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Weimaraner Price and Expenses: How Much Do They Cost?

Weimaraners are large sporting dogs capable of hunting prey of various sizes. They are well-known for their gray coat as well as accented faces which gives off a noble-looking vibe.

These dogs are very intelligent, and they earn the title of having “human-like” wits. Back then, Weims were bred strictly by the upper classes of a certain German Club. Presently, they are popular dogs loved by many owners.

Weims may be aggressive due to their nature as hunting dogs, but they still possess a great love for their owners. They will do everything to guard and protect the family which they grew up with.

Therefore I chose to get a Weim as a pet. I find their loyalty and energy unparalleled indoors and outdoors.

Through the years, I have learned the ways of raising a Weimaraner. I realized that many dog lovers want to understand the nature of these dogs and are interested in having them as pets.

Some people simply want to know the cost of raising these dogs from puppyhood to get an idea of their future as owners.

With the help of my own experience as well as conversations with other Weim owners, I have created estimates on the costs of taking care of Weimaraner dogs.

How much does a Weimaraner puppy cost? Average Weimaraner prices taken from reputable sources range from $700 to $1,500. Show and champion descents of the said breed can exceed $3,000, and these are due to the genetics passed down by competition-winning parents.

Other factors could also increase or decrease your puppy’s prices but worry not since we will thoroughly discuss all of them.

Excluding puppy costs, we also need to look at other expenses. Such costs include initial item fees, monthly maintenance, annual maintenance, and additional services which may be required by you or your pet.

All of the things mentioned will appear in this article as lists and tables. This article was written for you to have an idea of what your journey would cost.

Factors Affecting the Price of Weimaraner Puppies

Due to the inherently aggressive nature of the breed, Weim owners need to have lots and lots of patience, commitment, and money.

Lesser prices for such breeds are as small as $700, but there are many variables that could increase their selling price.

It takes a commitment to raise these pets from puppyhood as they can be very challenging to deal with. Here are some considerations that might alter the cost of your puppy when you decide to buy one.

Breeder Quality

As strong breeds require a lot of physical and mental dealing, a breeder is an important factor that should be considered by potential Weim owners.

A dog’s source acts as the principal portion of its actual price, so you need to cautiously choose one. Buying from a breeder with a respected background would definitely improve your puppy’s prices as well as quality.

On the other hand, newbies will charge lower due to the lesser quality that they bring. The kinds of breeders commercially available will be discussed below, together with suggestions on where to get them.


Genetics play an important part in the personality of your dog. The aggressiveness and temperament of a Weimaraner are passed on from his folks.

This is something you should consider when buying your dog from a breeder. Because of this, Weims who come from generations which won shows will probably have their prices increased.

If you can, you should also check your future pup’s parents to see if you are compatible with them. This way, you will have foresight on your puppy’s adult life.

Breed Certification

Breed purity is greatly considered by dog owners. To ensure the quality of the breed, breeders can employ genetic tests to see the legitimacy of the puppy.

Bear in mind that parents of the said pup can also have a separate breed certification, and this could cost you additional cash.

Organizations such as the American Kennel Club give such certificates to breeders, and you could always ask them for a copy to prove your dog’s authenticity.

Disease Tests

Weimaraners are very active dogs. This helps them to be healthy in their lifetime. However, some breed-specific diseases could also threaten a Weim’s health.

These diseases include hip dysplasia, bloating, retinal problems, and entropion. To make sure that your puppy is free from these diseases, breeders could make use of medical tests. These tests are then added to the puppy cost as part of pre-ownership care.

Do not look at the tests as an additional financial burden. Instead, make it a habit to see this as an investment in your journey as an owner.

In the long run, it’s you and your puppy who will benefit from such added costs. It is always better to be safe rather than to be sorry.

Other Treatments

Other treatments that might increase the initial cost of a puppy are the removal of ticks and worms. We hate to have these parasites on our beloved pets as future owners.

High-quality breeders make sure that these annoying buggers never get a hold of your pups, but the price may increase slightly.

They can also give the puppies the core vaccine shots they need. Again, rather than a needless waste of money, see this as an opportunity for investment.

Good source of Weimaraners makes use of all the factors that I have set out. These people guarantee that your dog is in tip-top shape with the help of certificates, checks, and even further treatment.

My Weim cost me around $900. This may sound a bit high-priced, but my puppy had all the paperwork and documentation with him. I trusted my puppy to be of high quality, and the presented documents helped me feel safe.

Types of Weimaraner Breeders: Cheapest to Costliest

Having a good puppy supplier is very important for a future Weim owner. Many of them are out there, yet only a few properly raise a Weimaraner from a puppyhood.

