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If you’re lucky enough to have a gentle giant at home, it’s important you have the proper supplies to accommodate your Great Danes’ stature. While crates aren’t always 100% necessary, they can serve as incredibly helpful safety and training tools.

Below, we’ll give you the lowdown on how your Great Dane may benefit from having a high-quality crate and discuss some of our top picks on the market today.

Best Dog Crates for Great Danes: Quick Picks

  • #1 MidWest Solutions Series XX-Large Heavy Duty Double Door [Best All Around Great Dane Crate] — Spacious, sturdy, and equipped with two doors, this feature-rich crate is the best option on the market for Great Dane owners.
  • #2 MidWest Single-Door Starter Series Pet Crate [Best No-Frills Option] — If you don’t need extra doors or other bells and whistles, this MidWest Pet Crate may be the best choice for you and your pet.
  • #3 Frisco XX-Large Heavy Duty Dog Crate [Best Affordable Option] — Big crates often cost big bucks, but this spacious kennel from Frisco is a relatively affordable option for cash-strapped owners.
big crates for great danes

The Best Dog Crates for Great Danes

Great Danes aren’t your average dog, so your average crate simply won’t do. There aren’t a whole lot of extra-large dog crate options available, but here are some of our favorite solutions for the gentle giants.

Note that the fourth option, the Amazon Basics Crate, is a 48-inch model. This is only suitable as a temporary solution for Great Dane puppies, small adult Danes, and temporary, short-term use in emergency situations.

1. MidWest Single-Door Starter Series Pet Crate

About: The simple yet strong MidWest Single-Door Starter Crate is perfect for keeping your extra-large pooch comfortable.


  • Measuring 54 inches long and 45 inches wide, this crate provides your doggo with plenty of space
  • Utilizes a drop-pin latch for easy crate access
  • Interconnected frame provides additional durability and strength
  • Available with a removable tray and divider (additional costs will apply)
  • Backed by a one-year warranty

2. MidWest Solutions Series XX-Large Heavy Duty Double Door

About: This heavy-duty Great Dane crate by MidWest Solutions is made with secure latching mechanisms built for comfortably housing large pups.

best great dane crate


  • Large crate (which measures 54 inches long and 45 inches wide) provides plenty of space
  • Comes equipped with two drop-pin latching doors
  • Each door includes three side bolt latches
  • “L” bar provides additional strength and stability
  • Comes with a removable plastic tray

3. Frisco XX-Large Heavy Duty Dog Crate

About: This extra-large dog crate by Frisco is equipped with both a front and side door for your convenience.

crate for great danes


  • Crate is large enough for Great Danes, as it measures 54 inches long and 44 inches wide
  • Each of the crate’s two doors features drop-pin latches
  • Comes with a removable plastic tray to make messes easy to clean
  • Can be assembled without any tools
  • Chewy provides free shipping for this crate

4. AmazonBasics Double-Door Folding Dog Crate

About: The AmazonBasics Double-Door Folding Crate is a great option for or Great Dane puppies and the occasional smaller-sized Great Dane adult.

Features: This 48- by 32-inch crate features two sturdy doors for easy entry and exit. The included removable tray makes the crate easy to clean and gives your pooch some needed padding. Each door has two slide-bolt latches to keep Fido safe.

  • Only measures 48 inches long and 32 inches wide
  • Comes with a removable tray to make cleanup a breeze
  • Comes with two doors, each of which featuring two slide-bolt latches
  • Folds flat and features a carrying handle for easy transport
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Comes with dividers

Note: This crate is not large enough for most Great Danes, but it may be adequate for young or small individuals, as well as for temporary, short-term use in a pinch.

Another Alternative: Make Your Own DIY Crate

If you don’t like any of the crates discussed above, you may want to consider making your own DIY Great Dane Crate.

Contrary to what you may believe, there are many DIY crate plans available that can easily be made by pet parents without a lot of construction experience.

With a few basic tools and a trip to your local hardware store, you’ll have all you need to create a home for your big lug. In many cases, DIY crates can be even better than store-bought kennels since you can customize the features according to your dog’s specific needs.

Best great dane crates

The Benefits of Dog Crates: Even Great Danes Need a Kennel

A high-quality dog crate can benefit your pooch in a number of ways. Some of the key ways they do so include:

Crates provide a private space for your pooch.

Dogs enjoy having a space that’s entirely their own. With a crate, your pooch will automatically have a safe den to retreat to whenever he feels overwhelmed or needs a break from the world.

Crates keep your canine comfy when traveling.

It’s important to keep your dog safe while traveling. One of the best ways to do this is by using a crate ensuring Fido is properly contained.

It’s important to note, however, that wire crates aren’t the best solution for protecting your pooch in the event of a car collision. But, any crate can help prevent doggo distractions while traveling, making for an all-around safer experience.

Crates are helpful for house training your puppy.

Puppies naturally avoid going to the bathroom where they sleep making crates an excellent housebreaking tool. Crates can successfully limit your new dog from relieving himself until he’s outside.

