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If you are on the lookout to purchase or adopt a Cane Corso puppy, you should be aware of all of the associated vet fees, training and grooming expenses, supplies and food prices, as well as the cost of the pup itself.

In this article, we will provide all of this information and more. After reading our “how much does a Cane Corso cost?” guide, you will have a precise estimate on the cost of owning and raising a dog of this breed.

A Cane Corso Italiano puppy will most likely cost between $700 and $2,500, with the average price tag being $1,500. For the first-year expenses, you can expect to pay around $4,500, and each year after that will cost around $1,900 ($159 per month).

These numbers are based on a list of essentials, such as training, medical expenses, food, treats, supplies, microchip, licenses, and grooming.

In addition, if you wish to neuter/spay your pup, send him or her to a boarding facility one week every year, buy pet insurance, and employ a dog walker every working day, the total cost of owning one of these pups could rise to between $58,400 and $122,700.

This is the estimated amount you can expect to pay throughout your Cane Corso’s lifespan, which is approximately eleven years. And, of course, the higher end of the price range goes for premium services and products that you might want to purchase, especially if you are living in expensive areas of the world.

A brief introduction to the Cane Corso breed

Italian Cane-Corso dog lying outdoors

These large pups are one of many Mastiff-type dogs. This particular one was developed in Italy and is believed to have descended from Roman war dogs.

The Cane Corso is more lightly built than its cousin, the Neapolitan Mastiff, and was bred to guard property, hunt game, and be an all-around farmhand.

The first litter of Cane Corsos was brought to the United States in 1988, followed by a second litter in 1989.

Today, these large dogs are mostly used as guard dogs and watchdogs, similar to German Shepherds and Rottweilers.

How much does a Cane Corso puppy cost?

Two adorable Cane Corso Italiano puppies

We have combed through over 330 ads from reliable sources like PuppyFind and the American Kennel Club (AKC) to figure out the average price for Cane Corso puppies under six months of age.

This average price is around $1,500, and roughly 80% of the puppies we’ve seen fell between the $700 and $2,500 price tag. However, you should know that some show-quality Cane Corsi were priced as high as $5,500.

If you decide to buy a dog of this breed, we suggest doing some research to find a responsible, reputable breeder or shelter. This will have a significant impact on your dog’s long-term well-being and health. On the other hand, adopting one of these pups can be a much more viable option, with rehoming fees typically being between $50 and $500 depending on where you live.

How much is a Cane Corso puppy: factors affecting the price

Registration papers/pedigree

black cane corso in the blossoming park

Some breeders you come across are members of various kennel clubs, the most famous of them being the American Kennel Club (AKC), which we mentioned earlier. These breeders often have their breeding stock and puppies registered, which adds to their price tag.

Purebred or mixed

Generally speaking, mixed-breeds are sold at a lower price than purebred dogs. However, some mixed-breed dogs can be more expensive than either of their parent breeds – this is most commonly the case with mixed breed dogs labeled as hypoallergenic.

Bloodline and breeder’s reputation

If the parents of your future pup are purebred, show quality dogs and come from a reputable breed, you can expect to pay a lot more. These breeders tend to invest more money than others in taking care of their breeding stock and puppies, which also adds to their fees.

Medical expenses and health screenings

Responsible breeders will have their dogs and puppies tested for different health conditions. Furthermore, some of them will take their puppies to the vet for an exam, vaccinations, microchip implantation, and deworming prior to selling them.

Training and socialization

Some breeders sell their pups only after they are properly socialized and trained. This increases the puppy’s price but generates savings as you probably won’t have to invest in more training. Also, it increases the chances of having a well-behaved adult dog.


Italian Cane-Corso dog lying outdorors

Since most people wish to acquire a puppy as young as possible, prices tend to drop as the dog gets older. For instance, a six-month-old puppy of a particular breed is likely to be less expensive than an eight-week-old one of the same breed.

