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My day doesn’t start without my elixir of life- my cup of coffee! That freshly brewed cup of coffee fills me up with all the energy I need. Is this the case with you as well?

Do you use a coffee maker just like me to brew a hot cup of coffee?

Or do you use a microwave or a pan?

Having a coffee maker has numerous benefits.

On a winter evening, I was reading a book on my sofa when I suddenly started craving a cup of hot chocolate.

Usually, I don’t prefer the conventional ways of making hot chocolate.

Whenever I try to microwave it, I end up spilling the hot chocolate on me or on the kitchen’s platform, making a mess.

I have tried the two cup method in which you heat a cup of water in the microwave and pour it into the other cup which has the cocoa mix at the bottom. If you’re clumsy like me, you’ll make a disaster as well.

Another option is simply heating on a stove but that’s just too basic.

It then occurred to me what if I could use my coffee maker to make hot chocolate. Is it possible?

I gave various attempts and after numerous failures, I finally figured it out.

What you will need-

  • Water
  • Packets of hot chocolate mix (or you can make your own)
  • A coffee maker

How to make hot chocolate in a Coffee Maker-

  1. Fill the coffee maker with water in the same way you do to make coffee.
  2. Open your packets of hot chocolate mix and put their contents into the coffee carafe of the coffee maker machine.

(If you add 5 cups of water, you can use 3 to 4 hot chocolate mix sachets.)

  1. Now you can add your preferred sweetener. If you like your hot chocolate sugarless just like me, you can skip this part.
  2. Turn the coffee maker on and let it run for a few minutes.
  3. When the mixture is boiled, stir it properly and ensure that all the powder is dissolved.
  4. Pour into your favourite cup and enjoy.

(Top it with marshmallows!)

Here I presented to you the easiest way to make hot chocolate in no-time. The best part of it is you can use any coffee maker to brew this satisfying cup of hot chocolate.

Can You Make Hot Chocolate in a Coffee Maker (How to Guide)? 1

How to use a coffee vending machine to make Hot Chocolate?

Can You Make Hot Chocolate in a Coffee Maker (How to Guide)? 2

A coffee vending machine gives the easiest method to make hot chocolate. Some machines have a canister specially designed for making chocolate. If there isn’t one, then the machine will have an empty canister where you can pour your favorite chocolate powder and prepare your pleasing cup of hot chocolate.

Another type of coffee maker available in the market is a bean to cup coffee machine.

How to use a bean-to-cup coffee machine to make Hot Chocolate?

Can You Make Hot Chocolate in a Coffee Maker (How to Guide)? 3

If you have a bean to cup coffee machine instead of a conventional coffee maker, and you think you can’t use it to make hot chocolate, you are absolutely wrong!

You can make the perfect appetizing cup of hot chocolate using a bean to cup coffee machine in not just one, but two ways-

  • Boil a cup of milk using the milk frother of your coffee machine. When it is about halfway through, add a packet or two of your favorite flavour of chocolate.

Stir the liquid well and add some boiling water to dilute the mixture.

Voila! You have the creamiest cup of hot chocolate using this method. Now you can sit peacefully on your sofa on any winter evening and relax.

  • For all the people who are lactose-intolerant or are avoiding dairy products, this method will surely help you. Simply take hot water from the water spout and add the normal hot chocolate powder. Stir the mixture well and you’ll get a pleasing cup of hot chocolate.

The third type of coffee machine is a capsule coffee machine. Let’s see how we can use this machine to make hot chocolate.

How to use a capsule coffee machine to make Hot Chocolate?

Can You Make Hot Chocolate in a Coffee Maker (How to Guide)? 4 Can You Make Hot Chocolate in a Coffee Maker (How to Guide)? 5

Using a capsule coffee machine can be a bit complex as most of the capsule coffee machines come with limitations of using a specific brand of capsules. These capsules should be compatible with that machine. Hence, it is advisable to search for the machine with your brand capsule that contains hot chocolate.

On the other hand, if your machine can work with a milk powder capsule, then brew a cup of milk and add some hot chocolate powder. You’d be good to go!

If your machine is not compatible with any of these methods, then I have a recipe for you to try. You can try making a choccachino! Make an enjoyable cup of Espresso for yourself. Add boiled milk and hot chocolate powder. Mix it well. You won’t regret trying it.

You can now brew a mouth-watering cup of hot chocolate using the coffee machine in your kitchen!

But what if you run out of the packets of hot chocolate mix?

You can make it at your home! Surprisingly, the homemade hot chocolate mix costs less than the market one and is quite easy to make.

How to make Hot Chocolate mix at home?

You only need 4 ingredients to make this homemade hot chocolate powder which is quite simple to prepare. I am sure you can find these ingredients much easily in your pantry.

What you will need-

To make this delicious hot chocolate mix, you’ll need-

  • Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
  • Sugar
  • Salt (optional)
  • Powdered Milk

We use powdered milk to make the hot chocolate creamy. Also, using dry milk ensures that the mix would last longer.

Using salt is optional but it brings out the flavour of cocoa powder. If you prefer using less salts in your diet, you can skip adding it to the mix.

You can use the following amount of these ingredients for preparing hot chocolate mix that’ll yield you 20 servings.

If your requirement is more or less than the specified amount of servings, alter the quantities of the ingredients.

Servings: 20

2/3 cup baking cocoa

1 1/3 cups of granulated or powdered sugar

1/2 cup powdered milk

1/8 teaspoon salt (optional)


You can use two methods for preparation of the homemade hot chocolate mix.

  • Take all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix until all of them combine to gain a powder like texture. Store them in an airtight container.
  • Put all the ingredients directly in a mason jar. Secure with the lid and shake the jar well to mix them thoroughly.

These mason jars are not only an efficient way of storing the mix for a long time but also serve as thoughtful Christmas gifts for your family and friends. You can give this mix as a gift to them.

Can You Make Hot Chocolate in a Coffee Maker (How to Guide)? 6

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It may be monsoon season or a winter evening or just a regular craving of hot chocolate. You can satisfy your appetite by making a scrumptious cup of creamy hot chocolate anytime using this recipe. Top your hot chocolate with marshmallows or your favorite chocolate chips. I also prefer whipped cream on my cup of hot chocolate. Serve with chocolate chip cookies and savour the taste!

Happy cooking!

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