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How Much Does a Goldendoodle Puppy Cost? A Price Breakdown

Adorable Litter of Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale

Goldendoodles are perhaps one of the ideal pets to own because they are extremely friendly, and they can be trained as guide dogs.

They are a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle, and they also go by the names Groodles or Goldenpoo. Since they are always in high demand, you can easily find a breeder that offers a variety of these pups.

However, before looking for one, you should have an idea of how much they initially cost and how much more you are going to spend on their care and maintenance in the long run.

The Goldendoodle’s Poodle origin comes in a number of sizes. That’s why this mixed breed has three common varieties: the standard, medium, and miniature.

The average price of each size differs depending on the breeder and the quality of the Goldendoodle you are looking for, but in general, their price can range from $2,000 to $5,000. If you prefer to adopt from shelters, it will cost you around $200 to $400, which is relatively cheaper than buying one.

Those who are really passionate about owning this dog will find this article very useful. I took the liberty of compiling essential information on this hybrid’s pricing as well as where to buy or adopt them.

I also answered some of the most common questions asked by pet owners to serve as a guide to other Goldendoodle enthusiasts out there.

Factors That Can Affect the Price of a Goldendoodle Puppy

After reading about the average cost of a Goldendoodle that I have mentioned at the beginning of this article, you may be wondering why it costs that much.

It is important to note that breeding this pup is more complicated than purebred dogs because it takes years to be perfected. Not to mention that there are other factors to be considered like demand and breeder reputation.

Below is a more comprehensive review of each factor that affects Goldendoodle pricing:

  • Demand: The demand for Goldendoodles has dramatically increased over the past few years. Since responsible breeders do not want to jeopardize their dogs’ health through over-breeding, they increase their puppies’ price. This is one of the main reasons why a supposed to be affordable hybrid costs more than others.
  • Location: If the breeders are located in big cities, the tendency is that they charge a little higher. This is because they can market to a larger population that earns a relatively higher wage. Meanwhile, breeders from rural areas offer more affordable pups because of lesser demand.
  • Coat Color: Since Goldendoodles came from two purebreds with a wide range of recognized colors, this hybrid also has a variety of coat coloring that impacts its price. For instance, brown and apricot Goldendoodles are less expensive than the Phantom or Tuxedo types, which are far rarer. Moreover, if you choose to ask your breeder for a specific multi-colored pup, you should expect to pay more.
  • Type of Coat (Generation): The type of coat is another factor that determines the Goldendoodle’s price. This mixed-breed can have a straight, wavy, or curly coat depending on their generation. Wavy and curly Goldendoodles are usually the first-generation offspring. They are more expensive than those who have straight coats because they are non-shedding and believed to be hypoallergenic.

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  • Size: The size of the pup you desire to own will also dictate its price. There are three common sizes of Goldendoodles available: the standard, the medium, and the mini. Among all of these, the most expensive is the mini-size, which also comes in the toy, micro, and teacup categories. Breeders put a lot more effort into breeding these tiny ones because they can acquire some health issues if not bred properly.
  • Breeder Reputation: Buying from reputable breeders will cost you several dollars more, but you are assured that your pet is of good quality. These breeders take excellent care of their dogs by regularly bringing them to the veterinarian and providing their maintenance and grooming needs. You can get this furry companion at a lower price from puppy mills, but you may have to deal with a sick and temperamental pet.
  • Genetic Testing: To ensure that their breeding stock will produce good quality puppies, Breeders have to pay for their routine genetic testing. This will help them decide which dogs to breed so that the pups won’t inherit any physical defects and other health issues. The result of this screening can also be used in achieving a specific trait for the litter—for instance, a low to non-shedding batch with a specific-colored coat.
  • Health Guarantees: Legitimate breeders often offer health guarantees for their Goldendoodles. They replace or give refunds if the pet owner has noticed any health issue manifested by the dog. Of course, this depends on what was included in the guarantee that both sides agreed upon. Nevertheless, the cost of a Goldendoodle is higher because of this.
  • Puppy Care and Maintenance: Raising a Goldendoodle is not the sole responsibility of its mother. Breeders put a lot of effort into looking after their overall state by providing their food, vaccinations, deworming medications, and other necessities. All of this stuff is expensive, and the breeder would have to invest a significant amount to ensure that the litter is taken care of. Thus, resulting in an expensive hybrid.

