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It’s only natural to want to know how much do Huskies cost if you’re planning on getting one. Siberian Huskies are very handsome, highly energetic dogs. And with a big personality! They’re pretty high maintenance too! The breed demands tons of exercise, patience, and love.

So if you’re really leaning toward adding a Husky to your family, then it’s important to ask such questions. Such and many more like the ones I’ve discussed in the article below.

how much do Husky puppies cost

How Much Do Husky Puppies Cost?

The straightforward answer here is between $800 and $2500 for each puppy. The final price actually depends on the dog and breeder. There’s variation in terms of cost due to age, health, AKC registration, and bloodline.

Now I know that the price range does seem a bit too steep. But you should know that not all breeders strive to earn a large profit by deceiving you. There are many reputable breeders who spend lots of money and time on puppy litters. They, no matter what, don’t neglect the health and well-being of both the mother and her puppies.

The care involves screening potential parents. Along with adopting preventative steps for temperament issues, genetic disorders, and diseases.

To be honest, many owners of Siberian Huskies don’t find the price too hefty once they know for sure that their pup has come from a reliable and caring home. When your dog’s health and genetics are clean, you don’t feel cheated. That’s all I’m trying to say here.

Why Are Huskies So Expensive?

1. Expensive Husky Puppies vs. Low-Cost Husky Puppies

Allow me to answer that question by comparing low-cost puppies from cheap breeders to the ones cared for by reputable breeders. There are many factors that come up that you might want to take into consideration.

Let me first point out that not all trusted breeders sell puppies and young dogs at ridiculously expensive prices. So getting a young, purebred furry friend at an affordable cost is not entirely impossible.

But then there are also breeders that sell puppies at a cheaper price because the dogs don’t meet the breed qualifications. Or they might have some health or temperament issues. The cost of a puppy also decreases when he/she is old. And still without a home.

Breeders are more likely to sell you an adult dog not fit for breeding for a cheaper price. Such types of dogs might have produced some litters. But now they’re all set to retire.

After telling you all this, there’s only one thing left to say here. That if you don’t really care about getting a young pup, it’s better to buy or adopt from animal shelters and local rescue organizations.

You’ll be quite surprised at just how many rescued Huskies are waiting to find a home. There are also many other mixed breeds of husky and old dogs. To fill your life with pure happiness and joy!

2. Avoid Puppy Mills

Commercial breeding has given rise to puppy mills. And both the former and latter have earned a bad reputation. It’s not a pretty picture imagining dogs being trapped in cramped, abusive, and filthy situations.

Puppy mills are not necessarily large-scale breeding operations. They can be small-time hobby breeders too. May be around your own neighborhood!

Situations that treat animals as cash crops are labeled as puppy mills. They neglect the animal’s physical, emotional, and mental well-being. So you should avoid them at all costs.

Such puppy mills don’t offer proper medical care. The dogs aren’t screened for genetic issues or diseases prior to breeding. And they’re not even given the opportunity to socialize regularly and properly.

So it’s not uncommon or invalid to believe that puppies that come from such unhealthy commercial breeders suffer from emotional trauma and even behavioral problems. On top of that, they’re more likely to develop diseases and genetic disorders.

But wanting to rescue puppies from such operations by buying them is not the solution. If you do that, you’re only encouraging those heartless breeders. And providing them with the money they’re after to keep doing business. Just think of the long-term repercussions of these irresponsible commercial breeders.

Siberian Husky price

Siberian Husky Price (From Pet Stores, Breeders, And Rescue Homes)

The most important question here is, how much do Huskies cost? They just don’t come from only one particular source. So here are the 3 most common sources.

I have also discussed some important factors associated with the price of each source. It’s insane how the cost goes as low as $50 and as high as $2500. Let’s dive deeper!

1. How Much Do Huskies Cost When Buying From Pet Stores?

Not less than $800 and not more than $1300. That’s the price range of purebred Siberian Huskies at the majority of pet stores. And this cost includes registration, legal paperwork, etc.

But the thing about pet stores is that they’re like commercial breeders. They don’t treat puppies, dogs, and other animals as living beings. Rather as goods that need to be sold. This explains why not many animal lovers prefer buying from pet stores that engage in such unethical practices.

