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Dog House For Great Dane

Dog Houses For The Large Breed Dogs

The title mentions Great Danes but this is about an extra large dog house for a Great Dane and other dog breeds that are the same size.

An example of extra large breeds that are in this category but certainly not all are:

Bernese mountain dog



St. Bernard

The Great Dane is not only an extra large dog but also very tall as all owners already know and that means they require extra space to stretch out.

When selecting a dog house for a Great Dane their owners may face a lot of challenges.

First their sheer size, plus the availability of a doghouse that meets their requirements.

Most big box stores just don’t have the room to inventory a decent selection at their brick and mortar locations.

We may want to keep our dog inside but sometimes that may not be feasible, so if the only options is outdoors then at least with the right dwelling they can be comfortable.

Some insight into this regal giant

The Great Dane is a combination of strength, elegance and can strike a regal pose with a muscular body and powerful legs.

It is considered a working breed with a long reach and a powerful drive, at first glance it may appear that it would be clumsy, but far from it, the Great Dane is well balanced.

Before his death in 2014 the record holder was Zeus who stood 44 inches at the shoulder, given that information the Great Dane and similar breeds need careful consideration for their shelter.

Their sheer size demands a dog house that will allow them to enter, circle with ease and lie down without being crammed.

The Great Danes are considered to be gentle giants, moderately playful, very affectionate and good with children.

They will guard their home and their sheer size will be an excellent deterrent, what would be thief would stick around if they saw this giant staring them down.

Great Danes generally get along with other animals, particularly if raised with them, but some individuals in the breed can be aggressive with dogs they do not know.

Considering a specialist to build a dog house for a Great Dane.

So that leaves the owner with the option of having a local builder design and build one or the other option is to look online for a specialty builder that will ship one to their front door.

The main advantage of an online specialty builder is they already know all the requirements of the various breeds and have a customer base they have interacted with.

That gives them the necessary knowledge to provide a solid product and they also have the shipping/handling experience.

In addition a builder may allow for some custom modifications to meet the needs of your Great Dane such as a taller door opening if needed, because not all dogs within a given breed are created equal.

Extra Large Dog House

A house that is already built is a “what you see is what you get” scenario.

Most dog houses available online are shipped in a kit form.

Meaning the home has already been built in sections and then shipped to your home on a pallet for assembly at your selected location.

This allows for some flexibility, for minor modifications or if by chance some section is damaged you can have that replaced without dealing with the entire house.

A dog house for a Great Dane should allow enough space in their sleeping area where they can relax without being cramped.

There should also be enough head room and the entry door should be large enough to allow for an easy entry.

An ideal solution would be a dog house kennel combination kit.

This shelter allows enough space for sleeping quarters while also providing an outside kennel area that is enclosed for safety reasons.

For more information browse our dog house knowledge base regarding dog houses for large dogs.

A final word about a dog house for a Great Dane

While our focus has been on the Great Dane and its unique size and needs, these dog houses will provide excellent shelter for any of the extra large breeds.

However, there are some cases where some of these dog houses are going to be too small and it may require looking at a specialty house that is designed for the extra large breeds or several smaller dogs.

There are some options featured below and are the best of both worlds for your extra large breed dog, they can be safe and secure in a kennel area but still have view of the world around them.

Click on the links to learn more about this amazing dog houses.

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