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Drone with Camera for 360-degree Aerial Photography

9 Jul , 2018 Others VeeR VR

Drone with Camera for 360-degree Aerial Photography

Today, to produce VR videos or 360 photos with your own drone and 360 camera is no longer a myth. Thinking about making really inspirational and jaw-dropping aerial 360 photography with your favorite drone? This blog will share with you how you can mount your favorite consumer-level 360 cameras on drones at a minimum budget as well as some drones with camera products that are specifically designed for more professional VR content creators.

Mount a 360 camera on a DJI drone

Dji Drones

DJI Drone with camera

Dji is probably among the first brands that pop up into fans’ mind when talking about camera drones. Dji Mavic Pro, available at less than $800, it’s a very compact, foldable drone with plenty of smart features and decent flight time (27 mins). Mavic air, in comparison, is a lighter and smaller option for travelers. Platinum and Spark are both also popular products by Dji. These drones are popular not only because they are reliable, budget-friendly, multifunctional, and easy-to-fly, but also because that you can easily mount cameras/lights /smartphones on them and customize what you can do with the drones. To attach a 360 camera to a DJI drone, you’ll need proper accessories. Here we list out some accessories and relevant resources to help you mount your 360 cameras on a DJI drone.

Insta360 One’s Mavic Pro Bundle

Insta360 One is with no doubt one of the superstar products in 360 lovers’ eyes. And, unsurprisingly, as one with many fancy and useful features such as bullet time and invisible selfie stick, the company officially offers all types of accessories you can think of to use with Insta360 One for better and richer experiences, including a Mavic Pro Bundle. Selling at $19, the bundle includes a hang mount and a top mount. This video shows you how you can easily snap the accessories onto a Mavic Pro and how you should launch and land the drone with the camera(s) attached.

Insta360 one mavic drone bundle

3D printed mounts by third-party designers

While there are few other 360 camera providers sell mounting accessories directly, the good news is that you can find 3D printed accessories by third party suppliers on Shapeways. One popular designer is Jean-Marie Cannie, who offers bottom and top mounts for Mavic Pro & Platinum and belt mounts for Mavic Air and Spark. According to the sale page, so far the accessories were tested to fly perfectly with :

8 best 360 cameras for drones:

– Insta360 ONE – Rylo 360 – GoPro Fusion 360 – Samsung Gear 360 (2017) – Samsung Gear 360 (2016) – Ricoh Theta S & V – Xiaomi MiJia 360 – LG 360S

In this video, a 3D printed bracket was used to connect the mount that comes with the GoPro Fusion and a Dji Mavic Pro.

This video shows you what you need to mount a Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere on a Dji Mavic and how the combination performs.

Drone with Camera for 360 photography

Mounting one or two 360 cameras on a regular drone is definitely not the only way to shoot aerial 360 photos or videos. There are higher end drone products with multi-unit 360 cameras that come with them for professional purposes. Check out the drones with camera for sale and prices below.

Janus 360 by Drone Volt, $14300

Janus 360 by Drone Volt price $14300

With 10 4K cameras and double stabilization heads, Janus 360 is a professional-level drone product designed for industry customers to produce virtual reality content for various purposes.

Aerial Pro 360, $1499

Aerial Pro 360 price $1499

The company that designed Aerial Pro claimed Aerial Pro to be the world’s very first VR camera drone specifically created for professional aerial videography in 4K. It has 2 cameras and a flight time of 23mins.

Flying Eye, $75000

Flying eye 360 drone camera

The Flying eye is a high-end professional rig and the very first broadcast-quality 6K VR camera drone in the world.

What’s your favorite among those mentioned above? Did we miss any? Comment below and let us know!

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