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There are some memories that are too important to be locked up in a photo album or lying unused in your phone’s camera roll. And one of the simplest ways to share your memories is with a video.

If you’ve never put together a video of your memories before, it’s easier than you think. Read on to find out how to create your own memory video that you can share on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube—or keep as a video album to enjoy in the future. You’ll also find some of our favorite templates for memories videos listed below to help you make your own video in minutes.

How to make a memory video

Take a look at how you can turn one of our templates into a memories video. We’re using the Vacation Recap template shown above, but you can start with any template you like the look of. We’ve listed a few templates that work well for preserving memories a bit further down. Skip to the next section of our guide to see what they look like.

Step 1: Collect photos that tell your story

Decide what period you’d like to remember. Is it one day? A year? A whole lifetime? Next, go through your social media accounts, old photo albums, and your phone’s camera roll to find images and video clips from that period. Make it easier to retrieve your photos later by keeping them in a separate folder on your computer.

For this example, we’re focusing on a specific highlight of a vacation we shared with a friend.

Step 2: Start your memories video

If you don’t have an Animoto account yet, you can sign up here for free. Once you’re logged in, click CREATE to see our template selection and click on the Vacation Recap template. Then click CHOOSE TEMPLATE to get started.


Step 3: Add your photos to your project

Upload the photos and video clips you’ve saved into your Animoto project. From there, you can drag and drop them right into the template.

The Vacation Recap template already has a variety of layouts including Photo Bursts, though you can change the flow of your video however you like. If you need more room for your photos, you can click the + button to add in more elements to your video. You can also delete parts of your video by hovering over the block you want to delete and clicking the trash icon.


Step 4: Customize your memory video

Adjust the text to fit the memories you’re sharing. You can do this on each block or leave some blocks without text to allow your photos and videos to shine.


You can also click on DESIGN and switch up fonts and colors to create the exact look you want. Browse the MUSIC library to find the right song to match your memory.


Step 5: Preview and share

Once your video is ready, click the blue play button to preview and then click EXPORT to share your memories with your friends or family. You could download your video or share directly to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter, send out an email, or show it at a party on a screen or TV.


Check out a video created using this template for inspiration:

Memories video templates

Animoto has more personal templates that can help you turn old photos into beautiful videos. Take a look at four of our templates for memories videos below. You can also check out our full list of templates here or start your project from scratch.

Birthday slideshow

With the Happy Birthday Slideshow template, you can easily commemorate a new year in the life of a loved one or other big life changes. Or if you want more ideas for birthdays, we’ve got 18 more ways to celebrate with video.

Graduation slideshow

Use our Graduation Memories template to create a slideshow to honor a graduate. Include photos from a recent mini photo session or showcase how much someone has grown throughout the years. Check out our tips and tricks for making great graduation slideshow videos.

Engagement slideshow

The Engagement slideshow template helps you tell your own personal love story. With a horizontal aspect ratio, this template is easy to share on social media or to project at an engagement party. If you’ve got love on your mind, you can find more inspiration in our wedding video ideas post, take a look at our complete wedding video guide for tips on how to make your wedding videos look their best, or consider creating a slideshow to celebrate an upcoming anniversary.

In memoriam slideshow

Celebrate the life of a loved one with the In Memoriam Slideshow template. This template helps make a difficult time a little easier by giving you a simple way to share your loved one’s accomplishments. This template also makes a good choice for genealogy videos.

Career milestones

Try our Retirement Celebration template to honor an upcoming retiree. This template is also a good template for other career milestones like starting a new jobs or earning a promotion.

Family event recap

Our Family Reunion Recap template offers a simple way to relive almost any family gathering. Share the video link with family members after the fact to make sure everyone gets a chance to appreciate your recap. And if you’re using this template to celebrate the holidays, take a look at a few of our holiday video ideas to help you adapt it to your next project.

Ready to make your memories into a video?

There are so many ways to preserve and share your memories with video. And now that you know how to use Animoto to create your own memory video, what are you waiting for! Give your first memory video a try.

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