1. Jamie Ward says

    Do you do this every time you turn Xbox on

  2. SwiftyLol says


  3. Malachi Mendez says

    This is a dns not a fucking vpn

  4. d-click says

    Video starts at 3:30 btw

  5. Tyler Anderson says

    Anything that doesn't cost money

  6. GotDemKicks 2 says

    Am i the only one that watches this for nba 2k20?

  7. Roblox GHOST says

    I need to get away from of these kids youtube is filled with HoW tO BoOt SomEoNE OffLIne uSing MY ScAM WeBSItE

  8. Ceo of Russia says

    SluggardComic5 is ddosing me

  9. Mustafa Haydar says

    i need vpn now becuse of how i want to play roblox on xbox

  10. Dirty dan says


  11. Zattack Lebon says

    Lol just got ddosed

  12. Isaiah Bartley says

    You have to pay for the vpn wtf

  13. qt clan official says

    mans rlly blocked out is internal ip lmfao

  14. DS littleMichael says

    Does this vpn stop dosser

  15. JACK JACK says

    Thanks i get booted in 2k all the time

  16. XxIHitTh0se says

    Can you do this with nord?

  17. Mekhi Morgan says

    Omg I need one vpn that doesn’t pay ugh

  18. LeziZim says

    I got booted for destroying a drone in r6

  19. Just Plays says

    6:50 you can use this on a PlayStation 2

  20. Haunting Hayden says

    So i have a 5g network with a vpn built in and i also downloaded express vpn and i have never been ddosed

  21. cp3lit says

    Bruh does express cost money

  22. cp3lit says

    Bruh it cost money

  23. i8bit Barber says

    I’m trying to use this to get my Nat. Type to open.. seems my specific mobile router is stuck to Nat type strict . One of the ways to fix this was to get a vpn.. so I hope this will work

  24. Aiden Law says

    Now them script kiddie bitches can't hit me off

  25. GhouI says

    Are you Dutch bro?!?

  26. Goated Hoty says

    Hey man this is not free

  27. Detective-merc says

    hey bloo barry they used octosniff and searched your name and got your ip

  28. Ekard 2k says

    There is this new website called xressolver that people are using to boot people offline, via gamer tag, is there a way to get my ip off the website and avoid getting booted offline now

  29. Ni D says

    Video is not true to the title. Shame on you

  30. ツGoku says

    Bro does this work or not

  31. Vaughn M. Sams says

    Gambling is not even banned in my country

  32. Spaghetti Slammer says

    So you can do this with any VPN or just express?

  33. Madden Doxtator says

    you can still get doxed vans are light and easy to hit get an ovh or an nfo

  34. Combat Cobra says

    Does it actually work cause dns isn’t vpn as I saw in other videos

  35. kinqcollin says

    I just got booted

  36. World Record: Fastest 1000 Subscribers Ever Earned says

    Yh its too easy to "hAcK" someone on xbox. Just join party or even just the same random squad.

  37. Jax101 . 10 years and says

    Thanks now I can scam kids without them booting me ahahaha

  38. John5351 says

    Will this protect me from ddos and booters?

  39. Xylevz says

    All I want is na servers on overwatch

  40. go stupid ahh stupid says

    Wanna be friends?

  41. ALC Gh0sT says

    Can't do it I'm broke and can't get express anyone got a acc I can use

  42. ALC Gh0sT says

    U have to pay for dynu?

  43. GGS TOXIC says

    I clicked on a xbox vid and I got a ps4 add

  44. Devin p says

    I got booted offline in bo2 today for trash talking a modder

  45. miguel noel says

    You pay for vpn everybody but it work

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