I compiled a list of the various puppy outlets classified from the worst to the best.

Puppy Mills

Future owners should never fall into the hands of puppy mills. Puppy factories operate as pet factories, generating mass numbers of dogs and distributing them at very low prices.

The health needs of Weim and the necessary socialization are never taken into consideration by these organizations.

Their profits depend more on their large number of puppies, and therefore, they don’t really care about the early life of a Weim. They exploit dogs as pure cash sources.

Buying from a puppy mill can save you lots of money. They sell from around $200 to $500. As tempting as it may seem, it still presents more dangers than advantages.

In the longer term, due to large health care expenses, you’ll most probably end up with troublesome bills. Also, they don’t even give out proper documents like medical tests, certifications, and treatments.

I am not recommending these sources because they are organizations who abuse animals.

Backyard Breeders

Backyard breeders are yet another Weimaraner source. These are dog owners who have little or no background in Weim raising. They become owners only because of accidents.

These situations include an unforeseen dog pregnancy, which in turn leads them to have extra pups at home. They attempt to sell their Weim puppies to minimize their further financial responsibilities.

Rates from these sources span from $500 to $700, which is a little lower than the average Weim purchase price.

Yes, their reasons could be good, but the fact they are inexperienced still doesn’t change. Weims need to have the best upbringing as puppies, and they require optimal living conditions.

I recommend that you do not buy from them. In the future, you might end up spending more money due to their incompetence in pre-ownership.

Reputable Breeders

The best sources for Weimaraners are reputable breeders. These are breeders who have built up credibility over the years due to their notable performance and genuineness in the field.

They treat puppies with proper nutrition and social interaction, which are two things that are important for a hunting dog’s early days.

They also present full documents, medical examinations, and accreditations to confirm the health and breed purity of your Weim.

Their prices are quite high, ranging from $700 to $1,500. They can also offer champion line Weims which can reach up to $3,000.

However, these costs are mainly because of the pre-ownership services which they employed on their puppies. I got my Weim for $900 at a respected local breeder, and I was greatly satisfied with my choice.

I have never met any major diseases concerning my dog, and it is thanks to my breeder’s expertise in raising pups. I recommend future owners to get their dogs from respected breeders, as they will greatly benefit from it.

Initial Costs of Weimaraner Ownership

With the costs laid out, I’m sure that you’re very excited to get your hands on these energetic doggies. Before that, let us first view some initial items which your dog would need.

These items should come with your puppy purchase, as they are products that your dog would use. This is the breakdown of my one-time buys for my puppy.

Item TypeCostTOTAL COST$450

These values will change with your preference. As you get more and more acquainted with your cute little Weim, you will also learn what best suits him. The items on the table only serve as estimates to help you have a glimpse.

My First-Year Expenses as a Weimaraner Owner

Separate from the costs of puppy acquisition and some one-time purchase products, it is also important that we look at your would-be first-year expenses.

These spendings will be higher as you begin, but they will gradually lower in the following years.

The initial items won’t really require replacement unless they get completely torn.

Also, if you got your dog from a respected source, your medical bills would remain consistently low since you won’t be facing major health problems.

Item TypeCostTOTAL COST$3,250

The majority of your first-year expenses will be eaten up by the puppy cost. For this reason, future owners should really be careful in picking their puppy sources.

Here are some adjustments I could have made in my first year to reduce my first-year expenses.

Avoiding signing up for obedience classes: Professional training for Weims is not really a requirement, but it is highly recommended.

This dog’s innate hunting instincts could smell trouble for small children and pets in the household, so they need to be properly socialized at a young age.

Training also helps muffle their highly aggressive behaviors, helping them become more disciplined. Since these dogs are highly intelligent, they easily adapt to training programs.

I only employed my dog in a once a week $50 session which ran for 10 weeks. When I felt that I had gained the necessary lessons to properly deal with my dog, I stopped going to classes.

If you think that you can handle your dog on your own, then you could choose to neglect professional training. I will warn you in advance that it is a very hard task that requires tons of patience.

Giving my Weim less treats: Treats are also part of my Weim training. With treats, my Weim is positively reinforced to do my desired commands because they would expect a reward.

Training or not, I love giving treats to my dog as it helps us build a better connection with each other. You could choose to lessen dog treats in your journey as an owner but remember to make the most out of this simple item.

Medical choices: My insurance was a $35 initial payment with a $15 monthly installment. I found it sufficient for my dog’s need as I knew that he will be generally healthy.

Insurance programs vary due to the difference in service providers as well as localities. You can always opt for more expensive programs if you feel that there is a need to.