However, remember that it’s important that you take young puppies out at least once every three hours. Housebreaking is bound to be a trying process regardless, but crates may make it a bit easier for you and your pooch.

Crates can temporarily restrict your dog’s activity.

When you’re not able to properly supervise your pooch, a crate can keep Fido safe. Crates can also work as great safe havens for your dog if he has trouble controlling himself whenever visitors come over.

However, remember that crates should only be used when necessary. While they aren’t necessarily harmful to your dog, prolonged confinement is inhumane and can lead to serious behavioral issues.

It can be difficult to establish a hard-and-fast rule regarding how long your dog should be in a crate in one sitting, but in general, it’s probably not a good idea to keep him confined for more than five hours at a time.

Crates make it easier to nurse a sick or injured dog.

If your dog is sick, your veterinarian may recommend confining Fido until he is fully healed. Playing while sick or injured can exacerbate the illness, making it more difficult for your pooch to recover. A crate can help ensure your dog gets the rest he needs to recover.

Crates can make boarding your dog easier.

Boarding your pup at a kennel or another house can be pretty scary for your pooch, especially if this is your first time traveling without him. Bringing your pup’s crate along to a dog sitter’s house or facility can give him a comfortable, familiar space to remind him of home.

Crates make excellent training tools.

Your dog crate can serve as a great space for a temporary “time out zone” for your puppy. Since time outs are less than a few minutes at a time, he will be able to calm down comfortably in his crate before rejoining the family.

Great Dane Crate-Buying Considerations

While dog crates can be excellent tools for any breed, it’s important to take a couple of factors into account when picking out a crate for your big buddy. Great Danes and Great Dane mixes have special sizing needs that are vital to Fido’s level of comfort and happiness.


Because they are so tall, most Great Danes will need a 54-inch crate with plenty of height.

While your Great Dane puppy may seem small in a colossal crate, it’s best to purchase the crate your pooch will use as a full-grown adult.

To prevent your pooch from having an accident in their currently spacious crate, you can just use crate dividers. As your pup grows, you can phase out the dividers and give him access to the full crate.

If you’re in a pinch, you may be able to get away with a 48-inch model to start, but understand that you’ll likely need to get an entirely new crate in the near future, which can be more costly than investing in dividers.

This is true for beds too – opt for an appropriately sized Great Dane dog bed to ensure your pooch will have a lasting soft spot for sleeping.

Your dog should be able to lie down comfortably, turn around easily, and have at least 4-inches of headroom while sitting in their crate.

Like many other breeds, Great Danes are often taller while sitting down than standing on all four feet, so be sure to take this measurement while Fido’s in the appropriate position.


Great Danes are strong dogs, so it’s important that they have strong crates. Wire crates can make excellent options for Great Danes since they’re super breathable, while still remaining sturdy.

Just be sure to pick a high-quality model and avoid bargain-basement, poorly made wire crates. You don’t want to come home and find that Fido has staged a jailbreak!


Given their large size, Great Dane crates are going to be heavy. While this may not be super important to some owners, comparing crate weight could be a considerable buying factor.

In addition, you may want to have an extra pair of hands around while moving these behemoth crates.

Collapsible and/or Portable Features

You’re going to want a crate that’s easy to transport for your gentle giant. If you’d prefer not to disassemble your crate every time you travel, look for other portable features like wheels or a travel handle.

Multiple Doors

Multiple doors are great for convenience and make it easier for your pooch to come in and out, regardless of the crate’s surrounding area.

Crates with more than one door also provide more flexibility with regard to placement. You can position it so that one of the doors is blocked by a wall, without preventing your dog from entering or exiting.

Removable Trays

Removable trays make your pup’s den much easier to clean, so you can keep his crate super fresh and cozy.

Removable trays are especially helpful for young puppies who’re still learning the house-training ropes, as well as older dogs who struggle with incontinence and find themselves unable to hold it from time to time.

Additionally, if your pooch is rambunctious and prone to spilling his water dish, a removable tray will make cleanup much easier.


Don’t forget to make your Great Dane’s new crate cozy!

While most dogs will still be able to be comfortable lying on a plastic crate floor, they’ll certainly appreciate having a good crate bed.

This is an especially good idea for Great Danes, as they’re often susceptible to hip dysplasia and arthritis (one of the reasons why Great Danes are expensive dogs to own)

Also, you may want to keep your pup’s favorite durable chew toy and fuzzy blankets or towels to make Fido feel right at home.

Special Note for Travelers: Crate Selection

If you intend to travel with your pooch, you’ll need to understand that none of these crates are IATA compliant.

Honestly, there aren’t many great super large crates on the market that are suitable for air travel, but we have found one airline-approved crate that’s (arguably) large enough for short-term use with Great Danes.

Just be sure to consider this when making your crate selection.


Crates are one of the best ways to keep your giant pooch safe while providing him a space that’s entirely his own. Finding an extra-large crate can be difficult, but it’s certainly worth it for our beloved behemoth buddies.

Have you tried out any of these crates with success? What other challenges do you face as a Great Dane owner? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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