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Missing a person in a perfect photo? Now bring new life to your photos by adding a person to your landscape picture, to a group photo or any photo you want to place a people in. Even, we can add our loved deceased one to a photo to expand our memories.

Do we have to add a person to a photo with Photoshop, by moving back and forth between layers with great patience and necessary expertise on Adobe Photoshop? No, we don’t have to today.

This article explains 2 ways to add person to a photo without PS, one of them is free to use. Instructions apply to Mac and Windows computers only, not for mobile devices.

  • A Creative Way to Add Person to Photo without Photoshop Naturally
  • How to Add Person to Photo for Free?
  • Still Confused? We Make A YouTube Tutorial for You

A Creative Way to Add Person to Photo without Photoshop Naturally

With Luminar AI (for Mac and Windows), which is content aware, users get the simplest approach using one-click looks, universal and purpose-built tools to achieve great enhancements on images, as good as that editing photos in Adobe Photoshop. When adding someone to a picture with Luminar AI, this tool lets you blend the added person with your original photo naturally and seamlessly.

Luminar AI Standout Tools

  • One-click Luminar AI looks to change your photos in seconds.
  • Essential tools: light, color, black and white, denoise, detail enhancer, vignette, etc.
  • Creative tools: replace sky, add sunrays, apply dramatic/matte/mystical/glowing/foggy and other effects to your photo.
  • AI enhance portrait.
  • Professional tools: contrast, gradient, dodge & burn, split toning, photo filter, etc.
  • Local masking tools: add layer and edit mask (remove person or objects, paint).
  • Rate and organize images.
  • Export images, including Raw images to common formats.

How to Add Person to Photo without Photoshop?

  1. Grab a free copy of Luminar AI, install and open the app.
  2. Click +>Add Image to load your background photo (the one you want to add a person).add person to photo 1
  3. Then go to Local Masking tool>Add>Texture.add person to photo 2
  4. Click on Texture Selection>+, import the image which you want to add a person from.add person to photo 3
  5. Click on Place Texture to resize and reposition the person to match the background, you can also adjust the opacity to check where to place the person the best.add person to photo 4
  6. Click on Edit Mask>Paint Mask, click on Paint tool, adjust brush size, opacity and brush over the person to show it front.add person to photo 5
  7. Zoom in the person and its surroundings, use the Paint and Erase tool to show or remove mor details. Use the Space bar to change between brush tool and hand tool, use Ctrl+Z to redo.add person to photo 6
  8. Now, click on Edit Mask tool again to save the changes, check the Before After result.add person to photo 7
  9. Click Export to save the photo.add person to photo 8

How to Add Person to Photo for Free?

GIMP, the adobe-alike tool to edit photos, offers a free way to add someone to photo, it may take some time, but the job can also be done as delicately as possible. It has macOS and Windows versions.

How to add person to photo for free?

  1. Install and open the GIMP app on your desktop.
  2. Go to File>Open to import the photo which you add to add a person from.add person to photo free 1
  3. Choose the Path tools, click your mouse along the edge of the person to add anchors and outline the person selection. In the curved areas, add more anchors to keep the details. Before clicking on the original anchor to finish the outlining, press and hold Control key to tell the program that’s the end of the selection.add person to photo free 2
  4. Find the Paths panel in the right hand, right click on the path and choose Path to Selection.add person to photo free 3
  5. Go to Select>Invert.add person to photo free 4
  6. Go to Edit>Clear to remove the background.add person to photo free 5
  7. Then go to Select>Invert again.
  8. Right click on the person, choose Edit>Copy.add person to photo free 6
  9. Now go to File>Open to import the image you want to add the person.add person to photo free 7
  10. Right click on the photo, choose Edit>Paste the person.add person to photo free 7
  11. Choose the selection tool to move the position of the person.add person to photo free 9
  12. Right click on the person, choose Layer>Scale Layer to resize the person.add person to photo free 10
  13. You can adjust the layer size, click Scale to check the result and reposition the person if needed.add person to photo free 11
  14. Go to File>Export as to save the added person to your photo.add person to photo free 12

Still Confused? We Make A YouTube Tutorial for You

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