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9+ Best Action Cameras Under $100 of 2021 | Definitive Guide & Reviews

Are you thinking about buying the best action camera under $100? Whether you want to be able to record while you practice your favorite sport or simply because you want to make videos of your vacation different from what you do with your smartphone, you will surely need information about the best action cameras on the market that adapt to your budget.

What is an Action Camera?

Best action camera under $100
Best action camera under $100

An action camera also called a sports cam or an onboard camera is a small camera that allows you to film your sports performance. The leading manufacturer and market leader were GoPro. It stands out for its small size and lighter weight than usual camcorders.

In short, all small cameras are called sports cameras.

Easy to use, you can set it where you want, for example on your helmet, on your handlebars … without it hindering your hands. Its format, however, limits the image quality obtained. Depending on the model, the video images can be of high quality and thus possible to rework.

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Best Action Cameras Under 100 USD of 2021

The GoPro was the first brand to start marketing them, its use has spread so much that there are models of Chinese action cameras on the market that are making the competition to the American company because of its characteristics, its performance and of course its price is very attractive.

It is normal that before buying it you are full of doubts, for example;

  • Are the alternatives to GoPro really good?
  • Which are the best cheap action cameras?
  • What brands have more quality and reliability?

All these questions are those that we will solve in Vlogging Beasts making an exhaustive analysis of all the models that are on sale, so you can choose the best option for you according to your budget since there are no cheap GoPro for all budgets.

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Best Action Cameras Under 100 Dollars | Comparison Table 2021

Camera NameResolutionWater ProofPrice $$GoPro Hero 7 (Editor’s Choice)4K 30YesCross-tour 4k Action CameraEconomicalUltra HD 4KYesYI Lite 4K Sports Camera4K / 20 fpsNoCampark ACT74 Best for Underwater Photography4K UHD 2160pYesAKASO Brave 44K / 24 fpsYesAKASO EK7000FHD 1080pYesP-EKEN H9R Tripod4K / 30 fpsYesSOOCOO C30R4K / 30 fpsYesVanTop Moment 4K / 24 fpsYes

9 Best Action Cameras Under 100$ | 2021 Reviews

1. GoPro Hero (Editor’s Choice)

go pro hero5 action camera for vloggingSpecification:


If you are looking for a sports camera with which to record your races, workouts or any adventure, the GoPro Hero is the new model of the best known brand in this type of accessories.

If you talk about action cameras or sports cameras, you talk about GoPro. That’s how it is.

This company invented this segment of products and during the last years, they have been flooding the market with their cameras.

GoPro HERO is the new basic camera that joins the family of HERO sports cameras and focuses on those users who are looking for a first multipurpose action camera at a more contained price.

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2. Cross-tour Economical 4k Action Camera

crosstour 4k action cameraSpecification:


Surely you are looking for a sports camera that records in 4K but does not cost a fortune. If you’ve run into the Crosstour 4K and you’re wondering why more and more people choose it, you’ve come to the right place.

Here we are going to offer you a complete and detailed analysis of the Crosstour, a cheap 4K action camcorder that is worth trying.

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3. YI Lite 4K Sports Camera : best 1080p action camera under $100

YI Lite 4K best action CameraSpecification:


4. Campark ACT74 Best for Underwater Photography

Campark-ACT74 best sports cameraSpecification:


This ACT74 is budget 4K waterproof action camera from Campark. We put it to the test, taking it 80 feet underwater in the Atlantic Ocean, throwing it in a pool, filming during a thunderstorm, at night, and on a sunny day in 4K mode.

We’ve also got recommendations for getting good video and using the live WiFi functionality.

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This would be something good to start playing with, as an introduction action camera that you can afford to lose, but don’t expect the same high quality footage that you get with a more expensive model or DSLR.

5. AKASO Brave 4 Best 4k Action Cameras Under $100

AKASO Brave 4 waterproof cameraSpecification:


If you really wanted to find a good alternative GoPro , you certainly found the famous AKASO Brave 4, which was at the time the best alternative of cheap GoPro.

And it was hard to argue with that.

The action cameras are ideal for diving, and this is the main way for me to use mine over the years. However, unless you’re still underwater, it’s hard to justify the cost of a GoPro for this purpose.

6. AKASO EK7000 (Wide Angle, WiFi)

AKASO-EK7000 action camera under 100Specification:


The AKASO EK7000 Action Camera is arguably the best budget camera for a budget of under $100.