Breed popularity and your location

Local supply and demand will certainly have an impact on puppy prices. For example, small dog breeds are usually more popular in metropolitan areas where people spend their time in smaller spaces. Some dog breeds are more popular where hunting is a thing, while others are more appreciated in colder climates. This is why you should research puppy prices in different locations and see if you can buy where the price is lower. However, buying a dog without seeing it or at least meeting the breeder and visiting the kennel beforehand can be risky.

Coat color and markings

Coat color and pattern trends can change quickly. For most breeds, some colors are more popular than others, often just temporarily. When it comes to Cane Corsi, brindle might have been the preferred coat color pattern for a long time, only to be replaced by fawn or red. When the interest for a specific color grows, dogs get more expensive as the increase in demand leads to a higher price. Additionally, only specific colors and color combinations of purebred dogs are accepted by kennel clubs.

How much does a Cane Corso cost: supplies

dog cane Corso walking

To answer the question “how much does a Cane Corso cost?” first, we have to look at what supplies these dogs need. For these large dogs, supplies generally entail several necessary items.

In the following list, you will have a detailed look at what products a Cane Corso needs through the course of its first year. The supplies your Cane Corso puppy needs for its first year add up to a $500 expense on average.

The price range is between $250 and $930 depending on where you live, the stores that are accessible to you, as well as the brands you choose.

Supplies PricesRangeAverage Cost Food & Water Bowls$10-$40$20 Leash$10-$30$15 Dog Collars (x2)$10-$40$20 Dog Bed$30-$110$60 Dog Crate$50-$165$90 ID Tag with Phone Number$5-$20$10 Pooper Scooper$10-$30$20 Plastic Poop Bags$15-$110$55 Stain and Odor Removal Spray$5-$20$10 Toys$50-$155$90 House Training Pads$15-$45$25 Brush$5-$45$15 First-Aid Kit$15-$50$30 Tooth-Brushing Kit$5-$15$10 Toenail Clippers$5-$30$15 Shampoo$5-$20$10

As your Cane Corso grows, the supply costs go down. For each year after your puppy’s first, you can expect the expenses to be in the $105 to $410 range, averaging at $230. In general, you will have to buy a new bed, poop bags, shampoo, tooth-brushing gear, and toys every year.

Total Supplies CostRangeAverage Cost First Year$245-$925$500 Subsequent Years$105-$410$230

On top of this, you may want products that are not accounted for in this list. These products can be anything from clothing, fences, muzzles, and playpens to harnesses and anti-chew sprays. If you wish to save some money, you can always make a trip to second-hand stores and websites and see if they have the stuff you need.

How much does a Cane Corso cost: training

woman training Cane Corso dog at the beach

According to expert animal behaviorists, training is highly recommended for the Cane Corso breed and will cost between $700 and $1,000.

The training should include three to five private lessons for positive leadership, which costs between $500 and $800.

Additionally, your Cane Corso will need five 1-hour group training sessions to provide the necessary socialization and housebreaking, which usually costs between $150 and $200.

How much do Cane Corsos cost: medical expenses

According to licensed veterinarians, first-year medical costs for a Cane Corso dog should be around $640. Even if the number of times you take your pup to the clinic is lower for each year that follows, the cost of medical expenses as your dog gets bigger drives the yearly costs to $750. Neuter/spay and gastropexy procedures will cost another $250 to $900 in medical bills.

Medical CostRangeAverage Cost First-Year Vet Cost$440-$830$635 Gastropexy$200-$400$300 Spay/Neuter$50-$500$275 Adult Yearly Vet Cost$475-$1,025$750

How much a Cane Corso costs: first-year vet expenses

Formidable cane corso is lying on orange leaves in the autumn park

When it comes to first-year vet costs, a Cane Corso owner should expect to pay between $60 and $170 for each of the three necessary visits. The first one is usually scheduled at about eight weeks of age.

