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how to make a mov file smaller

“How do I reduce the size of a QuickTime MOV file?” Namely, how to compress a MOV file size?

Sometimes you may find your QuickTime MOV movies taking up too much space on your devices, or time-consuming when sending them to others, and then you should consider how to make a MOV file smaller. To help you quickly make it, Wondershare UniConverter is a must-have tool. It enables you to make QuickTime MOV smaller either by adjusting the video parameters based on your needs or automatically reduce MOV video file size via default settings. Now check out the instructions below to learn step by step.

Watch Videos to Learn The 5 Best Ways To Reduce Mov File Size

  • Part 1. How to make MOV smaller on Windows/Mac without losing quality.
  • Part 2. Top 5 ways to compress MOV files free and online.
  • Part 3. 5 extra tips to reduce MOV file size.

Part 1. How to make MOV smaller on Windows/Mac without losing quality.

Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate) is the best tool for PC/Mac to reduce a MOV file size without losing quality. It allows you to change the video format, bit rate, frame rate, encoder, and more other settings to reduce a MOV video file size. Editing features like cropping, trimming, rotating are also available so that you can cut the unwanted parts of your QuickTime MOV files. Moreover, converting MOV to a smaller-sized format like FLV can also be done quickly, over 1000+ video and audio formats are supported by it.

Steps to reduce MOV video file size with Wondershare UniConverter.

  • Step 1: Add QuickTime MOV files need to make smaller.
  • Step 2: Choose MOV as output format.
  • Step 3: Customize settings to make the MOV file smaller.
  • Step 4: Start compressing the MOV file.

Step 1 Add QuickTime MOV files need to make smaller.

Launch the program and go to the Converter section, click the Document icon to browse your file folder and select the MOV files you want to reduce size. You can also directly drag them into the primary window.

Add QuickTime MOV files to smaller size

Step 2 Choose MOV as output format.

You can select the output video format from the Output Format button. Click the drop-down menu to open the format list, and then click the Video tab to find MOV and choose a resolution. You can convert video formats if you want.

choose MOV output format

Tips: You can also click Pencil icon to get the Setting window and manually change the settings like resolution, bit rate, frame rate, encoder.

Step 3 Customize settings to make the MOV file smaller.

Click the Settings icon to compress your MOV file by changing detailed format settings. A new window will open up, from where you can change video resolution and bit rate easily. You can Preview the compressed video for 20 seconds, and click the OK button to save all changes.

customize MOV compression settings

Step 4 Start compressing the MOV file.

You’ll find the target MOV file size reduced after your customization, then click on the Convert button to convert and save the newly-compressed MOV files. To get the converted smaller MOV files, you can switch to the Finished tab after the compression process is finished.

make mov file smaller

Part 2. Top 5 ways to compress MOV files free and online.

Besides, there are other ways to reduce the MOV file size for free. Because these compression solutions are available online, they don’t need any software to be installed, and merely a PC with a web browser and an Internet connection serves the purpose well. Furthermore, being hosted online, these tools are platform-independent and can be used on any computer such as Windows, Linux, or Mac. Top 5 free and online programs to make a MOV video file smaller include:

  1. YouCompress
  2. Clideo
  3. PS2PDF
  4. Online UniConverter
  5. Free Video Converter

1. YouCompress

With no pricing or subscription plans whatsoever, YouCompress is probably one of the best compressors to reduce a MOV file size online for free. Since the site has a simple interface, you don’t need to be highly technical to use YouCompress. Also, the good thing about the web app is, it doesn’t add watermarks to the outputs, and therefore they can be used with your brand watermarks and logos. As for the security, after you download the compressed file, the uploaded video can be manually deleted from the server. However, the uploading and compression process takes a lot of time to finish.

