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What Are Flexible Cutting Boards? July 14, 2017

Regardless of the type of benchtop that you have in your establishment, you need to protect it from knife blades with some style of cutting board. Today, these boards come in a variety of materials, sizes, shapes and colours. You even can purchase flexible cutting boards. These flexible ones are unique in comparison to other types of cutting boards since they can bend for ease of transferring chopped ingredients or to roll up for storage purposes.

What Materials Are in Flexible Cutting Boards?

Most of cutting boards with a flexible nature are made with polyethylene today. This material comes in various grades to suit your needs in the ideal manner. While it is the same material that is in rigid versions of these boards, it is thin enough to bend for this version.

Benefits of Flexible Cutting Boards

  1. One benefit of these boards is the fact that they are lightweight and easy to move from place to place in a busy kitchen. Workers can handle them with one hand as long as there are no ingredients on them at the time.
  2. Flexible cutting boards are sturdy and stand up to constant daily usage. They will endure cutting from a wide range of standard knives.
  3. A flexible board for cutting bends for ease of pouring or for storage. You can gently bend the board in the middle once you cut your veggies to pour them into a bowl or cooking pan for just one example. Certain flexible boards roll up easily for space-saving storage.
  4. These boards also come in a wide variety of colours including translucent, white, green, red and blue. At times, establishments colour code which boards to use with types of food. Red for meat, green for vegetables and white for seafood are just three ideas for this.
  5. The flexible cutting boards are available in different sizes in order for you to select the ones that best suit your benchtop size and workspace.
  6. The antibacterial nature of these boards and the fact that they are easy to clean ensure that you always have a sanitary board for your cutting purposes. Just wash with hot water and detergent or slip into the dishwasher to remove food debris.

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