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What is a Standard Bernedoodle?

The Standard Bernedoodle is a mix between a Poodle and a Bernese Mountain Dog.

F1 Standard Bernedoodle – These Bernedoodles are a 50% poodle and a 50% Bernese Mountain Dog. The F1 Standard Bernedoodle can be bred with a Bernese Mountain Dog sire and a Standard Poodle Dam or, Vice Versa, a Standard Poodle Sire and a Bernese Mountain Dog dam. The F1.. in our opinion, is the best cross in the bernedoodle due to having the least chance of inheriting a congenital health defect because of its extended gene pool.

F1B Standard Bernedoodle – These Bernedoodles are 25% Bernese Mountain Dog and 75% Poodle. These pups are from the reproducing of an F1 Bernedoodle and a Poodle. Despite the fact that they are less inclined to shed, these F1B Standard Bernedoodle puppies lose a portion of the uncommon Bernese attributes most individuals are searching for and are certainly more likely to inherit a congenital health defect due to breeding a poodle gene back to another poodle gene.

F2 Standard Bernedoodle – This is a mix between two Standard F1 Bernedoodles and is certainly not recommended by HC Bernedoodles, due to possibly having very bad conformation and being much more likely to have congenital health defects.

Standard Bernedoodle Coat

Bernedoodles come in lots of different colors, a solid color Bernedoodle may be black, sable, blue,silver, or possibly many more colors. Solid colors gerally have a white foot or 2 and sometimes a white snip on there nose that will disappear by the time they mature . A bi color Bernedoodle is classified as any bernedoodle that has any separate two colors . Colors you may see in bi-color Bernedoodles may be black and white, sable and white, silver and white , Black and Tan and many more colors . A Tri color Bernedoodle is a bernedoodle that has 3 different colors which may consist of black,white and tan and considered the traditional Tri color Bernedoodle, sable, white, and tan and considered a sable Tri bernedoodle. Any of these colors that carry for the fading gene which is carried by many poodles may fade into much lighter colors as they mature . The sable colors , sometimes fade to the extent that your sable bernedoodle may actually be mistaken for there cousin, the goldendoodle.

Shedding/Hypo-Allergenic Coat

Bernedoodles come in a few different coat types, first and most common you will see the longer more wavy coat which will generally be a minimal shedding coat. You will also see a curly coat which will generally be minimal to nonshedding coat. When comparing the two coats the curly coat will almost certainly shed less than the wavy coat and may be more suitable for allergy sufferers.

Standard Bernedoodle Temperament

With the bernedoodle being a combination of two different breeds, it is common to see traits from both sides of the breeds. You will certainly see the intelligence and ease of training from the poodle side and the affectionate, loving Bernese Mountain Dog trait. Bernedoodles, like Bernese Mountain Dogs, can be a little wary around strangers, so early socialization is important. Something to keep in mind about this breed is that they need a lot of human attention and do not fair well with being alone for very long periods at a time.

Standard Bernedoodle Training

It is certainly recommended to start with training while your bernedoodle puppy is still young. A bernedoodle can be a bit headstrong like the Bernese Mountain dog. Consistency, patience, and a gentle hand are the key to a well trained bernedoodle puppy.


Bernedoodles, being a hybrid mix breed are very healthy. A hybrid mix breed is less likely to develop congenital health defects than a purebred due to the gene pool being much larger. That is not to say that is is not possible for a bernedoodle to develop a health problem, all breeds have the possibility to have health defects. A few of the health defects that a bernedoodle may develop, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, eye problems, skins problems, Von Willebrand’s Disease and Degenerative Myelopathy.


It is typical for a bernedoodle to be a moderately active breed and daily exercise should be sufficient to satisfy their needs.

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