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6 Best BBQ Lighters (Oct. 2021) — The Ultimate Guide


When and where a lighter can be of use

In recent years, different types of lighters have taken the center stage, and that means old-school methods of or tools for igniting things have become obsolete. So, if you’re not sure of when and where you can use your lighter instead of your matches, maybe, it’s very easy. First of all, your lighter can be of use when you’re going on a camping trip, and you’re expecting to have wet or windy weather. Obviously, matches do not work well in these conditions, so you might have to use your lighter instead.

In addition, you could use your lighter instead of other methods of ignition if you are in a place where an open flame is not allowed. For such situations, you could opt for a flameless lighter, which generates heat from a closed element like artificial coal or an electric element.

Features to consider while choosing a BBQ lighter

Buying the right product in a particular category always requires knowing everything about that product’s features. That said, there’re some important factors you need to consider before making your purchase and below are some of them:


There are different types of lighters you need to consider when looking for a BBQ lighter. The major types are arc lighters, flameless lighters, and butane lighters. Arc lighters are normal electric lighters that operate on a low voltage. They are suitable for smaller tasks in closed areas, which explains why they are the most common choice for BBQ.

The third type of lighters is the butane type. Butane lighters are fairly popular as well, just behind electric lighters. To generate fire, butane lighters burn butane and are usually helpful when you need a constant flame. Most butane models are wind-resistant and are suitable for the outdoors. Like arc lighters, they are also commonly used for BBQ.

If it’s refillable/rechargeable

Another thing that you need to know is if the lighter is refillable if it’s butane-powered or if it’s rechargeable if it’s battery-powered. Of course, if you look for maximum convenience, it’s always a better option to go for battery-powered lighters instead of butane models. With that said, rechargeable lighters like the Power Practical Sparkr Wick Electric Lighter and the GRILLMATIC USB Rechargeable Lighter are easy to use and take on trips, especially if it can be recharged by a USB device like a computer or a power bank.

Dimensions and weight

Another consideration you need to make is dimensions of the lighter along with its weight. Of course, it’s important to find a lightweight and portable model that can easily fit in your bag or pocket when you travel, especially if you’re a genuine journeyman. In this case, you might also need to consider if the lighter comes with a carrying bag for better portability.


The warranty is another vital factor to think about, and that’s not because you expect the lighter to fail at some point, but because you want to know if the manufacturers of the product are confident in it enough to back it with a warranty. Having said that, the product with the longest warranty on this list is the HomeRight Electro-Torch C900085, with its two-year limited warranty.

Extra features

Depending on how much you are willing to invest in a BBQ lighter, you might also consider extra factors like LED indicators, colors, design, handle features, and more. We noted your budget there because these extra, fancy features usually increase the cost of these lighters.

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