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5 of the Absolutely Best Sweaters For Pugs To Keep Them Warm


Many people love dressing up their toy dogs, that’s why I wanted to share some of the best sweaters for Pugs that will make them look and feel amazing. We never put Mindy our black pug in a sweater, and she loved her coat and her jacket.

Does My Pug Need A Sweater?

Pugs do not need to wear dog sweaters, however, during the cold months, there’s nothing wrong with trying to help keep them warm. Especially since there are so many different types of dog sweaters for Pugs.

This breed is known to shiver when the temperature drops outside or inside. This is the main reason that some pet owners opt to shop for clothing for Pugs, plus it’s cute when you see a pug dressed in jumpers or jackets.

best sweaters for pugs

If your dog is anything like mine was, then they hate going outside when it’s cold or raining. They probably don’t like stepping on the grass if it’s wet? Check out these dog boots for Pugs.

Well, there are literally tons of different accessories for Pugs that you’ll love. Pet lovers can buy rain jackets, winter coats, shoes, and even dresses.

This product is one of the best dog sweaters because it is not only cute, but is extremely affordable.

This doesn’t mean that your dog will enjoy being dressed up. It will take time to get them used to wear Pug clothes. Once they get used to dressing up, you may want to consider these Halloween costumes for Pugs.

5 of The Best Sweaters for Pugs

Today, we’ll be looking at some clothes for Pugs online that you’ll love for the cold months. You can even dress your dog up for Christmas and make them look adorable.

Take a look at some of these popular designer dog clothes that are extremely affordable.

#1 iChoue Dog Clothes Hoodie Pullover

iChoue Pets Dog Clothes are specifically designed for the following dog breeds; Pug, American Bully Pitbull, French Bulldog, and English Bulldog. Basically, they are designed for dogs that have wider shoulders and thicker chests.

Designed with durability for your Pet. The unique zipper helps prevent your dog’s hair from getting stuck. Constructed with 95% cotton, 5% polyester and will help keep your Pug warm during the cold weather.

It comes in several different sizes, which means you will still be able to put their harness on and take them for a walk while wearing the sweater. Be sure to check out the best harnesses for Pugs.


  • Made with 5% polyester and 95% cotton. Your pooch will love the warm soft feel of the clothing.
  • Gasket Zipper Guard: To help keep your dog’s fur from getting caught.
  • Big Design: It is specially designed for stocky built dogs such as; Pug, American Bully Pitbull, French Bulldog, and other stocky breeds.
  • Anti-Shrink Material: Guaranteed not to shrink, even after several washes.
  • Pocket: Perfect for putting your carrying your dog’s treats or small water bottle.


  • Some people have complained that the zipper tends to fall down on the hoodie sweater.

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#2 ExPawlorer Bad to The Bone Sweatshirt For Dogs

This Expawlorer Bone Printed Sweatshirt for Dogs is perfect for your pooch. It comes in a classic and comfortable design with a hood. Made of 65% cotton and 35% polyester and machine washable to help keep your Pug smelling great.

According to the reviews on Amazon, the sweater design on the sweater will hold up nicely and won’t fade during the wash cycle.

This dog apparel will help keep your dog warm during the Spring, winter, autumn or on those cool brisk mornings.


  • Sizes: Comes in an assortement of sizes from XS – XXL to fit even the large breed dogs.
  • Machine Wash: Should be washed in cold water and air-dried.
  • Material: Made from 35% polyester and 65% cotton.
  • Ribbed Sleeves: That won’t slip down and cause discomfort.
  • Seasons: Warm enough to be worn during the Winter, Spring, and those chilly Autumn mornings.
  • Colors: It comes in Black and Pink.


  • Neck Opening: Can be a little tight, so make sure that you measure your pooch properly.

#3 Gooby Fleece Stretch Jacket Vest Sweater for Dogs

The Gooby Pullover Fleece Vest Jacket Sweater is perfect for those cold days or brisk early morning walks. The stretchable fleece fabric makes provides a comfortable fit, which makes it perfect for active dogs.

Extremely easy to put on and take off, your dog won’t fight you. You’ll want to measure the measurements of your Pug to ensure you get the right size.


  • Stretchable Material: Your dog will love the soft comfortable fleece and it won’t hinder their movement.
  • Closure: Designed with a pullover closure to prevent from falling off.
  • Washable: Can be thrown in the washer machine.
  • Sizes: Comes in several different sizes, which makes it easy to find one regardless of the size of your Pug.
  • Length: Write down the measurements of your dog from the base of their neck to the base of their tail.
  • Neck: Measure from the base of the neck. *Get a sweater with the neck opening larger than your dog’s head.
  • Chest: This measurement should come from the widest part of your dog’s chest.


  • Sizing: Tends to run a little big.

#4 Fashion Focus Knitwear Warm Pup Winter Puppy Sweater for Dogs

The Fashion Focus Knitwear Dog Shirt Sweater is perfect to help keep your canine warm on those cold morning days. The cute wool sweater comes in several different sizes, (view the size chart below) and colors.

These sweaters are not available for large dogs, but perfect for small breeds. The fabric does not shrink when you wash it.

