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English Bulldog collars

English Bulldogs might be small in stature, but they have wide, thick necks. They need collars that are large in circumference but aren’t too high.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect collar for your Bulldog, you’ve undoubtedly seen that there are countless choices on the market. To make it easier, we’ve compiled a list of reviews of collars for English Bulldogs. We’ve also included a buyer’s guide so you know which features to look for.

Read on for our list of recommendations.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

The 10 Best Collars for English Bulldogs

1. Soft Touch Padded Dog Collar – Best Overall

Soft Touch Collars

The Soft Touch Collars Leather Padded Dog Collar is our best overall choice because it not only has the strength and durability of leather but also inner padding for comfort. This padding minimizes chafing around your dog’s neck and is gentle when you attach a leash for a walk. It has solid lacquered brass hardware that looks great and is durable. A D-ring is located on the top of the collar for easy leash attachment. There’s also a separate ring next to the buckle for dog tags. The collar has sealed edges to keep it long-lasting. It’s available in multiple different sizes and colors, so you can find the one that best suits your dog.

The sizing chart on this collar tends to be off, so be sure to measure carefully and order two sizes to try them out for the best fit.

2. StarMark Bulldog Training Collar – Best Value

Starmark Pet

The StarMark TCLC Training Collar is the best collar for an English Bulldog for the money. It can help train your dog effectively and humanely. The links have rounded edges, and the design is strong to prevent breakage. The collar is able to fit dogs with up to 20-inch neck circumference. Links can also be added or removed to customize the fit. This is not a choke collar, so you don’t have to worry about your dog being unable to breathe during training sessions. It was created by dog-training experts to help dogs learn not to pull on the leash.

If you need extra links to make the collar larger for your dog, they are sold separately. These can be difficult to attach and detach, however, and the included instructions are hard to understand.

3. Bully’s Dog Collar – Premium Choice


The Bully’s Dog Collar is made of durable, heavy-duty nylon to withstand strong pulling. Even though the collar is thick and wide, it’s still lightweight and comfortable for your Bulldog. The stainless steel hardware won’t rust, so it’s long-lasting. The collar is washable and has multiple holes to make it fully adjustable. It’s also extra-wide to fit dogs with thick necks.

This collar is on the more expensive end of our list. It’s also a thick, stiff collar that can be difficult to put on and remove.

4. Buckle-Down English Bulldog Collar


The Buckle-Down Dog Collar is a unique collar where instead of the normal clasp, the collar fastens with a miniature seat belt buckle. You simply press the center button to release the clasp and remove the collar. It’s made of high-density polyester and the buckle has durable steel components. To best fit your dog, it’s available in multiple sizes.

This is a heavy collar because of the metal components. Although the buckle is a unique design, it doesn’t always work well in the execution. It can rub the fur on your dog’s neck and cause chafing.

5. W&W Lifetime in Slip Chain Dog Collar

WW Lifetime

The W&W Lifetime Slip Chain Dog Collar is made of durable stainless steel. Because of its gold color, it looks like jewelry for your dog. It’s a Cuban-link slip chain that’s great for training and is easy to put on and remove. It’s available in four sizes to fit your dog, with a loose fit that’s comfortable and doesn’t rub.

Even though the collar’s description states that it’s plated with 14K gold, it’s not real gold. The plating wears off quickly and can leave a black mark on your dog’s neck. It can also cause a skin rash if you leave it on too long. Because it’s a slip-chain collar, it can easily get caught on something and choke your dog if they are left alone. Care should be taken to only use it when you’re around.

6. BONAWEN Leather Dog Collar


The BONAWEN Leather Dog Collar is another great leather option. It’s made of 100% full-grain genuine leather and has a fun look with metal spikes. The inner side is softly-padded and specially-treated leather. It has a sturdy D-ring for the leash attachment, which can withstand pulling from your dog on walks. It also has five durable metal eyelets to adjust the collar.

The stitching on this collar isn’t strong enough, however, and it breaks easily. The metal spikes can also break, and they make it uncomfortable for your dog to wear around the house and sleep with it on.