YouCompress reduce mov file size online,

2. Clideo

Clideo is another online MOV video compressor that enables you to upload the source files from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, or even using their URL in case they are published online. At the time of this writing, Clideo can accept a video of up to 500MB in a single session. In case you feel suffocated with the file size limits while using the portal, the restrictions can be removed by subscribing for a USD 9 monthly plan or USD 72 annual plan, respectively. You can also get lifetime unlimited access by paying USD 99 in a single go.

clideo reduce .mov file size


With a 4.7-star rating out of 5, PS2PDF’s MOV video compressor enables you to select the source files from your PC and compresses them according to the ratio that you to adjust with the help of the slider. By default, the compression ratio is set to 65%, i.e., a 100MB file can be reduced down to 65MB. Simply put, with PS2PDF Online MOV Video Compressor, you can reduce your MOV file size online for free. However, there are many popups on the site.

PS2PDF make mov file smaller

4. Online UniConverter

A web tool by Wondershare, Online UniConverter, is a free solution that can reduce MOV video file size online. Not only MOV, but Online UniConverter supports more than 1000 formats. Therefore when you upload any video for compression, most likely Online UniConverter will recognize it and will compress it seamlessly as per your preference.

Apart from compressing the clips, other tasks that Wondershare Online UniConverter can perform include, format conversion, video editing, creating GIF out of videos, audio conversion and compression, and much more.

online uniconverter reduce mov file size

5. Free Video Converter

Unlike the previous four, Free Video Converter by Wondershare is a desktop application that can be installed on Windows or Mac computers. The software is free to use and is capable of compressing MOV files that you can import either from your computer or directly from a camcorder or smartphone connected to the PC. You may want to install Wondershare Free Video Converter to make MOV file smaller if you frequently perform compression tasks, and don’t want to confine yourself to an online tool with limited options or restricted usage.

free video converter reduce mov file size

Part 3. 5 extra tips to reduce MOV file size.

Below also lists five useful tips to help you to make the MOV file size smaller.

  1. Compress contents to save disk space
  2. Select low file size output formats for files
  3. Adjust MOV video Frame rate
  4. Change output resolution to compress MOV smaller
  5. Trim or crop MOV to reduce the MOV file size

Tip 1. Compress contents to save disk space.

One of the easiest ways to make your MOV file smaller is to compress its contents. To do so, locate your desired MOV file and right-click it to choose Properties. Next, go to General > Advanced. Mark the checkbox next to Compress contents to save the disk space. After that, click OK, and the file will be saved in a smaller size version.

compress mov content to save space

Tip 2. Select low file size output formats for files.

Some output formats are occupying more space, whereas some like FLV takes less. Thus, you can choose a format that has a smaller size. For example, you can convert your MOV files to FLV so that your files become smaller without any extra efforts.

change mov video formats and codec

Tip 3. Adjust the MOV video frame rate.

You can adjust the frame rate and other specifications of your MOV file, as the lower the frame rate is, the smaller the file size is. You can do this on a free frame rate converter, many of which are available online. Just import the file, go to the Profile Settings option, and change the specifications. While entering the specs, you can enter lower frame rates so that the file size becomes low.

adjust mov frame rate to make it smaller

Tip 4. Change output resolution to compress MOV smaller.

Add your MOV files on QuickTime and edit the resolution of the videos by clicking File > Export and selecting the desired resolution. Do not lower it too much, or else the video will become pixelated. Reduce the resolution so that you will get a smaller file. It can also be done on file conversion software.

change video resolution to reduce size

Tip 5. Trim or crop MOV to reduce the MOV video file size.

You can crop or trim MOV videos by cutting the unwanted parts, which will make your MOV file size smaller. Wondershare UniConverter can trim, crop, and cut videos as you need with real-time preview. Click the Trim icon on the video thumbnail, and you’ll open the video editing window, trim MOV video length, and click on the Save button to confirm all changes. You can also crop black edges by using the Crop icon.

reduce mov file size by trimming and cropping


Learning how to make a MOV file smaller might come in handy in the long run, especially if you are planning your career in the post-production field. In addition to having excellent editing skills, it is equally imperative to have access to efficient tools that can not only make your functioning smoother; they are also easy to use and consume comparatively fewer hardware resources. Thankfully Wondershare UniConverter, Online UniConverter, and Wondershare Free Video Converter are there to make users’ life easy.

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