These visits will cover the usual exams, essential vaccines including rabies, the first doses of flea and heartworm prevention, as well as fecal examination. Most dog owners also purchase flea and heartworm prevention medication for the rest of the year. These cost around $100 to $125 and $75 to $120, respectively.

Some Cane Corso dogs may also need additional vaccines depending on their lifestyle and activities:

• Influenza: if your Cane Corso pup goes to doggy daycare or is boarded/kenneled often, and if the kennels or daycare require it due to intermittent influenza outbreaks, the cost of this vaccine is around $70 to $90 for two doses.

• Leptospirosis: If your Corso is exposed to wildlife, goes on hikes or camping trips often, or plays in lakes, puddles, or ponds, he will need the leptospirosis vaccine. This usually costs around $15 to $25 and is sometimes already included in the visit.

• Lyme disease: if your Cane Corso pup frequently goes on camping or hiking trips or lives in a wooded area or on a farm, it will need Lyme vaccines. They usually cost around $60 to $80 for two doses.

Some Cane Corso owners also decide to neuter/spay their canine companions. Veterinary clinics usually charge $200 to $500 to perform these procedures on this dog breed. It might be possible to find places that will do this for as low as $50 to $100, depending on your location. And, you should know that the procedure is usually more expensive for female dogs (spay) than males (neuter).

For large, deep-chested canines like Cane Corsi, we would advise performing a gastropexy at the time of their neuter or spay procedure to prevent the possibility of GDV later in life. GDV or gastric dilatation and volvulus, also known as bloat, is a life-threatening condition that must be surgically corrected. The gastropexy procedure adds between $200 and $400 to the neuter/spay bill.

How much do Cane Corso dogs cost: following years expenses

cane corso puppy lying on the grass

Photo from:@ace__canecorso.americanbullyxl

Dog experts usually expect owners to bring their adult Cane Corso to the clinic for an annual checkup. Annual visits are usually priced between $130 and $270 and include the exam, vaccines, and a heartworm test. They also include blood work for middle-aged and senior dogs to detect any potential issues early on.

Additionally, you can expect to pay for heartworm and flea prevention medication, which usually fall in the $225 to $350 and $125 to $250 ranges, respectively, for these big dogs.

Yearly booster shots for the optional lifestyle vaccines we mentioned above will add $15 to $45 each to the veterinary bill. And, lastly, some pups may require a fecal examination, which costs an extra $40 to $50. But, this is mainly if your pet is exposed to wildlife or other dogs or shows inconsistent stool quality.

Cane Corso health problems

Not all representatives of the Cane Corso breed will have the following health issues, but as a responsible owner, you should be aware of them if you are thinking about owning one of these dogs.

Health ProblemLikelihoodTreatment Cost Elbow DysplasiaMedium$2,000-$3,500 Hip DysplasiaMedium$500-$13,000 Eye AbnormalitiesHigh$800-$1,500 Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus (GDV)High$1,500-$3,000 ArthritisHigh$200-$500 per month

The price range we listed for hip dysplasia is very wide because of the variety of treatment options there are. Conservative treatment, including physical therapy and pain management, is usually the cheapest alternative costing $500 to $2,500 per year. On the other hand, a total hip replacement costs around $5,000 to $6,500 per affected hip. This ailment can affect a dog of this breed at any age.

The price we listed for elbow dysplasia is the cost estimate for surgery per elbow.

Arthritis: the monthly expense estimate is for various pain medications and joint supplements as well as physical therapy and acupuncture if needed.

The main eye abnormalities you should be on the lookout for in this large breed are entropion and ectropion. Both of these ailments require a surgical correction which can add $800 to $1,500 to your Cane Corso price.

Cane Corsi are also prone to a certain skin condition called demodectic mange caused by mites.

A second veterinarian opinion on Cane Corsos

In this section, we cover another aspect that can increase the figure we get when we look at the question “how much does a Cane Corso cost?”