Weimaraner Monthly Expenses

Don’t be discouraged by the high first-year spending, as it will gradually decrease. As time went by, my monthly Weim maintenance only consisted of food, insurance fee, as well as treats.

Type of ExpenseCostTOTAL COST$100

Weimaraners are very active dogs. This causes them to quickly deplete energy levels especially when running or hunting around. There is a great need to replenish their muscles and hunger with protein-based diets. Protein helps in restoring energy, as well as sustaining our dogs for the day.

Weims could eat one cup of food for two or three times a day, and this could cause their food stocks to run out easily. To counter this, I always buy extra food packs to ensure that my dog always eats properly.

In moments wherein the reserved food won’t be used, I just carry them off as consumption for the next month.

Weimaraners are very low maintenance dogs in terms of hygiene. For grooming, light brushing could help maintain your dog’s coat. These dogs only need to bathe if ever they get stuck in very dirty surfaces such as mud.

You should always check for ear problems once a week. Furthermore, nail clipping should be done twice a month to prevent them from unknowingly scratching people.

Make grooming an enjoyable experience by adding treats to your routine. This way, your Weim would see hygiene as a relaxing activity.

It is also recommended for any dog owners to have an emergency fund. This way, we won’t be caught off-guard with unexpected circumstances.

A $20 to $30 monthly budget is good enough, but you could always increase yours. I did not include this item in my list since I was not able to use it.

My breeder assured me that I would not make any major health incidents due to the quality assurance that he gave.

Additional Expenses

There are some extra expenditures that your dog could utilize. I did not include them on the list, but you might find them useful in the future.

Dog care services: Weims are hunting dogs that need large amounts of physical stimulation. Without that, they could get pretty aggressive. If you have a day job and are unable to meet this requirement, then getting a caretaker might be a solution.

Choose someone you trust, like a relative or a neighbor, so that you won’t meet incompatibility problems. Remember to acquaint your dog first with the carer before the session, so that your dog might also trust that person.

Pet shipping fees: Sometimes, our preferred breeder is far from us. This could require us to fetch our dog by air or by land. The cost of this travel could reach up to $500, and you’d have lesser time in confirming your dog’s quality.

As much as possible, I recommend that you opt for a local breeder, as you’ll have more leverage to check on your pup’s conditions as well as parents.

Finding Products for Your Weimaraner

The best Weim products are those items which consider the breed’s traits and characteristics. They need to complement or withstand a Weim’s high energy levels as well as aggressiveness.

Here are the common items which we will need on our journey:

  • Harness and leash
  • Food and water bowls
  • Interactive and durable toys
  • Crate and bed
  • Grooming tools
  • Quality dog food


Weimaraner food, like any other dog food, should always follow standards set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). You may want to go to this link to find out some suitable dog foods for your Weimaraner.

A protein-based diet with a little fat is highly recommended so that your dog will be sustained throughout the day. It also has to be all-natural with zero preservatives.

My Weim is simply a fan of the Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Dry Dog Food. It is a superb meal containing portions of buffalo meat combined with some vegetables. A food pack ranges from $50 to $70, and it really is a good deal.

Doggie Items

Weims can get pretty aggressive. Thus, it is great to direct and guide them especially during walks. For me, I chose a chest-based harness rather than a neck-based one.

It provides more comfort and even prevents choking or gagging. The PetSafe 3 in 1 harness is my dog’s go-to equipment. Priced at $40, it becomes a good and comfortable product to guide my dog to where I want him to go.

In choosing your Weim’s safe spot, you should always look at beds and crates. Beds provide additional comfort and cushion, but they don’t have the ability to keep your Weim in place.

On the other hand, a crate might seem more cramped, but it also provides an avenue to control your pet’s roaming habits. Both of these products could reach prices up to $60.

Getting an interactive toy is important for Weims. As highly intelligent dogs, they benefit greatly from mental stimulation.

For toys, my Weim is in love with the StarMark collaborative dog toy which also helps as a treat machine. The product aids my Weim to be encouraged mentally and physically, and it only costs $12.

Dog Treats

My dog’s favorite treat is Zuke’s Mini Natural Treat. It helps maintain my Weimaraner’s calmness. It is an all-natural exercise treat that is made from duck meat and other essential vegetables.

It helps in positively reinforcing my dog in training. It costs around $15, which is a very reasonable price.

Final Thoughts

Weimaraners are very beautiful dogs who deserve the world. Their loyalty needs to be reciprocated with our efforts as an owner.

With the aid of this guide, you will be better equipped as a future family member of your Weim. Enjoy running around with your beloved Weimaraner!

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