However, the truth of the matter here is that Huskies are not a widely available breed. So these kinds of pet stores are still running because they supply Siberian Husky puppies to meet the growing demands. No wonder the price tag is also so hefty. It’s because people are willing to pay.

2. How Much Do Huskies Cost When Buying From Breeders?

Now, these breeders can be either professional or backyard. Let’s talk about the former first.

Professional breeders are often reputable. So they’re the best source for buying Siberian Huskies. A registered Husky pup from a professional breeder costs anywhere between $300 and $400. The chances are these puppies have already received some form of obedience, behavioral, and exercise training.

But there’s no reason for you to believe that the dogs are healthy. So it’s important that you take your new family member to the vet once you buy or adopt him/her from a professional breeder. Only to get the necessary tests and shots taken care of!

As for backyard breeders, the price can go as low as $150 and as high as $450. The cost depends on the age and registration, of course. Needless to say, not all backyard breeders are trustable sources. So it’s up to you to ensure that the person in business is familiar with the practice of breeding Huskies. And that he/she is also caring and a genuine animal lover.

You must adopt or buy from an operation that prioritizes the dog’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Some backyard breeders are only concerned with making money. So it’s not their intention to grow and foster the breed, quite unfortunately.

3. How Much Do Huskies Cost When Buying From Dog Shelters or Rescue Homes?

The most ethical way of adopting not only a Husky but just about any other dog breed is purchasing from rescue organizations. And these dog shelters are not expensive sources to buy Huskies from. Not unless you think that $50-$100 price range is too hefty for a Siberian Husky.

More often than not, dogs that come from rescue homes have also received the necessary training and shots. These organizations are experts at looking after rescued breeds. So they have all the information you might require at the time of adoption. Something that not all backyard/professional breeders and pet stores provide you with!

how expensive is it to own a Husky

How Expensive Is It to Own a Husky?

1. Feeding Cost

Do Huskies eat a lot? Because if they do, it means you have to spend more on them. After all, buying food is a regular expense you might want to take into account.

A medium-sized Siberian Husky with a regular to solid appetite can weigh anywhere between 35 pounds and 60 pounds. Typically speaking, Huskies eat around 2 to 3 cups of dog food daily. Now, obviously, this can vary depending on the dog’s activity level and size. So the best thing here would be to have a word with the vet about how much to feed your new pup or dog.

As for the cost of high-quality dog-specific food, a single pound is priced at $2 to $3. So you end up paying around $55 for a bag weighing 30 pounds. And 30 pounds offer 120 cups of food.

Let’s assume your hungry pet consumes 2.5 cups each day. So the 30-pound dog food bag is enough for 48 days. This means your dog is going to go through 8 bags per year. And that sums up to $440 on a yearly basis.

Don’t forget the treats. Treats on a monthly basis cost around $5-$10. They are excellent supplements to the diet. And the chances are you are going to be using the treats for rewarding your precious pup’s good behavior. And even for training purposes.

2. Veterinarian Cost

It’s only logical to include vet expenses when calculating how much Huskies cost.

Veterinarian bills are never cheap. So all the more reason to have access to the medical history and background of your dog at the time of buying or adopting.

Lucky for you, Siberian Huskies are a healthy breed. Even so, medical conditions are a part of life. Some of the most common ailments and their treatment costs are mentioned below.

  • Deafness: The treatment costs between $100 and $300.
  • Hip Dysplasia: The treatment costs between $1500 and $6000.
  • Follicular Dysplasia: The treatment costs between $200 and $500.
  • Entropion: The treatment costs between $300 and $1500.
  • Corneal Dystrophy: The treatment costs between $300 and $3000.
  • Uveodermatologic Syndrome: The treatment costs between $1000 and $3000.

Once the puppy enters adulthood, you don’t have to spend much. On things like initial care, vaccinations, and spaying or neutering. So the vet expenses don’t exceed more than just some hundred dollars on a yearly basis. Provided your dog’s health is in good condition.

3. Other Costs

Apart from vet and food expenses, there are quite a few factors to take into consideration.

The first is the cost of grooming. But you don’t really have to worry about this particular department. Siberian Huskies, unlike many other dog breeds, are quite strict about keeping themselves clean. So not many baths are required per year. Although the thick and luscious coat demands to brush once every week. And that’s about it.