Preventive care for the first year

Strongly RecommendedCost Estimate Fecal Test (2 times)$45 each Exam & Vaccinations (3 to 4 sets)$150 each set Flea and Tick Prevention$45 monthly

When we add this together, preventive medical care for your Cane Corso puppy’s first year will cost around $1,190.

OptionalCost Estimate Spay (female)$350 Castration (male)$250 Gastropexy (at the time of sterilization)$300 Gastropexy (alone)$900

Preventive care for adults each year

Strongly RecommendedCost Estimate Heartworm Test$35 Annual Exam & Vaccinations$250 Flea and Tick Prevention$45 monthly Heartworm Prevention$20 monthly

For your adult Cane Corso, yearly basic preventive care expenses should be around $1,070 at most clinics.

OptionalCost Estimate Blood Work & Urinalysis$200 Heartworm Tick-Borne Disease Test$75 Radiographs to Detect Heart Disease$350 Radiographs to Detect Hip Dysplasia$350 Radiographs to Screen for Cancer$500 Dental Cleaning (zero to multiple extractions)$300-$1,200

How much does a Cane Corso cost: health insurance

Cane corso dog in the garden

Another piece in our “how much does a Cane Corso cost?” puzzle is dog health insurance. Owners usually enroll their dogs in a health insurance plan as a safety measure against unexpected costs, making budgeting much easier.

The North American Pet Health Insurance Association’s latest State of the Industry report shows that the average annual price for illness and accident coverage plans round at about $565. If you want an accident-only plan, the average price is around $200. But, you should contact your local pet insurance companies to get an accurate number.

It is possible to get complete health coverage with certain insurance companies, but it gets much more expensive. If you are wondering whether or not you should get your Cane Corso insured, we have some guidelines you can check out to help you make the decision. Keep in mind that this could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

As we’ve seen above, some of the medical problems these Italian Mastiffs face can be quite expensive to treat. After all, they are purebred dogs and have higher incidences of inherited disorders than mixed-breed dogs.

That said, no dog owner should have to make crucial decisions about their pet’s well-being based on their ability to afford care. This is why dog and pet insurance, in general, is becoming more popular each year in the United States.

We know that when comparing pet insurance plans, price is a significant factor, but you should also consider the following:

• Reimbursements percentage and limits

• Deductible type (per year or per incident) and amount

• Services included – hospitalization, surgery, medications, emergency visits, cancer treatments, specialists, pre-existing conditions, and others.

• When the coverage starts.

The price of insurance will vary depending on multiple factors, such as your dog’s breed, location, age, and the plan you choose. You can compare insurance prices on comparison websites like PetInsuranceReview.

How much should I feed my Cane Corso?

Cane Corsi are large-size dogs and grow to be 105 pounds on average (usually 90 to 115 pounds). Owners of this breed can expect to pay between $290 and $580 per year for a puppy and $210 to $640 per year for an adult dog for food.

In fact, adult dogs of this breed tend to consume more than 400 pounds of dry food annually. The following cost estimations were made using the prices of some of the most popular dog food brands, including Pedigree, Blue Buffalo, and Purina.

Yearly Food CostRangeAverage Cost Puppy$290-$585$430 Adult Dog$210-$640$390

Most dog owners feed their canine companions treats on a daily basis. These treats can be as expensive, if not more than dog food itself.

Treats CostRangeAverage Cost Yearly Treats$130-$720$350

The cost estimation for treats is based on the premise that your furry friend gets one big treat every day. If you decide to give your pup one treat every other day, you can divide these amounts by two. If you want to give your dog treats once a week, divide them by seven, and so on.

How much does it cost to feed a Cane Corso?

The table below compares the price of 380 pounds of dry puppy food from four popular dog food brands. This is the average quantity needed for the first year.

Puppy Food BrandsQuantity per BagNumber of Bags/YearUnit PriceTotal Price Pedigree – Puppy36 lb.11$26$286 Blue Buffalo – Puppy30 lb.13$44$572 Purina – Puppy Chow36 lb.11$28$308 Purina One – Smart Blend Puppy16.5 lb.24$22$524

When your Cane Corso reaches adulthood, you will need to buy around 420 pounds of dry food every year.

