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Owning a German Shepherd can be a dream come true if you love the breed, but affording one can be expensive. Having a clear picture of the price range of a German Shepherd will speed up your journey to owning this fantastic dog. So, I contacted 21 breeders to find out how much they cost.

On average, the price of a German Shepherd puppy is $2135. This figure is taken from a random selection of breeders. The price range of GSD puppies is $800 – $5,000, but I took the lowest price of the range to get the average. The highest-priced pups are due to their pedigree or if show quality.

In this article you’ll learn:

  • How to find a reputable German Shepherd breeder
  • Why German Shepherds can be expensive and how they are priced
  • 21 examples of current German Shepherd prices, including some UK price examples

I aim to help you better understand German Shepherd puppy prices to help you choose what you can afford.

Two Cute German Shepherd Puppies. German Shepherd price / price range.

Welcome to my all-new guide on current German Shepherd prices. Let’s begin!

How To Find a German Shepherd Breeder

When searching for a breeder, you want to make sure they are reputable, honest, and ethical. We certainly want to avoid unethical breeders such as those that run puppy mills. But where do you start, you may ask.

Find a German Shepherd breeder by searching national or local kennel clubs’ websites and GSD clubs for registered and reliable breeders. Consult trainers, groomers, or vets for breeder references. Ask persons who already own a German Shepherd to recommend and refer you to their breeder.

So, a good place to start is the AKC Marketplace or the UK Kennel Club’s Find a Puppy. Next, try national and local German Shepherd clubs for reliable references or search their websites for registered breeders. See as an example the German Shepherd Dog Club of America’s Classified Ads.

You can also find breeder search websites such as these:


Please note that some ways of finding a reputable and ethical breeder are more reliable than others. For example, if you search on, you can find a puppy that may cost only $600 to buy, but you may only have the phone contact of the seller and no further information. Instead, others like give a link to the breeder’s website so you can investigate further.

I suggest that one of the ways of ensuring the breeder is reliable is having a decent website. So, when searching for breeders, following up the information on their website gives authority to the breeder. Here’s what to look for and why:

  • Information about the history of the breeder. This tells you how much experience they have as a breeder.
  • Address, social media pages, and phone contacts. Ways on how you can contact the breeder, which is one way of finding out if they are authentic.
  • A collection of photos about their dogs and available puppies or those already sold. These give you a first idea of the quality of their dogs, the prices of their German Shepherd pups, and the waiting time.
  • Breeder achievements. For example, German Shepherds who have won sporting or other awards indicate the quality of their breeding.
  • A copy of their purchase contract, a questionnaire for gauging your suitability, and an application form. All these are key in creating a first idea of what you should expect from the breeder you will buy from.
  • An indication of the price of their puppies. This gives you a more updated idea of how much the pet will cost compared to breeder search sites. For example, some German Shepherd breeders listed on have a different price from the one indicated on the breeder’s website.

My complete buyer’s guide, How to Buy a German Shepherd, will give you tons more information on this subject.

Why Are German Shepherds So Expensive?

It’s well known that the price of all breeds has gone up exponentially since the start of the pandemic in line with demand. Nonetheless, many factors impact how breeders price their dogs. But what makes purebred German Shepherds so expensive?

German Shepherds are expensive as they are such a popular breed and breeding costs are not cheap. Health screening, vet visits, vaccinations, and equipment all need to be paid for. Other factors that influence price are lineage, color, type, litter size, breeder qualifications, and registration.

The list of breeding expenses could be endless and can easily push the total cost of a litter up by at least $3,000. And this is without counting additional costs if you are using a top German Shepherd sire and need to make trips abroad.

I’ve mentioned that German Shepherd puppies are often priced on their color, coat length, working line vs. show line, and whether they have partial or full AKC registration. But don’t forget that after the buying cost will come the owning cost. You can read my article, Costs of Owning a German Shepherd, to get a clear picture of what awaits you after buying!

Two German Shepherd puppies playing. Why Are German Shepherds So Expensive?

German Shepherd Price

In the below table, I have researched the current prices of German Shepherd puppies from 17 breeders. You can find some examples of UK prices later in the article. I am not endorsing any of these breeders, and you should still do your due diligence before purchasing. I’ve compiled this data to give you a clearer idea of the range of German Shepherd puppy prices. Prices are accurate as of summer 2021.

One thing to note is that the cost of German Shepherd puppies is constantly changing along with demand, so you’ll need to check the latest prices displayed on the breeders’ website or contact them directly. Most will offer details of future planned litters and how to apply for and reserve a pup.

Current German Shepherd Puppy Prices...

BreederSelling PointsPrice or Price Range
Four German Shepherd Puppies Laying Down. German Shepherd Price UK

German Shepherd Price UK

On average, the price of a German Shepherd puppy in the UK is £2200. This figure is taken from a random selection of breeders. The price range of German Shepherds in the UK is £1800 – £3,000. Prices vary according to lineage, color, type, litter size, and breeder qualifications.

Current German Shepherd Puppy Prices in the UK…

BreederSelling PointsPrice

Adopting a German Shepherd

While this article is exclusive on German Shepherd prices and buying direct from breeders, adopting may be another option for you as the price to adopt is a lot cheaper than purchasing from a breeder. Rescues and shelters are your best bet when it comes to adopting.

However, some breeders also double as rescuers and have dogs for adoption if they’ve had pups returned, so check their websites first. This is a sad situation as these dogs will need rehoming, so make sure you know exactly what’s involved when taking on a German Shepherd as a pet.

My step-by-step guide, How to Adopt a German Shepherd, gives you a complete picture of the adoption process if you opt for this route.

Key Takeaways

We have learned that the average price of a German Shepherd is roughly $2,000. The cost varies depending on the pedigree, breeding cost, litter size, type, registration status, breeder’s experience, and qualifications.

There’s no doubt you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to German Shepherd breeders. However, when searching for a professional and ethical breeder, choose one with a quality website where you can read their history, see pictures of their dogs and puppies, find their selling or reserving cost, and access full contact details.

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