7. Diezel Pet Products Dog Collars

Diezel Pet Products

The Diezel Pet Products Dog Collars are tactical, military-style collars. They are heavy duty and made of nylon webbing. They have two-pin metal buckles with attach points for dog tags. These collars are wide and made for large breed dogs or dogs with big necks. They’re available in two sizes.

The hardware is flimsy and isn’t that durable. The Velcro and elastic band on the collar are not long-lasting. The collar can bleed color onto your dog’s neck, especially if it gets wet.

8. Dogs My Love Padded Dog Collar

Dogs My Love

The Dogs My Love Soft Leather Padded Dog Collar is made of 100% genuine leather on the top. For your dog’s comfort, there is soft cushioning on the underside of the collar. It also has attractive nickel-plated hardware, including nickel-plated Bulldog figures.

The sizing chart is often incorrect, so be sure to double-check your measurements. The buckle on the collar is heavy, which makes it an uncomfortable everyday collar. The leather is stiff, and the edges can be sharp, so you may have to oil the collar to soften it.

9. Bulldog Grade Dog Collar

Bulldog Grade

The Bulldog Grade Reflective-Breakaway Dog Collar is made of tough, fade-resistant nylon on the top. It has a soft, padded neoprene material on the inside for your dog’s comfort. It’s highly reflective, so your dog can easily be seen on walks.

This isn’t a very durable collar, as it comes apart easily. It’s made to be a tension collar, so it doesn’t work well as an everyday collar because it can slip off your dog’s neck. The leash attachment point is also weak.

10. Angel Pet Supplies Leather Dog Collar

Angel Pet Supplies Inc

The Angel Pet Supplies Leather Dog Collar is made of soft, genuine cowhide leather. It comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

Despite being genuine leather, the collar isn’t durable. The leather breaks easily and the stitching is weak. The leather is also stiff, so you may need to oil it. The color can rub off on your dog’s neck.

Buyer’s Guide – Finding the Best English Bulldog Collar

There are many things to consider when shopping for the best collar for your English Bulldog. We’ve included the most important ones here in a handy buyer’s guide.


Because of their thick, short neck, fit is especially important when choosing the best collar for an English Bulldog. The most important characteristic of a collar is for it to fit properly. The collar should have a big enough circumference to fit around their neck without being too tight or too loose. It should also be wide enough that it doesn’t dig in uncomfortably.

Each brand of dog collar typically comes with a size chart, and since they are all different, it’s best to use these charts as a guide for the best collar for your dog.


The collar will be something your dog wears every day, so comfort is extremely important. You don’t want the collar to rub on your dog’s neck, and you want to be sure that the design doesn’t dig into their skin.

If you choose a leather collar, be sure to oil it regularly to keep it supple and soft. Padding can also help keep your dog comfortable, especially when you take him on walks. Many collars are made with a hard outer layer and a padded inner layer, which is ideal for both durability and comfort.


Because this is something that will get a great deal of daily wear and tear, it’s important to look for a durable collar. This means that it’s well-made, has strong stitching, and uses quality materials. You want something that’s made to last so you don’t have to replace it regularly.

It should also be something that can withstand a Bulldog’s strength. They can pull quite hard, and you don’t want the collar to break the first time you take him for a walk.


A leather collar is long-lasting and less likely to cause hair loss in the area around your dog’s neck. If you oil it regularly, it will remain soft and durable.

Nylon is a durable material that is weather-proof and strong. However, it can rub the hair around your dog’s neck or dig in with its rough edges. If you do go with a nylon collar, be sure to choose one with inner padding.

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Our overall choice for the best English Bulldog collar is the Soft Touch Collars Leather Padded Dog Collar because of its strength and durability. It has inner padding against your dog’s neck for comfort, as well as lacquered brass hardware that’s made to last.

Our value choice for the best English Bulldog collar is the StarMark TCLC Training Collar because it effectively and humanely helps train your dog against pulling. The links have rounded edges and are not made of metal. The link design is strong to prevent breakage

We hope our list of reviews of the best collars for English Bulldogs and buyer’s guide have helped you find the best one for your dog.

Featured Image Credit: Seaq68, Pixabay

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