How to Draw Superman Logo – Tribal Tattoo Design Style


How to draw the Superman logo in a tribal tattoo design style.

You will see me first draft out the superman logo, and then once I’m happy with it I then start to add tribal shapes within the logo creating a cool tribal abstract image.

Materials used: HB pencil, fine line pen (1.0) Sharpie (marker pen) 110lb card stock, and kneaded erasers.

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Music details below:

‘The Complex’ Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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    Lol bich

  5. Saif Ali says

    Fuck you

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    бездарь в гуру полез))

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    Nice drawing supep ! Supep!

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    The like button really works

  10. Abhay Shete says

    So nice

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    nice looking video

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    Yes maybe tattoo Banaya Hoga screen

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    Simple ganesh tatto.

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    Nice pic or tatooo

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    Best alien logo!!

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    make H in Superman logo

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    Don't draw so so so lite

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    Jonathan Harris sir! you have became an inspiration for me

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    how to draw likhar fast draw kar raha h pagal aadmi !!!!!

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    Who taught you drawing logo

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    Nice tattoos

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    Becoz this was made by professional artist it will tempt u to draw it on your hand! lol 😀

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    That was cool

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