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A Beginners Guide to FPV Drones – Rotor Riot Store


A Brief Introduction To FPV Drones

Learn About FPV Drones and How to Get Into FPV

Getting Started

So you’ve seen some mind blowing FPV drone videos on YouTube, or maybe watched the Drone Racing League on TV, or maybe you met an FPV pilot in a park and they let you try on FPV goggles… And now you want to learn all you can, and all you need to do this yourself! You want to learn about the gear, the skills, the tools… everything!

If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place. At Rotor Riot, we love FPV drones – and we love to share our knowledge with everyone! Getting started with FPV Drones can seem confusing or intimidating, so we’ve created this article to teach you the basics.

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