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14 Unique Harry Potter Dog Accessories Every True Fan Should Have

If you are a muggle, this post will most likely not make any sense to you. Sorry, but wizarding folk only.

If you are huge nerd of Harry Potter and love dogs as much as I do, then you will want to check out these Harry Potter dog collars for the favorite doggo in your life.

I compiled a list of my favorite HP products, so let’s get started. Accio, dog collars!

Harry Potter Dog Collars

1. Harry Potter Up to No Good Dog Collar

This collar is perfect for the most mischievous of dogs. I owned a chocolate lab and let me tell you, she was absolutely up to no good.

It comes with an optional aluminum buckle which you can engrave your dog’s name or just get a standard black clip. If you do decide to engrave their name they have twelve different font options, including a custom Harry Potter font. This collar also comes in all sizes so no matter what size dog you have there is an option for you.

If you have an OCD problem like me and want all your dog’s accessories to match, you can check out this Up to No Good Leash to go with it.

Harry Potter Up to No Good Dog Collar Buy on Amazon

2. Platform 9 ¾ Collar

What Harry Potter list would be complete without a mention of platform 9 ¾. Just like the collar above, you have the option to engrave their name on the buckle with the stylish Harry Potter font. Plus, the collar has a cute Hedwig, need I say more?

Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4 Dog Collar Buy on Amazon

3. Hogwart’s Houses Patterned Collar

To go with the bandanas below, I’ve added a collar with the pattern of all the Hogwart houses. Just incase your dog’s personality matches qualities from all the houses.

Considering dogs have pretty complex personalities, I think this is totally possible. Loyalty from Hufflepuff, the intelligence from Ravenclaw, the courage (to chase squirrels) from Gryffindor and when they chew up your favorite shoes, well that’s from Slytherin.

Hogwart Shop Now

4. Mischief Managed Dog Collar

Unfortunately this one doesn’t come with Marauder’s Map but it’s still pretty cool in it’s own right. It comes with the option to engrave your dog’s name on the buckle or just a standard black buckle.

Mischief Managed Dog Collar Shop Now

Harry Potter Dog Clothes

5. Hogwart’s Houses Bandanas

No matter which house the “sorting cone” put your pup into, they have a bandana for them. These four bandanas have cute sayings to match each house. I’ll admit that I’m a huge fan of puns so I think these are just pawfect.

6. Mischief Managed Dog Bandana

If your doggo is anything like mine, his mischief is never managed. When you’re ready to take him on a walk around Hogwarts, he can sport this cute bandana.

Mischief Managed Dog Bandana Shop Now

7. Reversible Harry Potter & Voldemort Bandana

I picked this one specifically because I loved the custom art. It is reversable so you have the option of two totally different designs. The front has sketches of the HP squad. And if you are a typography nerd like myself, you can flip the bandana around and showcase the phrases about Voldemort.

Reversible Harry Potter & Voldemort Bandana Buy on Amazon

8. Dog Shirt – You Can Be My Snuggle Muggle

This cute dog apparel comes in seven different colors and is made of 100% combed ringspun cotton. It comes in all sizes so need to worry if it’ll fit your dog. This is perfect for the muggle snuggler in your life.

Dog Shirt - You Can Be My Snuggle Muggle Check it out on Etsy

9. Harry Potter Inspired Dog Costume

This GryffinDog is sporting a black cape, shirt and tie all in Gryffindor house colors. The perfect dog costume for halloween in my opinion. If you aren’t a Gryffindor fan, all the other house colors are also available.

Harry Potter Inspired Dog Costume Check it out on Etsy

10. Corgi Potter Shirt

Okay, so this one is more for you than your dog. But it was way too cute to not add to the list. This is the cutest corgi I’ve ever seen. If you are a corgi and Harry Potter fan, this is the perfect combination of the two. Corgi Potter for the win!

Corgi Potter Shirt Buy on Amazon

Harry Potter Dog Accessories

11. Personalized Harry Potter Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

These dog bowls can be made to have your dogs name is this custom Harry Potter font. It’s even refillable with the aguamenti spell.

Harry Potter inspired personalized stainless steel pet bowls Check it out on Etsy

12. Animagus Dog Tag

This one is for the true Harry Potter fan, and it really made me laugh. Only the true HP nerds in your life will get this one.

On the back of the tag you can customize all your dogs information so it functions just as a normal tag but with all the Harry Potter flair.

Animagus Harry Potter Dog Tag Buy on Amazon

13. Platform 9 3/4 Pet Dog Collar Tag

When you go to travel with your pup make sure to use his platform 9 3/4 dog tag. It is 1/1/4” diameter that is connected on a double jump ring.

14. Hogwart’s House Dog Toys

Just choose your dogs house and it will be handmade by Debra Annmarie on Etsy. If you have a cat at home, they can be ordered for cats with an option to add catnip.

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