Although the GoPro and SJCAM action cameras are still lagging behind, you’ll have a hard time finding what you’re looking for elsewhere.

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It has simple plastic construction, which is a little disappointing, as the action cameras are mainly used outdoors. Despite its fragile and economical appearance, the plastic case makes the camera waterproof up to 98 feet underwater.

7. P-EKEN H9R with Mounting Kits

P-EKEN H9R best action camera under $100Specification:


The EKEN H9, an action camera with 4K technology, waterproof, with Full HD resolution and with Wifi connection system.

It has the ability to carry the wide-angle lens to an angle of 170 degrees to cover most of the width of the land and includes a practical kit of 16 frames and 2 batteries.

You can also fix it on bike handlebars, backpacks, tubes, helmets and all support that we can think of, for the practice of all kinds of sports: running, surfing, snorkeling, cycling, mountaineering, motorcycles, canoeing and much more.

8. SOOCOO C30R 4k Action Camera

SOOCOO C30R best action camera under $100Specification:


9. VanTop Moment

VanTop Moment camera under 100 dollarsSpecification:


Things to Consider Before picking Best Action Cameras Under 100 Dollars | Buyer’s Guide

If you are not professional or at least fond of photography or video it is possible that there are many concepts in the specifications or technical characteristics of the action camera that you are thinking of buying that are confusing so we have written this glossary so you can make this decision knowing well the possibilities that your future action camera offers you:

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Resolution of video recording

4k Resolution cameraThere are quite a few models of 4K action cameras and also with 2K, Full HD or HD resolutions. Keep in mind that even if you do not have a 4K TV to view videos at this quality, it can be very useful. A video recorded at 4K and rescaled to the only HD, to upload it to YouTube, for example, has more quality than a video recorded directly in HD.

Recording at a higher resolution than the one we are going to edit has many advantages in editing, such as digital zoom, stabilize the image without loss of quality or better frame the part of the video that interests you.


It is the element that is responsible for processing the data collected by the sensor, this depends on the final result of the image that you will see. It is also responsible for the speed of operation of the camera. It is complicated to compare because until the device is used in the most demanding modes its performance is not known.

Lens Required for Action Camera

Lens of sports cameraAlong with the sensor is the most important element of the camera because it is the one that captures the images, however, it is not very relevant to compare different models because there is enough homogeneity in the lenses of action cameras. Most have an angle of 170º and a fixed aperture of f / 2.8.

Battery Backup of Action Camera

Due to the compact size of the action camera, the battery can boast a long life. On average, on a single charge, the camera can shoot about 90 minutes of video.

Most models allow you to charge the camera and take pictures, which allows you to use them with external batteries.

Battery of sports camera

Portability (Weight & Size)

When it comes to size and weight, it’s best to choose a lightweight model. The compact model provides maximum portability and enhances the videography experience.

However, these cameras are not all the same dimensions, but not the same size, shape, and weight. Each is designed in a unique specialty for a variety of purposes. Therefore, depending on your intentions, there are several options.

No matter what you choose, try placing your camera on a different platform when you record video. This will help you to shoot immersive and exciting videos. If you always put the camera in your head, change your perspective for a better experience because shooting will quickly get boring.

Field of View

Simply put, the field of view (FOV) is an area where the camera can capture at any time. Many action cameras provide a wide-angle of view, while others offer a wide-angle, medium, and narrow-angle. The field of view may not be an important factor, but it is important to note that wide-angle shots sometimes appear to be a bit distorted and can lead to a “fisheye effect.”

Therefore, it is ideal to check before signing a contract for the best action camera for less than 100 dollars.

Water Proof

If you love diving, a waterproof camera will be very useful. Likewise, if you plan to use it in the rain or snow. There are waterproof and splash-proof models on the market with a very water-resistant coating and others that you need to put in a waterproof case to enjoy.


Image Stabilization

When recording video from hands, your camera will shake because you are physically unable to hold the action camera to avoid it. This is very important if you shoot the vlog and keep the camera in your hands all the time. Who wants to watch the screen shaking? Everyone wants a smooth video. Also, if you have to shoot down the mountain, go snowboarding, walk the forest, take another skateboard ride, etc. The quality of the image will be a considerable advantage.

image stabilization vs no image stabilization

The function of image stabilization is to reduce the vibrations produced by continuous movement where the camera is placed there are two types of configuration of image stabilization, electronic (EIS) which is that the camera software itself stabilizes the quality of the image and the optical which consists of the stabilization of the lens thanks to mechanical axes whose result provides better quality than the (EIS)


Many professional photographers prefer GPS-enabled cameras. These models generate automatic geotags for all images and videos. This means that when you download all captures, you’ll see the exact location where you clicked.

