Yup bought them, caused numbness and didn’t work…” when asked about Roman Swipes efficacy.

Roman Swipes pros and cons?

Roman swipes can be an effective tool for some to help reduce anxiety and sensitivity in the bedroom leading to a better sex life.

They are not, however, the only way to deal with premature ejaculation.

Pro Tip: If you are looking for a safe, proven, and reliable alternative so you can last longer in bed then check out Promescent Delay Spray

Let’s look at some pros and cons of buying from Roman.


  • Packaged in small, discreet single-use pouches
  • 2-day shipping available
  • Made in the USA in an FDA compliant facility


  • Subscription required and the hassle that comes along with cancelling
  • May not be the best option to treat performance problems
  • Lack of reviews online from independent sources
  • Low benzocaine percentage that may lead to unsatisfactory results when compared to other wipes or sprays
  • No money-back guarantee

How to use Roman Swipes?

Using Roman Swipes to treat PE is pretty straightforward.

It’s best to use them when you’re getting ready for sex – usually about 10-15 minutes prior.

How long before you can feel the effects of roman swipes

Step 1: Apply

This is the easy part; simply use the wipe to rub once around your penis head and stop there.

You can apply it again if you’re not getting enough of the numbing sensation, but you need to wait to long enough for the numbing agent to kick in.

Step 2: Wait

How long to wait? Well, it depends.

Some people report 2 minutes of waiting is enough for them to get the effects but ultimately, the product recommends waiting 5-10 minutes.

This is important for a few reasons:

  • Benzocaine is a numbing agent that works fast, but it still takes 10-15 minutes for the full effect to manifest. At this time, you can determine if you need another application or if you’re good to go. If you apply it again too quickly, you will lose too much sensation and that’s never fun, either.
  • If you go to straight to having sex too quickly after applying, the medicine can transfer to your partner, which will then make their experience take longer.
  • Waiting makes the sex more fun and can help you relax a bit while you and your partner have non-penetrative fun. This relaxation can make you last longer as well.

FAQ’s About Roman Swipes

How long do they last?

Roman Swipes last about 30 minutes.

Do they transfer to your partner?

Yes, if you don’t wait long enough after applying then they can transfer to your partner during sex.

What do they feel like after applying?

Most men report a gentle numbing sensation, akin to having a thick condom on your penis.

Roman Swipes do not block all sensation, they will dull it and make the process take longer, which is great for everyone involved.

After about 30-minutes, you’ll start to have next-to-normal sensation again, but it takes at least 60 minutes in most cases for the effect to fully wear off.

Where to buy

You can only buy Roman Swipes directly from Roman’s website.

You may also benefit from an online consultation with Roman doctors, which can be hugely beneficial in solving common sexual dysfunctions.

How much do they cost?

Roman has two subscription plans that users can choose from:

  • The monthly plan: $27 per month
  • The quarterly Plan: $22 per month

Will they cure premature ejaculation?

Unfortunately, though medicated premature ejaculation wipes will help, they will not solve the long-term issues that cause PE for many men.

There are other solutions to treat premature ejaculation, and Roman Swipes are not a permanent solution if PE is an ongoing problem.

In particular, if premature ejaculation is causing you distress or relationship problems, it’s important to discuss this with your primary care physician.

Potential side effects from Roman Swipes

Fortunately, Roman Swipes and other premature ejaculation topical treatment options have very few side effects.

Some men may be allergic to one or more of the ingredients used, however that number is likely low, as benzocaine is well-tolerated along with the other ingredients used.

For some men, the side effects can include:

  • Friction burn from not realizing more lubrication is needed. This is an easy fix, grab a bottle of personal lubricant
  • Itchiness or skin irritation – benzocaine can cause dryness, flaking, or itching
  • Over-numbness in the affected area. This generally occurs for new users before you’ve waited to see how you’d react or by wiping the treated area with too many wipes.


Promescent Delay Spray for premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is extremely common, and probably even more common than is reported to the types of people who take that information.

It’s nothing to be embarrassed about and there are many options available that make it an easy to fix.

If it’s causing you distress or hurting your relationship, you should speak with a doctor or counselor.

Likewise, using a over-the-counter medication that contains a desensitizing agent can be a great tool to help improve your sexual health and helpy you last longer in bed.

When you are ready to try benzocaine wipes for premature ejaculation, make sure to do your homework, you might find the prices a bit high from Roman specifically.

Ultimately, PE can cause problems in the bedroom but these little benzocaine wipes offer a simple, safe, and effective solution.

Give them a try and see what they can do to make your sex better and improve your overall sexual health.

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