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How to connect iPhone to Bose Wave Radio?


At the beginning of the 21st century, specifically in the year 2004, the time when the iPod after great success in the previous years, found itself in the situation where its days were numbered due to the emergence of better smartphones on the market, which managed to convince people to have all the functions of a phone and a music player in one device. The founder of Apple Steve Jobs with his great vision realizes the enormous income he was obtaining with the iPod and iTunes and that they would be greatly reduced over time, for this reason, Apple decided to get down to business to face the market that was looming at the time.

It is then in 2005 when the company’s engineers began to investigate touch screens, with the direction of Steve Jobs the CEO of Apple, they decided to work continuously with Motorola that made disasters with its RAZR model, but this time they did not have much reach, so in the middle of 2006 after several years of research and with the aim of creating a new phone that caused a sensation, Steve Jobs showed the iPhone and the whole world was fascinated. Apple created this wonderful device with the help of the AT&T company which at that time was known as Cingular Wireless, with an approximate cost of 150 million dollars in a time of approximately 2 and a half years, finally in 2007 this wonderful phone and until today 11 models have passed which have had their followers and their detractors.

Here we can see how this wonderful device can be connected to others as it is in this case to the Bose Wave radio that with its incredible amplified sound system to a great extent the experience that many are used to obtaining this magical electronic equipment.

how to connect iphone to bose wave radio
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Connecting the iPhone to the Bose Wave Radio

It can be very simple using Bluetooth. You must use the remote control of the Bose radio, then you must press the button that says Bluetooth, once this is done you must go to the configuration part of the Bluetooth on your iPhone device and you must select the Wave system in the Bluetooth settings.

To balance with a Bluetooth device please follow these steps:

  1. With the Bluetooth terminal and SoundLink speaker turned on, press and hold the Bluetooth button on the speaker for three seconds to make it discoverable.
  2. Find the speaker in your Bluetooth device settings. This through Bluetooth, Wifi and also Auxiliary; with the latter, it is also very simple, since you can connect the iPhone directly to the auxiliary port on the back of the system, therefore all the sound of the iPhone will start through the Wave system.

If you are paying for a streaming service like Pandora, Amazon Music or Spotify, you can use an application called Soundtouch. After you have downloaded this application to your iPhone, it should guide you through the setup process.

If you run into a mishap with this, it is suggested that you contact your local Bose support team, they can help you configure your system for your intended use.

The Wi-Fi icon will only be available on the remote control for Wave SoundTouch Music System IV, it will not be an option on Wave Music System IV and Wave Radio IV. The reason for this is that the Wave SoundTouch Music System VI has the SoundTouch pedestal that enables Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. The Wi-Fi symbol is to switch to using this pedestal as input.


Having a range of functions in a single device is something great, but using a second device such as the Wave radio for the iPhone in this case greatly amplifies the sound of those songs or movies that can be had on our phone, as well as it helps to have a better experience when enjoying paid systems such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney plus and others.

Good material with great sound can help in the rapid mobilization of people when exercising or can also influence the mood at a party or simply in solitude.

This is why and more than knowing how to configure these electronic devices can help us in our daily life both emotionally, as in our work, or simply a social gathering.



After seeing how we can configure these two devices, our optics change and we see that everything becomes simpler, and at the same time, we manage to have a better range and performance in the different activities in which we can use them, both in the mandatory routine and in arcades.

With the use of technology as something normal, we enjoy better planning and work organization, professional and as a person, therefore technology gives us the tools and instruments necessary for the execution of the different situations and activities that we need.

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