Adult Food BrandsQuantity per BagNumber of Bags/Year Unit PriceTotal Price Pedigree – Adult50 lb.9$25$225 Blue Buffalo – Adult30 lb.14$45$630 Purina – Dog Chow50 lb.9$23$207 Purina One – Smart Blend40 lb.11$40$440

Note that dog food is perishable but can be stored for longer periods of time. So, you should consider bulk-purchasing food for your pup to save some money. You should also always consult your vet to determine the most appropriate diet for your Cane Corso.

Example of a more expensive premium brand

Royal CaninQuantity per BagNumber of Bags/YearUnit PriceTotal Price Puppy35 lb.11$74$814 Adult35 lb.12$69$828

Cane Corso grooming

cane Corso in the Park on the green lawn

According to professional dog groomers, Cane Corsi are easy to groom, and many owners will be able to do it themselves. If you do decide to take your Cane Corso pup to a professional groomer instead, you can expect up to six visits to a grooming salon each year to keep your dog healthy and happy.

In general, one trip to a grooming salon should be anywhere between $45 and $65 for a large dog like a Cane Corso.

Professional dog grooming services usually include bathing and shampooing, hair removal (if needed), styling, brushing, nail trimming, eye and ear cleaning, and teeth brushing.

Prices will vary depending on the products used and the grooming time needed for your pup, which is determined by the services requested as well as your dog’s age, health, size, behavior, and coat condition.

If you wish to do the grooming at home, you will need to acquire some grooming equipment to make the process effective and easy. You can expect to spend anywhere between $25 and $290 on a grooming kit, with the average price being $75.

Additional costs of owning a Cane Corso

Additional CostsRangeAverage Cost Microchip$25-$50$40 License$10-$20$15 Dog Boarding (per day)$25-$85$40 Dog Walking (per walk)$15-$25$20


A microchip is a great way to identify your dog, and it is required in many U.S. states. Costs range from $25 to $50. A microchip implant will make it easier to identify a lost or stolen dog and quickly notify its owner. These implants also allow dogs to be on some emergency and medical databases.


We would recommend licensing your Cane Corso as it can be illegal, depending on territory and state legislation, to own an unlicensed pup. Apart from this, it makes identification much easier. A license usually falls in the $10 to $20 range, and they can be more expensive if the pup is not neutered or spayed.

Dog walking

Cane Corsi are big, energetic family pets that require a fair amount of exercise. If you cannot dedicate the time to take your dog outdoors during the day, you should hire a professional dog walker to do it for you.

On average, a dog walker will charge $15 to $25 for a thirty-minute walk and $20 to $50 for an hour-long walk. This, however, depends on your location and available dog walkers near you. If you are planning on having your dog professionally walked on a regular basis, make sure to include this expense into your budget. Also, if your Cane Corso is not properly socialized, it might need private walks, which tend to be more expensive.


Dog boarding services are a great option in case of extended travel plans. Expect to pay between $25 and $85 per day, depending on location, time of year, and services offered. Just make sure to book in advance, especially during holidays, or you risk losing an available spot for your dog and better rates.

Another option is to have friends or family host your Cane Corso Italiano while you are away. Although, this is not always the easiest thing to do when it comes to extra-large dogs like these.

The third thing you can do is to take your Cane Corso with you as some train companies and airlines offer this option. But, planning is essential as you will have to submit a formal request in advance, and available spots can be limited. The cost of taking your pet with you will vary depending on numerous factors, and it is almost impossible to estimate it. It can only be calculated on a case-to-case basis.

The yearly and monthly costs of owning a Cane Corso

The cost of a Cane Corso puppy during its first year

On average, using the numbers we listed above, we have estimated that the cost of raising a Cane Corso Italiano puppy for the first year falls in the $2,530 to $7,005 range.

