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19 DIY Harry Potter Party Favors [FREE Printables]

A list of creative DIY Harry Potter party favors that will continue to enchant your guests after your Harry Potter themed party is over.

Here are some easy and creative Harry Potter party favor and goodie bag ideas. And find out where to buy some great Harry Potter goodies to put in Harry Potter bags as well.

collage of harry potter party favors and goodie bags including bath bomb, succulent, wands and more.

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Learn how to DIY these easy Harry Potter party favors with instructional tutorials, free printables, inspirational photos, and budget-friendly Harry Potter goodies for girls and boys to keep your fun going even after guests depart.

Harry Potter Party Supplies

In a pinch for time? Find our full Harry Potter party supplies list on Amazon*, or check out these ready-made party favors, goodie bags, and more to set the scene of your Harry Potter party!


If you’re looking for Harry Potter favor ideas, these easy and creative DIY Harry Potter goodies and cheap done-for-you Harry Potter goodie bag ideas are sure to help you plan a wonderful wizarding party.

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