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I arrived at As Good as Gold with my four littermates. All of our names begin with the same letter. I think that means we are an A+ group of pups! We are a wonderful mix of Golden Retriever and Cocker Spaniel. That combination suggests that we will be eager to please, gentle, loyal and intelligent in a mini Golden package.

I was very shy when I first came to my foster home. Fortunately, my litter mate Archie was also living here so we could comfort each other. My safe place to go when I want to feel secure is my crate. The door is always open and available to me. During my time in foster care, I have learned to trust humans and love to interact with anyone now. My brother and I had a blast playing chase in the snow and walking on top of the drifts recently. Besides playing untethered in the yard, I like to go for walks. It is taking a little practice, but I am getting better at not pulling on the leash. I’m improving every day! After lots of running, playing and walking, I like to curl up on the couch. Foster Mom says I am very spoiled.

I have only been in the car a few times, so I was pretty nervous while we were traveling to the vet recently. Maybe when some of our car journeys end in fun places, I won’t worry so much. I am potty trained and even have fun using the doggie door when I want to come back inside. I get very excited when my family comes home or when my Foster Mom speaks sweetly to me. I get a little tickle inside and I wiggle my whole body and not just my tail. I shimmy so much that I can hardly walk. Everyone agrees that I am just a happy puppy and a real love.

I would like to join a family that has a dog who will be my companion and teach me acceptable dog behaviors. I will need someone home with me most of the day or arrange for a surrogate to play with me and let me out during the day. As with all youngsters, I need to go to school to learn how to be a well-mannered member of your pack. Obedience classes that we attend will help you bond with me and for me to make new fur friends. What could be more perfect?


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