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13 French Bulldog Mixes: Fantastic Frenchies! | Topdeblogs

French Bulldogs, often called “Frenchies”, look like mini versions of traditional bulldogs, except they have distinct batlike ears.

Frenchies have been bred with other pups over the years, and the result is some even cuter pooches! Check out the frenchie mixes below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

1. French Bulldog + Pug (Frug)

Pet Guide

The French Bulldog and Pug mix always seems to have a goofy expression on its face. Just one of the many perks of these silly pups!

2. French Bulldog + Pitbull

French Bulldog + Pitbull

The French Bulldog and Pitbull mix makes for a powerful pup! This pooch is all muscle, though one if his strongest muscles is its heart! These pooches are big suckers for pets and kisses.

3. French Bulldog + Boston Terrier (Frenchton)

Ultimate Home Life

Frenchtons are sassy, sweet, and snuggly. Just about everything you could ask for in a dog.

4. French Bulldog + Chihuahua (French Bullhuahua)

French Bullhuahua

The French Bulldog and Chihuahua mix is a sweet pup with a mind of its own. These little pups sport comically large ears that compliment their tiny bodies quite comically.

5. French Bulldog + Beagle (Frengle)


Frengles are ridiculously cute pups, and they are generally quite playful and outgoing. Every pup loves some nice ear scratches though, so don’t be shy-these dogs are big attention hogs.

6. French Bulldog + Poodle (Froodle/French Boodle)

French Boodle

Looking for the perfect mix of charming and playful? The French Boodle might be the dog for you. Even the name screams “lets have fun!”

7. French Bulldog + Australian Shepherd (French Bull-Aussie)

French Bull-Aussie

How can you look at this picture and not be drawn in by those adoring puppy eyes and the perfectly floppy ears? I bet this sweet pooch is super soft, too.

8. French Bulldog + Pomeranian (French Pomerdog)

French Pomerdog

These beauties are soft, squishy, and fuzzy, all at once! Their puppy eyes are so hard to say no to.

9. French Bulldog + Boston Terrier (French Bobulldog)

French Bobulldog

These pups have the energy of the Boston Terrier and the body of a Frenchie. They can come in lots of colors and patterns. This one’s blue eyes are quite striking!

10. French Bulldog + Chow Chow (French Chow Dog)

French Chow Dog

The French Chow dog has puffy fur, a bit like a shiba inu, and with similar coloring. These pups love exercise and snuggles!

11. French Bulldog + German Shepherd (French Shepherd Dog)

French Bulldog + German Shepherd
Dog breed info

The French Bulldog and German Shepherd mix has the fiery attitude of the Shepherd, but its body is a mix between the two breeds. These dogs are fiercely loyal and also incredibly playful.

12. French Bulldog + Labrador

French Bulldog + Lab
The Labrador Site

What a perfect mix of playful and sweet! These pups are like an upgrade of either breed; being part bulldog and part lab is definitely an advantage in terms of energy!

13. French Bulldog + Corgi

French Bulldog + Corgi

French Bulldog and Corgi mixes have the sassy attitude of a corgi and are also very loyal. They have short hair, and are less wiry than corgis.

Did we miss any of your favorite French Bulldog mixed breeds? Please let us know in the comments!

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