As for regular nail trimming, you can do the needful at home. Or head to the vet’s clinic and pay $10 for a single nail trim session.

Even training is essential if you want your adorable pet to live a happy and healthy life. Group training sessions cost anywhere between $50 and $125. 1-hour sessions for around 1-2 months.

Huskies are independent and smart dogs. So if you train them at an early age, they grow up to be obedient and well-behaved. Socialization is another very crucial aspect. However, Huskies are incredibly outgoing. So they’re very friendly toward people and fellow four-legged creatures.

Now, how about determining the cost of dog supplies like a food bowl, water bowl, collar, leash, etc.? Just one of each is good and affordable enough. Along with a dog brush and maybe some toys. These things aren’t expensive to buy, both online and offline.

Are Huskies a Good Family Dog?

It goes without saying that Siberian Huskies are stunning creatures. Their eyes, in particular, are the most attractive. They can be blue or brown or both. As for the coat, the colors include black, white, copper, gray, red, sable, and agouti.

But that’s not why you should consider getting a Husky. It’s their loving and loyal personality that wins you over. Siberian Huskies are very playful, naughty, and diligent dogs. They have lots of energy to expend. So expect the activity levels to be quite high. This means regular exercise is a must.

Needless to say, a Husky brings tons of joy and positive energy into your family. And by keeping them active, even you’re choosing to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Siberian Husky: Personality

The thing about Siberian Huskies is that they’re fond of everyone. Even burglars! So if your priority is to guard and protect your home, a Husky is not the most ideal choice. What the breed is great at doing instead is getting along well with family members. Particularly children.

Huskies are easy-going and well-socialized dogs that dislike being alone for a long time. So don’t even think of leaving your precious pet alone at home for the entire day. If you want him/her to be happy!

Siberian Huskies have a pack mentality and working instinct. So when lonely, they tend to become very vocal and destructive. Barking may be a bit unusual, but howling isn’t.

Even though they’re friendly, Huskies are fiercely independent. They love running all by themselves. These means don’t even think about leaving your dog off-leash. Don’t expect too much obedience from the breed either. They’ll learn the basics of training alright. But are too stubborn and strong-willed for any advanced training.

The personality of a Husky is governed by the fierce hunting instinct that is a part of the DNA. So even though the breed has now become a home pet, it still possesses that independent streak.

Siberian Husky: Grooming

You only have to look at them to realize how thick the coat is. Nevertheless, taking care of it is not a very time-consuming or expensive task. Not much trimming and clipping are required either. Grooming is a part of the experience only once every week. You can brush your Husky to remove all the dead hair. And to check for any bumps and lumps.

The coat of a Siberian Husky is packed with 2 layers. The undercoat offers warmth, which is layered by a waterproof, harsh outer coat. No wonder Huskies are fit for varied climatic conditions.

Seasonal shedding is a part of the yearly experience. The shedding of the hair that takes place once a year happens over a matter of a few days and weeks. Not all at once. However, with regular brushing, you can reduce the amount of hair sticking to your clothes. And messing up your home.

Step By Step How To Train Your Husky To Be Fully Off Leash

Siberian Husky: Size

It’s a medium-size breed that loves to run. Huskies aren’t light nor are they heavy creatures. The male version matures larger than the female version. The height of the former reaches 23.5 inches. And that of the latter hits around 22 inches.

As for the weight of the adult males, they are as heavy as 45 pounds to 60 pounds. And adult females weigh not more than 35 pounds to 50 pounds.

Siberian Husky: Exercise

When I talk about exercising Huskies, the first thing that comes to mind is that they used to be sled dogs. Remember watching the movie Eight Below? So it goes without saying that Husky puppies and adult dogs demand tons of exercise.

In the puppy stage, more controlled training is required. A lot of exercises might damage your pup’s joints. But once he/she enters adulthood, you can incorporate more vigorous training. I’m talking about at least two hours of activity per day. Apart from playtime!

Final Say: Should You Get a Siberian Husky?

It’s a very simple decision to make. Do you have the time to make sure your Husky gets a lot of exercises done? How about training? Do you have the patience to train your pet? If yes, then a Siberian Husky fits the bill.

The ability of Huskies to work and hunt is what makes them so energetic and playful creatures. The breed is perfect for experienced pet parents, not first-timers. So only if you’re committed should you consider the cost of Huskies.

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