The Average Cost of a Goldendoodle Puppy

How Much Does a Goldendoodle Cost

The average cost of this cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle varies depending on whether you decide to buy from a breeder or choose to adopt it from a shelter.

The standard and medium-sized Goldendoodle usually costs $1,950 to $3,000. Meanwhile, miniature pups cost a lot more with a $2,300 to $3,000 price range.

Note that there are other categories of miniature Goldendoodles called toy, micro, and teacup. These varieties can be a bit pricey because it would take several generations to breed them successfully. On average, they may cost around $3,000 to $5,000.

Understanding the Three Different Types of Goldendoodle Breeders

If you have already ruled out adopting from a shelter or rescue, your next step would be to search for a reputable breeder. I know I have mentioned “reputable” a lot of times in this article, but I did it for a good reason.

I would like you to weigh your options very carefully to avoid being taken advantage of while looking for a Goldendoodle.

Professional or Reputable Goldendoodle Breeders

Professional breeders are the ones you should be seeking if you want to buy a good quality Goldendoodle.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • They have more experience among others because it is their business to breed dogs.
  • They have extensive knowledge of genetics, bloodline, and even the health problems that Goldendoodles might experience.
  • They are dedicated to ensuring that they raise quality dogs, so they take good care of them and have them routinely checked by the vet.
  • Their stud dogs were tested for genetic defects.
  • They offer health guarantees and lifetime support for their puppies.

The average price of a Goldendoodle from a professional or reputable breeder is $2,000 to $5,000.

Backyard Breeders

Backyard breeders are often compared to reputable breeders because they have a lot in common. However, let me clarify those backyard breeders are still amateurs, and most of them are motivated by profit.

Here are some signs that you are dealing with a backyard breeder:

  • You are not allowed to see the parents of the Goldendoodle.
  • The breeder is firm in saying that you cannot visit the pup unless you pay for the initial deposit.
  • There is no contract and health guarantee.
  • The breeder is not a member of any breed-specific clubs.
  • You are not encouraged to keep in touch when problems arise.
  • The breeder just hands over the puppy without questioning your capability to take care of one.

Although there are still some responsible backyard breeders out there, it’s always best to do a background check to ensure that they are knowledgeable about dog genetics and correct breeding practices.

The average price of a Goldendoodle from a backyard breeder is $1,000 to $2,000.

Puppy Mills

You will find the cheapest dogs in puppy mills, but their quality is not guaranteed. Puppy mills breed dogs on an intensive schedule, so the facility is often overcrowded, and pups receive very minimal care.

Here are some other reasons why I do not suggest getting a Goldendoodle from a puppy mill:

  • The facilities are filthy, and dogs live in tiny cages.
  • The dogs don’t get checked by veterinarians regularly.
  • The breeders do not bathe or groom the dogs most of the time.
  • The dogs do not have a chance to walk, play, and be petted by humans, so their temperament is not stable.
  • The breeding stock was not checked for genetic anomalies that their pup can inherit.
  • The pups were not gradually separated from their mother and littermates, which resulted in some behavioral problems.
  • The pups experience stressful transport whenever they are brought to pet stores and other puppy dealers.
  • Most pups suffer from starvation because of the lack of food.

The average price of a Goldendoodle from a puppy mill is $600 to $1,000.

Initial Costs of Goldendoodle Ownership

Owning a Goldendoodle or a pet, in general, can be considered an investment because you have to be willing to spend your hard-earned cash for its initial costs.

When you decide to buy a Goldendoodle from a professional breeder, the price may vary from $2,000 to $5,000 depending on its size and bloodline.

