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formatting write protected sd card | Topdeblogs

In this article you will find out:

  • why you cannot format the write-protected SD card
  • methods on how to remove protection from a memory card
  • how DiskInternals software can help you

Are you ready? Let’s read!

If an SD card is write-protected, what does that mean?

SD card is write protected

This may happen every time: you insert an SD card to the adapter in your computer/laptop, and you can see and read all the files located on it, but this is all that you can do with this SD card.

It is impossible to add anything, and you cannot format a write-protected card. And then you are wondering: how do I remove write protection on a micro SD card? This is why this article was created; once you have studied it, you will not have more questions.

Case 2. SD card write-protected due to software

This situation may occur due to read-only attributes.

To fix it, delete them using the command line.

Press Win + X at the same time; you will see a cmd window where you need to type “diskpart” on the keyboard and confirm pressing Enter.

Then enter the command “list disk” and press Enter.

Disks connected to the system will appear in a new window. Select your SD card (you can find it by the appropriate disk size; for example, drive 0).

Next, in command Prompt, type: “select disk 0”, then press Enter.

Next, enter the attributes. “disk clear read-only command” and press Enter.

These actions will remove the attributes and remove write protection from your micro SD card.

If you removed write-protection and the SD card is empty, or there is no important information on it, then use case 3.

If you did everything correctly and the drive is write-protected anyway, then the reason is something else, so look for the reason and how to disable write-protection on the SD card in case 3.

Case 3. SD card write-protected but has no data on it

Due to read-only attributes, there are no important files on the SD card.

To fix it, delete the attributes and then format the write-protected SD card. Attributes can be removed in the same way on the command line as described above and then, without leaving the command line, you can format the memory card.

Here’s how to do it: type the following commands and press Enter after each!

Again, these commands will erase all files on the memory card.

You need to Enter the Diskpart. All the commands you need to enter are emphasized with a red line.

After that, exit the command prompt and restart the computer. Your flash drive is like new!

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