FAKER IS THE BEST LEBLANC EVER? – SKT T1 Faker Plays Leblanc Mid vs Nunu! | KR SoloQ Patch 10.14


SKT T1 Faker Plays Leblanc vs Nunu Mid in Challenger Elo Korea Season 2020 Patch 10.14 , T1 Faker Leblanc Mid Gameplay.

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  1. Anthony Rojas says

    a primera vista se ve claramente que el nunu es malo se deja hacer olin de lo lindo y pierde farm

  2. Höher wertiger says

    i dont know but it seems leblanc counters ezrael big time.

  3. ϻӾRЄŁ LoL says


  4. DY says


  5. Ilir Ferati says


  6. duan nick says

    Can someone explain why graves doesn’t use herold @ 10:04?

  7. Matt Uni Versiloise Ofalla says

    his leblanc is still a force to reckon with


    Faker showing his meta Nunu Mid and Everytime he face it he destroy it.

  9. Beladj Salim says

    21:50 omfg

  10. Nhat Cao Ba says

    21:50 god <3

  11. Genius Danny says

    yes he is

  12. クツ- Kutsu- says

    dont ever play nunu mid against faker

  13. The Dominio says


  14. Leonidas Walsh says

    No doubt. Watching him playing Leblanc is like watching an artist performing his art.

  15. Mauricio Fernández says

    Esto es arte.

  16. Soumendra som says

    Thanks for the upload sir

  17. Frandahab says

    Short answer: yes,Long answer: yes indeed

  18. glenick garciano says

    faker lang ang malakas

  19. PEAKY VG says

    Faker does not play LeBlanc.He is LeBlanc !

  20. Ghexus says

    Okay, I'll sleep later.

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