The average cost of owning one of these puppies is around $4,500, and most of these expenses will have to be accounted for before you welcome the dog into your home or early on during its first year.

First-Year CostsRangeAverage Cost Puppy$700-$2,500$1,500 Training$700-$1,000$850 Supplies$245-$925$495 Medical$440-$830$635 Grooming$0-$390$195 Food & Treats$410-$1,290$770 License$10-$20$15 Microchip$25-$50$40 Total$2,530-$7,005$4,500

As a Cane Corso owner, you might want to consider other costs introduced below.

Optional First-year CostsRangeAverage Cost Gastropexy$200 – $400$300 Spay/Neuter$50 – $500$275 Dog Walking (30 minutes per day)$15 – $25$20 Dog Boarding (per day)$25 – $85$40 Insurance$350 – $780$565

If you choose to neuter/spay your Cane Corso dog, buy insurance, board your pup for a week and hire a dog walker every weekday for 42 weeks in a year, your expenses will increase significantly, rising to the $6,460 to $14,535 range.

Potential First-Year CostRangeAverage Cost With Neuter/Spay and Insurance$3,130 – $8,685$5,640 With Spay/Neuter, Insurance, Dog Walking and Dog Boarding$6,460 – $14,535$10,120

The yearly and monthly cost for an adult Cane Corso

After the puppy years, the cost of raising a dog of this breed goes down. You can expect the yearly cost for maintaining a Cane Corso Italiano to fall within the $920 to $3,190 mark (around $77 to $266 monthly).

Adult Yearly CostsRangeAverage Cost Supplies$105-$410$225 Food & Treats$330-$1,345$725 Grooming$0-$390$195 Medical$475-$1,025$750 License$10-$20$15 Total$920-$3,190$1,910

And, once again, if you choose to hire a professional dog walker for 50 weeks of the year and board your dog for a week, your costs are going to grow significantly. If you add insurance, the cost of each year ends up in the $5,200 to $10,820 range.

Potential Adult Yearly CostRangeAverage Cost With Insurance$1,270-$3,970$2,475 With Insurance, Dog Walking, and Dog Boarding$5,200-$10,820$7,755

​​​​How much do Cane Corso dogs cost – total

On average, these large dogs live close to eleven years (usually nine to twelve years). This puts the total cost of ownership between $11,730 and $38,905, with an average cost of $23,600.

Total Cost of Ownership (11 years)RangeAverage Cost Cane Corso Italiano$11,730-$38,905$23,600

With optional procedures and services mentioned earlier in our “how much does a Cane Corso cost?” guide, the average total cost of owning one of these giants could rise as high as $87,670 over the eleven-year lifespan.

Potential Total Cost of Ownership (11 years)RangeAverage cost With Spay/Neuter and Insurance $15,830-$48,385$30,390 With Spay/Neuter, Insurance, Dog Walking, and Dog Boarding$58,405-$122,680$87,670

Where to find a Cane Corso dog

cane Corso dog lying on the leaves in park

Technically speaking, anyone can breed a dog. With some resources, an average person can take up breeding and succeed in doing it. But, the truth of the matter is that not everyone should be a breeder.

Basically, there are three types of breeders you can come across, and only one of them is classified as a good choice. The type of breeder you get your Cane Corso puppy from is probably the most significant factor in determining just how much a Cane Corso will cost.

Puppy mills

Apart from adopting, puppy mills are probably the next go-to place for getting cheap dogs. These organizations are usually referred to as commercial breeders. Their primary motive is making a profit, so they give little to no care about quality.

Puppies that are bred here are often shipped to pet stores all over the country or sold to buyers directly via online or newspaper ads.

When the puppies are old enough, they are cleaned up and sent to buyers or pet stores. The breeding stock, however, never catches a break. Breeding dogs are kept at the mill to produce offspring after offspring in the worst possible conditions.

As a result of these horrible conditions, pups bought from puppy mills tend to have certain health issues. Examples include epilepsy, endocrine disorders, distemper, deafness, heart disease, fleas, eye problems, mange, and a lot more. This translates into high veterinary bills for whoever purchases such puppies.

