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You spent a lot of money on your coffee machine, so we recommend taking a little time to clean it properly which will keep it not only looking nice but also functioning in good condition for many years to come.

Something you may not have known – Breville and Sage are actually the same. They are just different brand names for different markets. Sage is the name used for the UK market and Breville is used for the rest of the world. For some reason we like to call our brands something different here in the UK (think Vauxhall vs Opel cars).

Do check the instructions for your particular machine first, however, the following information will be able to help you with most Breville or Sage coffee/espresso machines as they share similar designs and features, such as:

  • Barista Express
  • Duo temp (Pro)
  • Bambino Plus
  • Barista Pro
  • Barista Touch
  • Dual Boiler
  • Oracle
  • Oracle Touch

Scroll to the bottom if you are here to download and print the free cleaning calendar.

We cover the following 6 sections below. Just click any of these to jump to that section:

Keep the Barista Express clean (Regular cleaning steps) Flush-back (“Clean Me”) cycle on the Barista Express Descaling the Barista Express (NOTE: Different to “Clean Me” cycle) Changing the water filter on the Barista Express + When to do it Clean the bean grinder / hopper on the Barista Express A FREE calendar / reminder for when to perform the above cleaning steps

A quick labeled image on my machine below will help you understand which parts I’m talking about during this cleaning guide – Come back and refer to this if you’re getting stuck:

Barista Express labelled to show parts

Keeping the Barista Express clean

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