Will keep your doggies chest, and tummy warm. Soft and fleecy underneath but the top is rugged, durable wool that can withstand the most active dogs.

This is the doggie measurements for Pet Dog Classic Knitwear Sweaters for small dogs.

*Again, choose the larger size if your dog is between two sizes

#5 Nacoco Dog Snow Holiday Sweaters

The Nacoco Christmas Sweaters Pet Clothes is perfect if you enjoy dressing your Pug up for the holidays. This Christmas sweater for Pugs will help keep your baby warm and comfortable during the cold winter months.

Designed with acrylic fabric and the snowman shape is carefully sewn on the back. The elastic design makes it easy for your dog to move around and the sweater is easy to put on and take off.


  • Fabric is machine washable and you don’t have to worry about it shrinking. Your Pug will look fashionable for your next Christmas party and daily winter wear.
  • Sizes vary from some of the other Pug sweaters on this page, so I’ve created clothes sizing chart for you. Every dog is different, so make sure you take this Pug size chart with a grain of salt.
  • Fun Christmas Sweater: Perfect Christmas sweater for Pugs that they will enjoy wearing.


  • Washing Instructions: Must be washed by hands and air-dried to prevent shrinking.

Christmas Pug Sweater Chart

You still need to measure them properly before buying any type of Pug apparel.

#6 US ARMY Hooded Dog Fleece Sweatshirt

Every Pug owner wants their dog to be the coolest dog on the block. Well, this US ARMY Hooded Dog Fleece will have people talking! Best of all, your pup will love wearing it year round because of how soft it is.


  • Medium-weight material that can be worn year round indoors.
  • Soft stretchy fleece material for a perfect fit.
  • Available in several sizes.
  • Official US Army gear shows your support for our Army Troops!


  • Sizing may run a little small so make sure you measure twice.

How To Figure Out Pug Waist Size

A dog’s waistline is taken from the narrowest section of the dog’s stomach in front of the hind legs. Always take the waist measurements in front of the male dog sex organs.

You can use any type of measuring tape. Make sure you have a notepad nearby so you can write down the measurements.

It’ll be easier to measure your Pug’s measurements if you can have someone hold them while you take to use the measuring tape

The easiest way to get the proper measurements is to start out by measuring the neck, just above the withers.

Dog withers are where the back and the neck meet, just above the shoulder blades and work your way down their back and waist.

Best Place to Buy Sweaters for Pugs

There are several different places to buy dog clothes. If you’re unsure of what size your Pug wears, I recommend taking them to a local pet store such as PetSmart, PetCo or any other pet retail store in your area.

You can find out what size your Pug wears because these stores allow you to take your dog into the store. Try on different sizes to make sure that you order the right one online.

I personally recommend buying your dog clothes on Amazon or Chewy. You’ll find some of the best deals online and I’ve done my best to bring them to help your Pug look adorable.

What to Look For When Finding Pug Clothes On Amazon Or Chewy


One of the most important things when shopping for dog clothes is to ensure you get the right size. If the clothing is too tight, your dog will hate the experience and will never allow you to dress them up again.

Here is the measurement chart from Amazon, so you can ensure you buy the right size dog sweater. You can use this sizing chart on all the sweaters above without a sizing chart underneath.

I also recommend visiting the actual sizing chart on Amazon depending on which Pug sweater you buy.

Dog Sweater Measurement Chart

*If your Pug is between two sizes, get the larger size sweater!

If you work with wood, you might have heard the saying “measure twice cut once” applies.

You’re not cutting anything, but you want to make sure you’re using the right measurements whenever you’re buying any type of accessories for Pugs.


All the sweaters I’ve shared are fashionable and will look amazing on your Pug. The best part is that they are all machine washable, so you can keep them smelling nice.

If you spend the money on a durable sweater, you won’t have to buy another size, until they outgrow their current size.


All Pug clothes regardless of whether you’re buying a sweater, jacket, or winter clothes for Pugs should be made of washable material that won’t shrink.

This breed tends to smell bad and you’ll want to make sure that you wash them to remove any strong odors that may be lingering in the clothing.

Do Pugs need sweaters in the winter?

Providing sweaters, coats, or some type of clothing during the winter months will help your Pug stay warm in the cold weather. Even when your Pug wears winter clothing, it’s important to understand that you should never leave your Pug out in the cold.

How cold is too cold for a Pug?

If you live in an area where it never gets below 45℉, your Pug will not require a special sweater or coat to keep them warm. However, there’s nothing wrong with dressing them up for the holidays or just because. (as long as they enjoy it)

My Dog Won’t Move With Sweater On?

If your dog or puppy has never worn a sweater or any type of clothing before, they won’t understand what’s going on.

It’s best to try letting them wear a very light t-shirt first so they can get used to wearing clothing. Warm clothing tends to be bulky and may hinder them from moving at all.

Where to Buy Dog Sweaters?

When you have properly measured your dog, you can shop online at Amazon, Chewy or take your dog to your nearest pet store to shop for some cute warm clothes for small dogs. Some stores may even help you properly measure your dog to ensure you get the right size clothing.

References And Further Reading

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