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A guide to bathing and grooming your Maltipoo | Groomarts


Maltipoo dog grooming

Maltipoos are known as some of the cutest dogs around. They’re the offspring of a small Maltese dog and a toy or miniature poodle. This means that they’re small, cute, cuddly, intelligent, and energetic. These are all fantastic qualities to have in a dog, but they can make bathing your Maltipoo and giving Maltipoo haircuts a little challenging.

What kind of Maltipoo haircut you’re going to give your dog depends on their personality, your taste, and how wriggly they are. You might go for the puppy cut, a trend adopted by poodles everywhere, or find grooming styles for Maltipoos specifically. However you go about it, the first thing you should do is brush your Maltipoo.

A guide to bathing and grooming your Maltipoo | Groomarts

Best Brush for a Maltipoo

Since poodles and Maltese dogs make such a good-natured crossbreed, hopefully your dog will react well to a Maltipoo hair style. Use a slicker or pin brush for Maltese dogs, because the coat is similar—thick and lustrous and must be kept in good condition. This should be as stress relieving for the dog as it is for you, and you can make it easier for the dog by using a dog-safe detangling spray. Attack any clumps or mats with even more of the spray to brush them out more easily. If you don’t spot any mats before you get the dog wet, you could be in for a shock—mats once wet can only be removed by cutting the clump out, leaving a bald spot in your Maltipoo’s fur.

How to groom your Maltipoo at home

There are a number of steps that should be carried out when grooming to help make your pooch look the best they can. Here is a simple step-by-step process to follow:

  1. Use a slicker or pin brush to thoroughly brush your Maltipoo’s coat. Make sure to brush their body and tail, as well as smaller areas such as the legs and feet.

2. Use a two-sided comb to check for any mats or tangles: these can be carefully brushed out with a slicker or pin brush.

3. If you feel comfortable doing it, use a safe pair of dog-grooming scissors to carefully trim the hair between your dog’s paw pads.

4. Use a wet, warm cotton ball to wipe any discharge away from under and around their eyes, to prevent it from getting caught up in their fur.

5. Give your dog lots of praise after grooming to make the experience a positive one.

How to Cut and Groom a Maltipoo’s Facial Coat

Because Maltipoos are so fluffy, a classic wavy haired dog, their eyes can often get irritated by their own coats. Take a warm wet cotton ball and wipe under their eyes and on their cheeks to get rid of any discharge that collects on their fur. Though this can be a slightly anxiety-inducing time for an owner, especially a new owner, remember that your dog can sense if you’re nervous and you want to make going near their eyes as stress-free as possible.

Depending on how much your Maltipoo likes to run around and get dirty, how long you leave between each Maltipoo grooming can alter. The important thing is to find a rhythm that works with you and your dog, but you shouldn’t bathe your dog more than once a week.

How to Bathe a Maltipoo

Maltipoos are one of the few breeds that really need a conditioner as well as a shampoo, because their coat is so prone to tangling. It’s easy to bathe a Maltipoo if you trust each other, though. Sit him in a sink and massage warm water into his coat, and then lather up the shampoo over his body. Rinse once, and then add a conditioner all over—apart from the face—and rinse well. Any leftover conditioner could irritate his skin. It’s also important that you cover his eyes with a dry flannel just so water doesn’t fall in his sensitive eyes and hurt him.

A guide to bathing and grooming your Maltipoo | Groomarts

Maltipoos have very thick coats, and for this reason you might want to try using a hairdryer on your dog before you start their Maltipoo grooming. Some dogs might be frightened of the noise, so if you can, try to make sure they get used to it before using it straight on their wet fur. Try to remember that having a bath can be quite stressful for a dog and a hairdryer might make it even worse! Try to find the right temperature on the hair dryer so your dog doesn’t feel like they’re being burned, and keep brushing them with a pin brush until they’re dry. One good thing about Maltipoos being so small is that it’s easy to find a towel big enough to completely cover them. As dogs can easily get cold and shivery after a bath, whichever way you dry them make sure they don’t have to wait too long. If using a towel, take care to wrap your dog completely so they’re not cold, but try not to rub the fur as this could create mats, and you could end up trying to find shaved haircut styles you can adapt to your small dog.

Maltipoo Haircuts

Haircuts for Maltipoos can be fiddly, but not too difficult to try yourself. The most popular of the Maltipoo grooming cuts is the Maltipoo puppy cut, where the dog’s fur is clipped close to the body but hair on the face is just trimmed a little and shaped, so that the ears are brushed fully out.

If you want a fancier dog style, why not try something typically seen on other breeds? The Town and Country Poodle cut is a cut where the belly, face and legs of the dog are trimmed but the rest of the coat is left lush and brushed to its fullest. You can even try a Miami cut, which is this but also includes a pom on the feet, face, and the end of the tail. Your dog will look amazing with this poodle puppy haircut.

The look of a lamb cut dog is also popular, where the hair of the Maltipoo is cut longer and in proportion to the Maltipoo’s body. This cut would suit a dog who doesn’t enjoy romping outside in the wet and mud, as it can be difficult to get mats out of long fur, even with a detangling spray.

Finding the right dog haircut styles can be tough for such small dogs. It can seem like there aren’t many Maltipoo cuts that seem that exciting, or you could be worried that you’ll mess up the look of your dog. If you’re concerned about harming your dog during the grooming or bathing process, take your Maltipoo to a professional pet groomer. They will have more experience in grooming small dogs and will know how to clip and shape a Maltipoo’s fur, even round the face, without accidentally nicking or harming the animal.

How often should you groom your Maltipoo?

Maltipoos have naturally thick, wavy hair, which means that it can be prone to tangling. It’s best to give your dog a good brush on a daily basis to help keep their coat free of tangles, mats and dirt. If your dog isn’t a fan of being groomed, then every two to three days is still sufficient, but it’s important to ensure that their coat remains soft and tangle-free. On the other hand, a Maltipoo only needs to be bathed approximately every two to three weeks. More frequent bathing can cause drying out of the hair, and can strip the natural oils found in their coats. However, not bathing your Maltipoo for months at a time can lead to a build-up of these oils on the skin, which in turn leads to tangles and an unpleasant smell. For this reason, it’s important to get your dog’s bathing schedule just right.

However, if you want to know how to care for your dog completely, try carefully washing and grooming your Maltipoo. You might be surprised by how good you are! If you share our love for all pets and are considering enrolling in one of our dog grooming courses, book a visit or download our brochure for more information. If you’ve already set up your own business, see how GroomArts can assist your business.

A guide to bathing and grooming your Maltipoo | Groomarts

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