Slow-motion (fps)

The greater the number of frames per second (fps), the greater the clarity of the movement of moving bodies in the scene. As a reference, in movies, they usually use 24 fps which produce what is known as the motion blur effect. The result is very pleasing to the eye and is usually associated with a cinematographic style.

At 60 fps the movements are seen with greater clarity and realism. They are usually used in documentaries or sports broadcasts. The advantage of recording with a high frame rate is that later, in the modification, it is possible to apply the slow-motion effect.


in all sports cameras you can find a slot for a USB cable, likewise, also have Wifi or Bluetooth technology, this with the purpose of connecting your camera to the computer and transfer all the multimedia information.

Mobile Applications

The mobile application used by the action cam producer is another aspect that cannot be overlooked. It will be the one that will allow you to simplify the transfer of video from the video camera to the mobile phone. And we already know how important mobile is to share content. Unfortunately, not all of them offer the same benefits.

Audio Quality

Unfortunately, the sound quality in most cameras is not too good. Often, to obtain audio with an adequate quality level it is necessary to use an external microphone. Or register it with a digital recorder. You can also pick Lavalier Microphones (Wireless & Wired) to get the job done.

7 Tips for buying an action camera

If it is the first one you are going to buy surely you will have many doubts initially about which one to buy according to your needs and your budget. So that you succeed in your choice and do not end up repenting,

I present you with these tips to buy an action camera that will help you not only to choose the one that is best for you but also to save you some problems in the purchase or in the post-purchase of your action camera:

Best Action Cameras | FAQs

What is the use of Wifi technology in sports cameras? There are several applications that we can give to the Wi-Fi usually you need an application to connect the phone with the camera some brands offer different functions within the app such as video editing among other things, among the main functions that we can find we have:

FPV Vision: this mode allows you to visualize the capture of images or videos that your sports camera is running, being able to have functions to start or turn off the camera.

Download videos and photos: This is perhaps the main function of Wi-Fi since having it on your phone you can share it even though the different social networks.

If my intention is to acquire a sports camera to record in slow motion (Slow motion) which is the one I should choose? Apart from the resolution when you buy a sports camera also usually indicate the FPS that is not more than the frames that are produced by Second, to be more specific that wants to tell you the number of images it takes for each second elapsed to greater number better will be the FPS quality, considering this you should always look at the ratio of pixels and frames per second, 720p is the minimum quality of HD, for fps to 120 would be the minimum you could work with.

To give you an idea, when we watch a bullet in slow motion on television, we would be talking about cameras around 3000 FPS.

Do sports cameras have built-in memory? Although the most recommended is to add a MicroSD memory card to store more photos and videos sports cameras come with a built-in memory of 16 megabytes to store about 25 photos and a relatively short video

How many videos or photos can I store with an 8GB MicroSD card? With a video card, you can store around 225 minutes of video and take more than 10,000 photos.

How can I check the battery level of my sports camera? Usually, the led screen has a battery indicator in the form of small bars some cameras also have lights that glow in red and green-yellow at the moment they start to blink red is an indication that you need to recharge the battery.

Do I have to update the firmware of my sports camera? It is always recommended to enter the fabricated page and download the latest firmware version since it is possible that you may have some other problem with the slowdown of the operation of your sports camera and this may be the cause.

Why is it still using micro USB ports for sports cameras and not mini USB ports? It is important to keep in mind that although the sports cameras are designed to be small and therefore optimize space, the USB ports have the tendency to be more durable than the mini USB ports.


Well, this was all about Best Action Cameras Under $100. Action cams are perfect companions for a life full of adventures. Their popularity has grown in parallel with the appearance of much cheaper models. In this way, in the last few years, the offer of this type of camera has considerably expanded. There is no doubt that this is something very positive.

However, at the same time, this greatly complicates the buyer’s task when choosing which action cam to buy. Therefore it is important to know what the specific characteristics of these devices are. And you need to consider aspects like resolution, bit-rate, frames per second or battery life.

We hope you found this guide interesting and useful. If so, we would appreciate it if you share it with your friends and acquaintances.

Now it’s your turn So these are my best action cameras available on the market to make the most of your future videos.

Top-Rated Action Camera Under $100 of 2021

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