Quinn Short Sleeve Woven Top

Quinn Silk Shorts

Hit The Streets Cargo Detail Tee

Pierce Drawstring Gargo Short

Heavy Is The Crown Short Sleeve Tee

Stay Postive Skinny Jean

Mary J Blige Short Sleeve Tee

Classic Wu Tang Clan Short Sleeve Tee

Osaka Denium Cargo Shorts

Hypnos Boardshorts


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  1. killer bees says

    You gotta change your intro seeing that you went bald but hope you grow it back and start new I give you luck


    How much do u have to order to get it in a box like that ?

  3. Baraka Woods says

    LMAO.. how old is this igga, 40

  4. Keto Rainbows says

    Let me have those UNC to Chicago's!!! They're for women anyway lol!

  5. yungsizurpxxx says

    You cool as hell bro, keep it up

  6. Free_Mook says


  7. AOT • Romond says


  8. Dave says

    Jeezy went corny after going bald

  9. EmulaPlayZ says


  10. Fiftyz says

    Imagine u fell in ur pool doe

  11. Buchanan says

    THATS A GTA OUT FIT!! The first one!!

  12. Niw Mi says

    That's crazy, a guy at my job had on that mary j shirt, tonight…in my mind thinking, he's too young to be knowing about some mary j…and wah-lahz, this is where he got it from!

  13. red harlow says

    look like he live in walter whites house

  14. _Super_Retro_ says

    Not a diss by any means just an honest question, I noticed you rock some Metallica Tees and other band Tees, ..Do you listen to Metallica or any of the band Tees you rock?

  15. supremo barbero says


  16. ldenisedavis says

    Those swim shorts are really nice. Best looking print I've seen for a man's shorts ever!

  17. Random says

    It’s nice to see ur hair grow back fast

  18. Lil Star and Lil Burst says

    Yo damm bro are you going to continue Waves or not

  19. Adzz says

    That first fit was cold but not a lot of people would wear it outside idk y

  20. 2! 2? says

    Ngl I watched this video for a hair check

  21. Fake pastor bacon chicken Eating man says

    I wear a size 13 and a half to you tryna send me some shoes bro

  22. Alex Villalpando says

    Platform After Platform But Everything You Do Jeezy Its Fresh And Definitely More Hauls If You Can Stay Blesssed LAVibes 3W's of life

  23. Miguel Marrero says

    And this is the day i had to let jeezy go!!!!!! Great barber but not into this type of content

  24. Jamal Daniel says

    His shoe game actually pretty good

  25. SteveySteve says

    Biting T.Pindell whole review style

  26. Rxvxnge says

    So Jezzy went from a 360Waver to a Fashion Nova model basically

  27. dAvId 13 says

    Jeezy looking like Mase back in day. Keep doing you!

  28. Legitimate_ XD says

    Nice hair..

  29. Rudy Ramirez says

    We dont care about the shoes bro do your job right

  30. Boldsojah4Christ says

    Jesus Christ loves you jeezy! Keep that light shining whenever you decide to wave up again! The game needs you!

  31. Arkeisha Smith says

    Great job! it's hard for to get used to you with no wave….lol

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