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Have A Sip Of Great Taste's New Variants


Since the 1970s, Great Taste has been a welcome part of many Filipinos’ days. The popular brand of instant coffee from Universal Robina Corporation is literally a household name in the Philippines, ranking as the second most chosen beverage brand in the Philippines for 2017 by Kantar Worldpanel, a leading international consumer behavior research and analysis firm.

Have A Sip Of Great Taste's New VariantsThe new Great Taste White variants, as well as the well-loved original Great Taste White, have also refreshed their packaging. IMAGE URC/ Graphic by Alysse Asilo

As Filipino tastes have matured and evolved over the years, so has Great Taste Coffee. Staying attuned to the preferences of its customers, the coffee brand has introduced its latest 3-in-1 variants: Great Taste White Caramel, for fans of sweet and aromatic coffee, and Great Taste White Crema, for coffee drinkers seeking a full-bodied, creamy “linamnam” taste.

As part of the JG Summit group of companies, Great Taste manufacturer Universal Robina Corporation (URC) shares the conglomerate’s core values, one being Dynamism, which promotes a culture of innovation. Despite being the go-to instant coffee brand for decades now, Great Taste is constantly seeking ways to improve and provide the best tasting coffee to millions of Filipinos. On its most recent quest to satisfy the nation’s coffee cravings, it made sure to get the pulse of the current coffee-drinking generation.

Have A Sip Of Great Taste's New VariantsMian David, URC Vice President-Beverages, speaking at the new Great Taste White launch. IMAGE Jason Miraples/URC

Mian David, URC VP-Beverages, reveals that the Great Taste team spent a total of 1,100 hours with consumers, finding out exactly what Filipinos look for in their daily cups of joe. “What we discovered is that Filipinos have different taste preferences when it comes to coffee. There are those who prefer a light taste profile, there are those who like a creamy or milky taste, there are some who prefer a sweet profile, and there are those who like a dark roast,” says David.

Armed with these insights, the Great Taste set out to improve its current blends. Various formulations were then subjected to blind product tests, “to make sure we come up with the taste that they love,” explains David. “That’s why our tagline is ‘tikman ang sarap ng tamang timpla.’ We are confident that with the new Great Taste range, huling-huli ang sarap ng tamang timpla, na magugustuhan ng bawat Pinoy.”

The thorough, customer-driven innovation process produced two brand-new variants. Great Taste White Crema, enriched with Vanilla Cream, was developed for those seeking a creamy, full-bodied taste. Coffee drinkers with a sweet tooth will be drawn to Great Taste White Caramel, which contains Cream Caramel. Fans of the original Great Taste White have no need to worry, as their favorite blend is still available. “There are a lot of consumers who love it,” says David. “It’s the first white coffee in the Philippines and we will always serve it to our consumers.”

Have A Sip Of Great Taste's New VariantsJohn Gokongwei Jr., URC founder and JG Summit Holdings Chairman Emeritus, noticed that his wife liked her coffee with cream and sugar, so he put them together in one pack. The original Great Taste White was born. You can still enjoy it today! IMAGE URC

Along with the original Great Taste White coffee mix, the new variants come in fresh and attractive new packaging that immediately stands out on grocery shelves. A strong marketing campaign also connects Great Taste with its loyal consumer base. “Our consumers are the working-class Pinoys—they work hard, they go through a lot, they struggle. Their resilience is admirable; it is what makes them great. You will see the working-class Pinoy depicted in our ads: nurses, teachers, cooks. As they face a tough day, or when they take their much-needed break, they deserve to have nothing less than great tasting coffee,” says David.

Whichever pack they choose—Great Taste White Crema, Great Taste White Caramel, or the original Great Taste White—they’ll be getting their hard-earned money’s worth. “Great Taste is committed to giving Filipinos the best tasting coffee,” says David. “That is our brand purpose. We want to give every working-class Pinoy the best tasting coffee—yung masarap kasama dahil huling-huli ang sarap ng tamang timpla—because they deserve it. That is what makes Great Taste great.”

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