This price is reasonable if the pup is covered by a health guarantee and was already dewormed and vaccinated.

Besides this, you would also have to buy some necessary items before bringing home your Goldendoodle. You may spend around $285 to $1,000 for these supplies depending on the brand and the quantity.

Below is a sample breakdown of the initial items that you need to purchase for your dog. Note that these are the bare minimum price based on Amazon.

Type of ExpenseAverage PriceTotal$285

First-Year Expenses of Owning a Goldendoodle Puppy

Most pet owners claim that the first year of owning a Goldendoodle is the most expensive. This is particularly true because the initial cost, coupled with the monthly expenses, is not really cheap.

In fact, you should be prepared to spend 3,700 to $9,760 depending on the quality of your pet.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the cost factors involved when deciding to take home a Goldendoodle:

Initial Costs

As I have mentioned in the former section, it will cost you anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 for the pup alone. The initial supplies, like chew toys and treats, are still not included in this amount, so you would have to spend $300 to $1,000 more.


The food cost of a Goldendoodle will vary depending on its size and energy level. Feeding your pup with one cup of dry food twice a day would mean that a 30lb bag will last for two months. That would be $250 to $700 annually.

Training Cost

Once old enough to be trained, you should enroll your Goldendoodle in obedience classes, which is highly beneficial in establishing how they interact with humans. Some trainers charge $50 for a three-week training while some charge $80 for five weeks.

Vet visits

Visiting the vet annually is highly recommended because your Goldendoodle needs to be checked for the following:

  • Intestinal worms
  • Heartworms
  • Lymes disease

Similarly, you can bring your pup to the vet for much-needed vaccinations and check-ups. These will cost you an estimated amount of $700 to $2,000 for the first year.

Preventive Medications

Your vet will prescribe a particular medication for your pup that they would have to regularly take to prevent ticks or fleas. The medication’s price ranges from $100 to $500 yearly, depending on your dog’s needs.


Because the Goldendoodle doesn’t shed much like it’s Poodle origin, they need to be groomed every eight weeks. The cost of having them groomed by professionals vary depending on their size.

Standard Goldendoodles are more expensive to groom than medium or mini ones, so expect to pay $300 to $480 every year. This is inclusive of shampoo and haircut, nail trimming, and ear care.

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Monthly Cost of Owning an Adult Goldendoodle

In this section, I will further help you visualize the cost of owning a Goldendoodle by discussing its regular monthly needs.

I am assuming that you have entirely read what was written above, so I would no longer discuss them in particular. I will just include their monthly estimated cost.

Type of ExpenseMonthly EstimateTotal$108 – $246

The estimated prices written in the table above are bare minimum expenses. These costs will vary based on your location and some other factors.

Lifetime Expenses

The lifespan of a Goldendoodle is 10 to 15 years. However, this is not true for every pup because of the many things that contribute to its health. In connection to this, the lifetime expenses of owning a Goldendoodle puppy ranges from $11,000 to $16,500.

This does not include the initial costs of purchasing the pup, veterinarian fees if the dog suddenly fell ill, lifestyle services, training classes, and insurance.

Other Potential Expenses

There are additional fees that most pet owners do not expect when they buy a Goldendoodle. They are the following:

  • Shipping: If your Goldendoodle is bought from an out of state breeding facility, the shipping fee will be a large part of the initial cost. Air shipping will cost you around $120 to $500 depending on the distance but driving to get your pup would also require you to pay for gas or even rent a hotel room if it is that far.
  • Boarding or Pet Sitters: There will be times where you will need to leave your Goldendoodle behind. Maybe you need to attend an essential symposium for work or go on a vacation with your loved ones. Of course, you cannot just lock them inside your home. That’s just plain cruel. Your best option would be to hire a pet sitter or to pay for boarding. This will cost $100 to $300 a year.
  • Dog Walking: If you are a busy person, you need to hire a dog walker to ensure that your Goldendoodle gets the right amount of exercise. The cost of hiring one is usually $20 for every walk.
  • Pet Fee If You Are Renting a Place: For those who are renting an apartment, you may be asked for an additional monthly rental fee of $25. Even though it may not seem much, the cost becomes significant if you look at how much you spent on pet rental in a year.
  • Pet Insurance: Some pet owners opt to invest in pet insurance plans to prepare for large expenses concerning injuries and accidents. The average monthly cost is $25 to $70, depending on the plan you will avail.

