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Harry Potter And The Magical Wine Tasting – Girl Meets Vine


Accio Wine Opener! There’s a little-known fact about me that I’d like to share now, I’m a huge potterhead. Like obsessed. Like I re-read each book at least once a year obsessed. So when I saw Harry Potter-themed wines from a boutique winery in Paso Robles, I had to try them. And these aren’t novelty wines. Serrano Wine is producing really beautiful quality wines with sick Harry Potter themed labels and names. So, pull up a stool, imagine yourself in the Three Broomsticks on a perfect Hogsmeade winter’s day, because today, **very Hagrid voice** we’re all wizards!

2020 Patronus

This is a unique rosé of Grenache and Mourvedre with nice dryness and complexity. I’m used to seeing Grenache and Mourvedre blended with Syrah (GSM) as a common Rhone-type blend but these two are a great blend on their own. This wine has nice acidic and crisp mouthfeel with great notes of strawberry and watermelon. I really love the roundness and fuller body of this Rosé. I could drink this wine all year round, not just on a hot day at the beach.

2020 Liquid Luck

Wine is definitely my Felix Felicis, taking many days from ordinary to extraordinary! And this Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier gets pretty close to feeling like a lucky potion! This wine is aged in both stainless steel and oak barrels. It has great floral notes on the nose and nice notes of lemon and pear. The oak rounds it out, giving the wine a nice vanilla flavor with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc finish.

2019 Horcrux

This wine stumped me! It’s made from 100% Carignan, a varietal I’d never heard of before, and clearly I didn’t know what I was missing! This grape is typically grown in Southern France and Spain, it’s medium body and notes of umami make it a great food wine, in fact it’s known as the perfect food wine. Serrano found these grapes from 127 year old vines in Oakley, CA and I for one am v grateful that they did! Now, I can say I’ve successfully destroyed a horcrux (aka finishing a whole bottle). This dry, medium-bodied wine has great notes of spices and herbs, with nice red fruit and licorice coming through. It’s long finish and medium body make it such a great wine for any and all occasions! No basilisk fangs required.

2019 Firebolt

Drink this wine and you will think you can fully out-fly a dragon, save your BFF from a mermaid-infested lake, make your way through a maze, beat he-who-must-not-be-named (again), and win the Triwizard Tournament. Still with me? Sick. Firebolt is a Zinfindel and Petite Syrah blend, and it takes the best of both of these wines with a fruit-forward, full body. It has great smoky notes throughout with great pepper notes balanced by a velvety smooth finish.

Final Vine Note

I was so excited for these wines before they arrived and even more excited after tasting them! Like at every end of the year feast when the Gryffindors end up winning the house cup after Dumbledore gives Harry enough points to just give them the win. But plot holes aside, I really loved all of these Harry Potter wines and am so happy to have found this boutique Paso Robles winery and can’t wait to taste even more of their wines. So for now, Mischief Managed!

If you’d like to order any of these wines head over to my Support Wineries page. Check out my other Vine Tastes as well, and make sure to follow along on my wine journey on Instagram.


*I’d like to note that I truly believe that the Harry Potter series belongs to its readers, and I’m making a concerted effort to support those who love the Wizarding World and all of its fans. Like so many Potter fans, I was truly devastated by J.K. Rowling’s complete abandonment of her readers and her lack of tolerance. I am happy and excited to support small businesses that show a love and appreciation for this beautiful world full of acceptance and tolerance and will continue to support the readers that have made the wizarding world what it is.

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