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How to Level Up Statues of the Seven | Genshin Impact|Game8

Genshin Impact - How to Level Up Statues of the Seven

This is a guide about leveling the Statues of the Seven in Genshin Impact. Statues of the Seven offers several benefits and raising its level will prove beneficial for you in the long run. To know how to level up the Statues of the Seven, read on.

How to Raise a Statue’s Level

Level Anemoculus Geoculus Electroculus 1 1 2 10 2 2 4 12 3 4 8 15 4 6 12 18 5 7 14 20 6 8 16 22 7 10 20 25 8 12 24 28 9 15 30 30 10 Max Level Reached Total 65 130 180

Offer Anemoculus to Mondstadt Statues

Genshin Impact - Banner - Anemoculus Locations and Maps

Upon obtaining your first Anemoculus, you’ll be able to worship a Statue of the Seven. Doing so will allow you to offer an Anemoculus and if you have offered an adequate amount, the statue’s level will be increased.

Anemoculus Locations and Map

Offer Geoculus to Liyue Statues

Genshin Impact - Banner - Geoculus Locations and Maps

When you reach Liyue, you will notice that instead of Anemoculus you’re finding Geoculus instead. This is the collectible needed to level up the Statues of the Seven in Liyue.

They have a different level from the Mondstadt counterpart and will need leveling up separately.

Geoculus Locations and Map

Offer Electroculus to Inazuma Statues

Genshin Impact - Electroculus Locations and Maps

Like in Liyue, Inazuma has its own Oculi, which is the Electroculus. Your stamina does not increase from giving Electroculus to the statues in Inazuma, but it grants other nice rewards like Primogems, Electro Sigils (needed for Sacred Sakura!), and constellation materials for Electro Traveler.

Once again the amount you need to level the statues has gone up, so you will need quite a lot of them! In Version 2.1, only 151 Electroculus are available.

Electroculus Locations and Map

Why Raise a Statue’s Level?

Recieve Rewards

statue of the sevenUpon increasing a Statue’s Level, you can obtain rewards such as Primogems, adventurers EXP, and more. Raise the statue’s level for more rewards!

How to Farm Primogems

Increase Character’s Stamina

Stamina is required to perform several actions in the game. Increasing your max stamina will allow you to perform these actions longer. This is the true reward for increasing the statue’s level.

How to Increase Stamina and Effects

Which Statue Should I Level?

Statues from the same Region’s Levels are Shared

No need to fret and choose a specific statue to level up. All Statues of the Seven of the same element shares the same level so farm those Anemoculus and get those sweet rewards.

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