Backyard breeders

These breeders should not be confused with hobby breeders. Backyard breeders are those who keep a number of dogs and let them breed or just breed them deliberately.

They have little to no understanding or concern about the dog breed standard, genetics, health maintenance, and socialization with other dogs.

This type of breeder is not in the business of improving the breed, and most of them usually expand and become puppy millers. You should avoid buying any breed of dog from this type of breeder if you can.

Reputable Cane Corso breeders

italian cane corso standing on the grass

By far, these are the best breeders and an excellent source for getting your new family member. These breeders are dedicated to bettering the dog breeds they are into and do not do it just for profit and gain.

Responsible breeders always care about the health and well-being of the breeding dogs as well as their puppies, and you can rest assured they will only offer high-quality dogs for sale. They are also honest about their dogs’ temperaments and physical traits and will inform you about various diseases the breed is prone to.

Finding a cheaper Cane Corso

If you think that the price of a Cane Corso is too much for you, there are other options. For instance, there are many Cane Corso rescue groups and animal shelters that find, rehabilitate, and care for homeless dogs of this breed.

Websites such as Cane Corso Association of America – Rescue offer you a chance to pay very little to get a Cane Corso dog.

You can also find adult Corsos on pet adoption websites. These options are great, especially for families without children, since you cannot always account for the dog’s background.

How much does it cost to own a Cane Corso – summary

Cane Corso laying in the park with tongue out

To conclude our “how much does a Cane Corso cost?” guide, we’ll offer you a summary in six questions.

1. How much is a Cane Corso puppy?

On average, a puppy of this breed will cost $1,500 in the United States. Most of them can be found between $700 and $2,500. The price of each puppy depends on the breeder, the pup’s location, bloodline, color, and age, among other things.

2. How much are dog supplies?

Every new owner should expect an initial investment between $245 and $925 in supplies when welcoming a dog of this size. Every year, the cost of renewing some of the supplies should fall in the $105 to $410 range. These prices will vary depending on stores, brands, location, and product quality.

3. Do these dogs need training, and how much will it cost?

Having a dog of this breed professionally trained is generally recommended. This goes for both private and group training and should amount to around $700 to $1,000. For the Cane Corso breed, training should mainly focus on socialization, positive leadership, and house manners.

4. What is the cost of preventive medical care?

Preventive medical care should fall in the $440 to $830 price range for a puppy during the first year and around $475 to $1,025 for each adult year. This, however, does not include neuter, spay, and gastropexy procedures, which usually cost $200 to $500 and $200 to $400, respectively.

5. How much does feeding a Cane Corso cost?

A puppy of this breed will eat about 380 pounds, whereas an adult will munch on close to 420 pounds of dry food yearly. This puts the annual expenses between $285 and $815 for a puppy and $205 to $830 for an adult Cane Corso.

6. Does a Cane Corso need professional grooming, and how much will it cost?

Luckily, grooming a dog of this breed is easy enough that most owners should be able to tackle it without a problem. But, if you prefer having your dog professionally groomed, expect to pay from $45 to $65 for each visit to a grooming salon. With the recommended six visits a year, the cost can quickly add up.

The cost of owning a Cane Corso: final thoughts

italian cane corso lying outdoors alone

We hope that our article has given you an answer to the question, “how much does a Cane Corso cost?”. Now, all you need to do is figure out if you can afford to have one of these giants as your family pet.

Their appearance may be intimidating, but they are sweet and gentle dogs that love to cuddle and play with their humans. But, they do need a firm and loving owner to show them the right way.

Obedience training classes are recommended for these dogs to help them become the best dogs they can be! So, if you think you can indulge in life with a Cane Corso by your side, you should go for it!

How Much Does A Cane Corso Cost Are These Dogs Expensive

How Much Does A Cane Corso Cost? Are These Dogs Expensive?

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