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Can I edit GoPro videos on my iPhone?

It is definitely justifiable to go to bed with the idea that the worth of video files in our life is unmeasurable. The invaluable spark of excitement it triggers is actually amazing. Videos may come in different formats and may have or lack some of your desired aspects. However, all is not lost for your GoPro videos on iPhone. The advent of top pinnacle video editing software makes the whole task easy and fascinating. There are scores of powerful video editor tools with outstanding functionality.

Read this article, and get yourself the appropriate tool for your iPhone and enjoy seamless GoPro video editing.

Note: At the end of the article we also chose a desktop GoPro video editing software for you. If you want to make a more professional GoPro video, it will be more suitable for you.

  • Part 1: Top 10 Apps to Edit GoPro Videos on iPhone/iPad/Android Phones
  • Part 2: Best GoPro Video Editing Program for Mac/Windows PC – Filmora Video Editor

Part 1: Top 10 Apps to Edit GoPro Videos on iPhone/iPad/Android Phones

#1. FilmoraGo

best gopro editing app

#2. Quik

how to edit gopro videos on iphone

#3. Splice

gopro editing iphone

#4. Pinnacle Studio

gopro video editing app android

#5. Magisto

gopro video editor iphone

#6. Video Crop

gopro editing app

#7. Cameo

gopro video editing app

#8. Videoshop

best app to edit gopro videos

#9. PowerDirector

best app for editing gopro videos

#10. Adobe Premiere Rush

gopro edit app

Part 2: Best GoPro Video Editing Program for Mac/Windows PC – Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor for Windows (or Filmora Video Editor for Mac) is a complete steadfast tool capable of piecing together all your video editing problems. The program is enriched with invaluable host of capabilities ranging from simple basic to crucial advanced features. The up to par speed and the intuitive interface is simply the highlights of a horde of the aforementioned capabilities. This potent tool is surely unmatchable and millions of users have not gotten it wrong. Just download, install it in your PC and start enjoying the amazing GoPro video editing experience.

How to Edit GoPro Videos using Filmora Video Editor

Step 1. Import GoPro Videos

Before importing GoPro videos, make sure you transfer them to a suitable location in your PC. Now, launch Filmora video editor and navigate to the “Import” button on the toolbar. Choose the “Import Media Files” option and subsequently select the respective GoPro videos to be edited from the file explorer window displayed. Click “Open” to upload them to the “Media Library”.

Step 2. Edit your GoPro Videos

Drag the clips one by one to the Timeline and make sure not to place one on top of another one as this would simply spit the video clips.

Start editing your videos and preview them by simply playing the preview window. The various edits include trim, split, add filters, and add transitions, overlay and texts among others. Just select the respective icon and perform the editing task flawlessly.

Step 3. Export Edited Videos

When done, press the “Export” tab then “Create Video”. From the output window, choose the target format, save path, and resolution if necessary and hit “Export”.

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