Places to Find Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale

I know that by this time, the biggest question in your mind is where you can find a Goldendoodle. Let me help you by recommending some breeders and facilities that offer good quality pups:

Infinity Pups

  • Link: Infinity Pups – Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale
  • Goldendoodles Available: Standard and Mini
  • Search Options: None

Infinity Pups is an advertising source for reputable breeders. They make sure that all the Goldendoodles they are selling are covered by a health guarantee. The price of their pups ranges from $2,500 to $4,100.

Keystone Puppies

  • Link: Keystone Puppies – Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale
  • Goldendoodles Available: Standard, Medium, and Mini
  • Search Options: None

Just like Infinity Pups, Keystone Puppies is another online advertising source for Goldendoodle breeders. Their dogs cost $1,995 to $3,400.

Buckeye Puppies

  • Link: BuckEye Puppies – Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale
  • Goldendoodles Available: Standard, Medium, and Mini
  • Search Options: Price, State, Size, Sex, Birthdate

Buckeye Puppies advertises dogs from local breeders and other pet shops in Ohio. They guarantee that their pups are well socialized, and you can contact the breeder personally. The price range of their Goldendoodles is $1,450 to $4,500.

Greenfield Puppies

  • Link: Greenfield Puppies – Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale
  • Goldendoodles Available: Mini
  • Search Options: None

If you are interested to own a mini Goldendoodle, then you better visit Greenfield puppies. They are rated 4.9 stars by their former customers and they offer a lot of mini pups whose price range is $2,500 to $4,500.

Lancaster Puppies

  • Link: Lancaster Puppies – Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale
  • Goldendoodles Available: Standard, Medium, and Mini
  • Search Options: Price, State, Size, Sex, Birthdate

Lancaster Puppies offer a wide variety of dog breeds and hybrids including the Goldendoodle. They even have an app where one can browse and buy their pet. Their Goldendoodles range from $1,500 to $2,500.

Adopting a Goldendoodle: How Much Does it Cost?

Instead of paying thousands of dollars for a Goldendoodle, you can choose to adopt one from local shelters and rescues. The adoption fee will only cost you $200 to $400 which covers initial veterinary costs.

It is also more satisfying to rescue a dog who suffered from non-ideal conditions and give it a new home.

Here are some Goldendoodle rescue organization where you can adopt your new pet:

IDOG Rescue, Inc.

IDOG Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit organization that focuses on rescuing Labradoodles and Goldendoodles. They have been operating since 2006 and they have several foster homes in the U.S.

Doodle Dandy Rescue

The goal of Doodle Dandy is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome Doodles in Texas. They also provide training and vet care for their dogs. You can visit their website to read some of their adoption stories.

Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue (DVGRR)

Since Goldendoodles is a mixed breed of the Golden Retriever, DVGRR also rescues and rehabilitates them. They have been operating since 1993 and they have given more than 5,000 dogs a new family.

My Final Thoughts: Is Goldendoodle Right For You?

Owning a Goldendoodle will not only require you to spend time and energy in training and playing with them, but will also demand you to invest a significant amount of money for the initial costs and monthly expenses.

Goldendoodles are high maintenance dogs and they need constant grooming and vet visits. If you are on a budget, you can always opt for adoption and bring your pup to public veterinarians for health check ups.

You can also practice how to personally groom them to cut some cost. Nevertheless, being a Goldendoodle parent is satisfying.

They are very friendly and loyal and they have a balanced temperament which makes it easier to get along with them.

Watch this video if you’re not sure if Goldendoodle is right for you and your family.

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