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how much is it to develop film at cvs

CVS Photo is one of the commercial arms of the CVS group, which is more popularly known for its chain of drugstores and good reputation as a provider of health care products and services. Branching out to a completely different area, the company has set its sights on photography by taking advantage of its many pharmacy branches which serve as pick up points for photo printing services and film developing. Most of the procedure is done online, which minimizes the need for face-to-face interaction aside from the pickup itself.

Below are the latest CVS photo prices – this includes both printing of digital photos and CVS film developing prices. Of course, if you are developing traditional film, you will need to drop that off in person.


Prints & Enlargements (In Hours)

4×6 (1-49)$0.29 4×6 (50+)$0.19 6×8 / 5×7$1.99 8×10$6.99

Prints & Enlargements (In Seconds)

4×6 (1-49)$0.32 4×6 (50+)$0.32 6×8 / 5×7$1.99 8×10$6.99

Photo Books

4×6$4.99 6×8$11.99 8×10$14.99 8 1/2×11 Double Sided*$19.99


4×8$0.75 5×7 Stationery Double Sided*$0.99 5×7 Folded Double Sided*$1.99


8×10$14.99 8 1/2×11 Double Sided*$19.99

Additional Products

Passport Photos$11.99 Picture CD (holds up to 100 images)$3.99 Kodak Archive DVD (holds up to 1600 images)$6.99 Kodak Picture Movie DVD (holds up to 60 images)$14.99

Film Processing

4″ Prints + FREE CD Singles 12 exp.$7.99 24 exp.$12.42 27 exp.$12.99 36 exp.$14.99 Doubles 12 exp.$9.99 24 exp.$15.85 27 exp.$16.99 36 exp.$19.99

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Products and Services

CVS photo prices vary depending on the particular product that you have in mind. Canvas printing, for example, would set you back around $13 while custom photo books could be purchased for as low as $5. Depending on what you would want and for whichever occasion it is intended to be used, finding the right product with a memorable photo as the center piece is easy with CVS Photo. Since most of the procedure is done online, which almost always starts with the upload of the photo you intend to use. You would have more time in choosing which product suits your needs best, instead of spending that same amount of time reaching a physical store. If you have no clue which product to start with, here are some ideas.

You will be surprised with what you could do with photos as memorabilia. Photo books are rather popular as gifts for special occasions such as Mother’s Day and the like. Using your photos for such a project effectively creates nostalgia, making it a rather personal and emotional gift. A stationery card would be a good choice for souvenir items which you intend to give away during special events such as weddings or baptisms.

If you want something which would serve as more than just a display, then you could have a custom made calendar displaying special moments from your life, or a friend’s if you intend to give it as a gift. On the other hand, custom phone and tablet cases have also been quite popular recently, with more and more clients opting for such a treat because of the ubiquity of such gadgets nowadays. If you want something more artistic, though, then you could always try a collage or some wall art like an enlarged version of your photo proudly displayed as an art piece.

Why Choose CVS Photo

CVS-Pharmacy-PhotoPrintPricesAside from affordable CVS photo prices you would also have the added benefit of easy access through a user-friendly website which is very easy to use. The advantage of this company over others, though, is the premium it puts on punctuality and schedule, with a special selection of its products geared towards speedy delivery, or what they like to call same day products which are available in certain stores. In addition, the company regularly offers various discounts for many of their products, as well as some perks for their loyal customers who just keep on coming back for more.

To view more information about CVS Photo, visit their website. For another local photo printing option, Costco also offers a wide variety of photo prints at excellent prices.

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